Meanwhile In Europe: Juncker Approved, Hague Out, Lord Hill To Brussels: What Does It Mean?

Juncker approved, Hague out, Lord Hill to Brussels: what does it mean? (Open Europe, July 15, 2014):

This morning and last night saw three developments with importance for the UK’s Europe debate:

  • William Hague resigned as Foreign Secretary, replaced by Phillip Hammond, with the Cabinet becoming more Eurosceptic overall,
  • In nominating Lord Hill – the current leader of House of Lords – as the UK’s European Commissioner, Number 10 prioritised a ‘fixer’ and avoiding by-election over sending a heavy-hitter,
  • MEPs approved Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission President by 422 votes to 250, marking the starting point of a more politicised European Commission.

What does this mean?

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile In Europe: Juncker Approved, Hague Out, Lord Hill To Brussels: What Does It Mean?”

  1. Hague was Secretary for Wales when the Wrexham Paedophile/Children’s Home issue became public & he failed to initiate a full enquiry, which would have pointed to a senior Tory donor in the Construction Industry..
    A well known Kids TV personality claims former Home Secretary Ken Clarke groped him. Ken Clarke gave Jimmy Savile the keys to Broadmoor top asylum for mental patints…..erm…knowingly???
    Jimmy Savile, paedophile, abuser, close friend & child supplier to members of the R**** family, and also a necrophiliac, spent every New Year at Chequers courtesy of PM Thatcher.
    Both Hague & Clarke held high positions and failed the Country.
    Cameron just appointed lady Judge Butler-Sloss to head the enquiry into why the other Home Secretary, Leon Brittan lost all the details of the Paedo Guest House ELM HOUSE handed to him by MP Geoffrey Dickens, and the case for an enquiry was covered up.
    She has since resigned from chairing that enquiry following a public outcry that her brother the Lord Chancellor, the late Michael Havers failed to pursue the case against suspected Government Paedophiles after a police raid on the Guest House. That’s two cover-ups of the same issue.
    So, a whiter than white Judge must now be appointed as chair of the new enquiry, and the Government must look squeeky clean, so… it just me who suspects the sudden departure of two heavy hitters whose tenuous connections with ALL of the sick Paedo Governments of Maggie & Heath, is more than a coincidence?

    They are cleaning their cupboards for inspection….

  2. To Squodgy: I had to look up the word necrophiliac, and it is disgusting beyond words. Seeing such names as James Savile tied in with such practices is truly shocking. I am American back to the time of the American Revolution, but my people are English/ Norwegian and some German in there some place……..and Savile is a name I know. The idea he indulges in such disgusting practices as you describe, as well as being in charge of handicapped children is material for horror stories and nightmares.
    England had better clean up their services. I understand they are hurting financially like the rest of the west, and we all need to take special heed to do the best with the money we have to carry out these necessary services. He comes from an old family……so do I, but that isn’t enough to get him any job he wants.
    It is nice to have an old and recognized name, but it is important to act responsibly and keep the name in good repute. It sounds like Savile did everything but push his name into the horse dung. He ought to be deeply ashamed, and I sincerely hope his family sees he cleans up his act and is never allowed around children or dead people again.
    I did not even know what the word meant, I had to look it up, and I am advanced in years with a good education. I knew what necro meant…….but the rest managed to escape me until now. I would have been very happy to never know what the word meant, Squodgy, or that people were reprehensible enough to engage in such practices. How horrible! Such people should be locked away forever, and decent families ought to be very stringent about such things and never allow them into positions where they can hurt others with their diseased desires.
    Time for that family to re-evaluate themselves and what they want to stand for in the 21st century. They ought to be deeply ashamed…….I would be if I knowingly allowed such a thing to happen.


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