February 2015: Toronto’s Coldest Month Ever

February 2015 – Toronto’s coldest month ever
Despite the ridiculous cold, people still flocked to the Beach to do selfies with nature’s ice sculptures last month.

February 2015 – Toronto’s coldest month ever (Ice Age Now, March 2, 2015):

Coldest month in Toronto since 1842 – maybe even longer. Not just the day, not just February, but the coldest MONTH ever.  And spring is just a few weeks away.

“Nobody alive today has ever experienced a colder month in Toronto than we did this month.” said Environment Canada’s senior climatologist David Phillips.

Technically, it was a tie. February 1875 was exactly as cold at an overall average temperature of -12.6 C. But not even your grandparents can claim to recall that 140-year-old record.

February normally averages out -4.5 C — more than eight degrees warmer than this year.

Phillips said that, between a population boom, climate change and major infrastructure development, it’s remarkable that Toronto could get as cold as it did in 1875. “Cities are different now,” he said. “They’re urban heat islands.”

Measurements at the University of Toronto campus began in 1842.

“Brag to your family: You just survived Toronto’s coldest month in recorded history,” says thestar.com


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