Q1 Energy Earnings Shocker: Then And Now

Q1 Energy Earnings Shocker: Then And Now (ZeroHedge, Feb 2, 2015):

In a few minutes, Exxon (first, then all other energy companies) will confirm if the earnings collapse so many had predicted to take place in Q1 as a result of plunging crude prices will materialize. Wait, did we say “so many”, make that nobody. Here is what Factset has to say about forecast Q1 energy earnings: “On September 30, the estimated
earnings growth rate for the Energy sector for Q1 2015 was 3.3%.
By December 31, the estimated
growth rate fell to -28.9%. Today, it stands at -53.8%.” Just a little off.

This is what a difference 4 months makes.

Energy EPS

Source: Factset

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