The Latest News Out Of Iraq – Full Overnight Update

The Latest News Out Of Iraq – Full Overnight Update (ZeroHedge, June 17, 2014):

Events in Iraq are changing by the hour, now that US combat boots are “on the ground”, expect them to change even faster. For those looking to catch up on the most recent overnight news out of this latest civil war torn country, here is the full update.

  • Iraq’s biggest oil refinery shut down, foreign staff evacuated (Reuters)
  • Obama Sends Troops to Assist Iraq Embassy, Weighs Strikes (BBG)
  • Kurds Grab Fourth-Largest Iraq Oilfield Amid ISIL Advance (BBG)
  • Iraqi troops and Sunni rebels battle for control of Tal Afar (FT)
  • Brent Drops as Iraqi Forces Slow Insurgent Advance (BBG)
  • U.S., Iran Discuss Crisis in Iraq (WSJ)
  • ISIS gunmen attacked a prison in the city of Baquba, 34 miles north of Baghdad, killing 43 inmates; Iraq military says it repelled the attack (BBG)
  • Obama Courting Iran for Help in Iraq Risks Backlash (BBG)
  • Kidnapped Chinese CNPC Employee Rescued in Iraq (Caixin)
  • In diplomatic breakthrough, Britain says to re-open Iran embassy (Reuters)
  • Iraq produced 3.125mln bbl/d of crude oil in the period from January to May, exported 2.5mln bbl/d in the period January to May while Kirkuk crude output has been 300K bbl/d since March according to the Iraq Govt. (BBG)
  • India’s Iranian oil imports have risen 13.5% in May vs. April, above 2mln bbl, yet are down 0.6% in May vs. year ago. (Business Today)
  • BP’s CEO Bob Dudley has said their operations in Iraq are so far unaffected by violence, with non-essential production people having left but operations continue. (RTRS)

And of course…

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1 thought on “The Latest News Out Of Iraq – Full Overnight Update”

  1. Obama already has 50,000 contract troops in Iraq. They are mercenaries, top of the line special OPS fighters. The US taxpayer pays them over $100K a year.
    This looks like an oil corporation shift to some Iranian oil outlets as well as to Saudi and others. This is no war, this is just a shifting of oil revenues. The ones being screwed again are the Iraq people. This false war was waged to steal all of Iraq’s oil outlets and dole low wage contracts to their oil company friends. As soon as the got the low contracts, the US army pulled out, leaving 50K war contractors in that huge embassy built by the US. Now, they may have a little work, but nothing to what they are costing millions of us.
    We have criminals in power, and now, they are joining with Iran.
    This just disgusts me beyond belief.


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