Radioactive Saitama Elementary Students Shoes … 42 Bq/Kg Inside

42 Bq/Kg from the insoles of elementary school student’s shoes in Saitama (Fukushima Diary, June 8, 2014):

A citizen’s radiation monitoring station in Saitama tweeted that they measured the significant level of radioactive material from inside of elementary school student’s shoes.

The sample was the insoles of the shoes after worn to clean the swimming pool. (cf, High schooler leukemia→School had students “clean” the swimming pool last summer [URL]) The location is Kawagoe city Saitama.

The analysis showed the Cesium-137 density was 42.3 Bq/kg.

The sample weighed only 31g. The analyst comments this is only the reference value but Fukushima Diary hopes other nuclides such as Strontium-90 or Plutonium-238/239/240 to be analyzed as well.

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