Russian Sanctions Retaliation Escalates: Dumps Intel/AMD And Now Foreign Cars

Russian Sanctions Retaliation Escalates: Dumps Intel/AMD And Now Foreign Cars (ZeroHedge, July 18, 2014):

Ignoring for one second yesterday disastrous air crash in Ukraine, the ‘boomerang’ of sanctions continues to be thrown back and forth between the US and Russia. Having restricted Russian firm’s access to USD funding, Putin has come out swinging. His first act was to demand that state departments and state-run companies will no longer purchase PCs built around Intel or AMD processors (which might explain AMD’s slashing their outlook); but now he has hit out at the heart of what has made America great (in the eyes of some) – banning the use of foreign cars for officials in favour of home-produced cars.

As Engadget reported recently,

Russia’s policy on Western technology is clear: The country can live without it, especially if key issues like economic sanctions, NSA spying and GPS cooperation aren’t resolved to its leader’s satisfaction. It looks like this tough stance extends to US-designed computer chips too, as a Russian business newspaper is reporting that state departments and state-run companies will no longer purchase PCs built around Intel or AMD processors. Instead, starting in 2015, the government will order up to one million devices annually based on the “Baikal” processor, which is manufactured by a domestic company called T-Platforms. An interesting twist, however, is that the Baikal processor is actually based on an ARM (Cortex-A57) design, which means the East / West divorce isn’t quite as complete as it might sound. It could also mean that many Russian bureaucrats won’t get the chance to be a Mac or a PC: they’ll have to use some sort of ARM-compatible, presumably Linux-based operating system instead.

And now Putin has gone after the auto sector… (via Reuters)

Top Russian officials may soon forfeit the sleek black Mercedes limousines that speed them through the Kremlin gates in favour of home-produced cars as part of a push to protect domestic industry threatened by Western sanctions over Ukraine.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he had signed an order limiting purchase of imported cars for state and municipal officials – a move in line with Vladimir Putin’s bid to increase self-reliance from engineering to defence, but carrying more symbolic than commercial importance.

To address the concerns, domestic producers Sollers , Kamaz and GAZ have been asked to design a car for government officials by the end of the year under a project known as “Cortege”.

“We have drafted a resolution that bans the state and municipal purchase of certain types of foreign-made equipment and vehicles, notably such conspicuous issues as the purchase of vehicles for officials,” the government’s website quoted Medvedev as telling deputy ministers at a meeting on Monday.

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As Putin recently opined, the boomerangs are coming home…

“The US is certainly one of the world’s leaders. At some point it seemed that it was the only leader and a uni-polar system was in place. Today it appears that is not the case. Everything in the world is interdependent and once you try to punish someone, in the end you will cut off your nose to spite your face,” he said.


1 thought on “Russian Sanctions Retaliation Escalates: Dumps Intel/AMD And Now Foreign Cars”

  1. Putin is an experienced chess player. He knows how to hit where it will hurt the most, taking the least effort.
    China has the MFG plans for all the luxury cars of the world, that was their price to the greedy corporations in return for slave labor and no environmental laws. They also have the technology of AMD/ Intel……and they will provide them to Russia at a profit for China, instead of the greedy corporations.
    The corporations are leaving in droves because China has become the world garbage dump. Putin will buy what he needs from China, China will use the funds to clean up their atmosphere…….it is worse than London was in 1850…..when the coal dust was so bad, one could not tell if it were day or night……..just like China now.
    China has all the technology of the first world, and they will use it to rebuild. Russia makes a far better ally than the west has………
    I have often thought it would be nice to have a smart guy like Putin here in America. Unfortunately, even if we did, the gaggle of fools in power would grind him to pieces.
    But, they can’t harm Putin……..he has all the aces. They are too stupid and greedy to realize what he is doing.
    Wish I could meet him, but I am dying, and it won’t happen…….the US would lock me in the gulag.


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