Despite Being Dismissed As ‘Noise’, Inflation Is Here … And It’s Rising

Where The Real Inflation Is (ZeroHedge, July 18, 2014):

Despite being dismissed as “noise”, inflation is here and it’s rising. As the following chart shows, if you eat, drive, use electricity, or live in a house, you are paying dramatically more this year than you did last year. On the bright side, if you wear clothes or use electronics, prices have dropped (but remember deflation is bad…). How much longer can the Fed pull the wool over the eyes of the people?


Chart: Goldman Sachs


1 thought on “Despite Being Dismissed As ‘Noise’, Inflation Is Here … And It’s Rising”

  1. No surprise to me. It is obvious. Hunger is becoming a problem for many, and it is the greatest contributor to civil unrest that exists.
    I don’t want to see the world I see coming, I have no intention of staying around for it. My time here is coming to a close, and like everything else, it is coming faster than I thought it would.
    Everything happens way too quickly, including death.
    Technology has caused this culture to fall apart at a rate that used to take centuries………and the horrible globalization has turned this nation into a toilet. It used to be a nice place to live, but no longer. Everything of value, freedom of speech, habeas corpus……all are gone.
    I don’t think I will miss a thing worth experiencing.


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