3 thoughts on “David Icke Exposing The Rothschild Zionist Agenda (Video)”

  1. The january video of this year, that you linked from the other article, is already gone, while this one is still available at this moment…
    I just need to note (writing it to this old article, so that you read it, but robots of Google and archive.org will not probably return here?)

    It’s not much known, that Zion ???? in Strong’s hebrew dictionary 6725 falsely translated as “signpost, monument, market”, or rather Zion ???? he-strong 6724 meaning “desert, dryness, parched land or ground”, is derived from or related to word Zii ??? he-strong 6728 (as in Isaiah 13:21), which means “wild beast, desert-dweller, crier, yelper “, very probably not from Zi ?? he-strong 6716 probably erroneously meaning “a ship (as a fixture)”, rather from Zih ??? he-strong 6723 “dryness, drought, desert “.

    So while in some contexts the “Zion” may mean “parched place” (as devoid of any life-giving moisture),
    but rather

    Zion literally means The Beast.
    Yes, that one, you all know…

    Also the whore in Revelation 17, whose inscription on forehead, when re-translated back to hebrew or aramaic of St. John, sounds: “taaluma babli safar”, which was somehow not correctly translated as “Mystery, Babylon the great”, but actually it is “Talemud of Babylon the book”, which really is “mother of harlots and abominations of the earth”. All Judaism (specifically the Talmudic one) is purest racism and hatred of other people. (and just on the side it needs to be said, that ???? “goyim” actually means “the proud ones” (derived from gavah ??? he-strong 1467 “pride”), or from goih ???? he-strong 1472 “body, whether alive or dead”, and despite all later confusion it is usually about jews in Bible on many places…)

    Just as a side-note, the prophetic book Exodus, in verse Ex1:13 actually reads: “And served the Straights to sons of Israel in cruelty”, which was later modified by adding a vocal dot as “And caused to serve the Straights the sons of Israel in cruelty” or in KJV wording “And the Egyptians made the children of Israel to serve with rigour”. Exodus authors knew, that the Straights (“Egypt”, actually a Predator Capitalism) are oppressed by the jews…


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