Dave Kranzler On Gold, Housing, Silver (Video)

Added: May 24, 2014


Dave Kranzler of www.InvestmentResearchDynamics.com joins us today to discuss what is happening with the gold, gold miners and the paper gold “market”. Is mining gold costing China double the current “spot” price just to get it out of the ground?

We then transition into how the housing market and learn that it is imploding and the influence of the shadow housing market. The large investors, like BlackRock, are longer participating and Dave explains how this is impacting the national market.

We wrap up the show with the silver price “fix”. Is BaFin applying pressure behind the scenes and creating an atmosphere that is closing the “fix”? Does the “fix” even matter? Well, the argument could be made with naked shorting the Rothschild’s are making all the profits they want.

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