Thyroid Cancer In Fukushima Children Up 50% Since Last Report 3 Months Ago – Now 90 Cases Suspected Or Confirmed

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Fukushima: More Then 42% of Children Have Thyroid Nodules Or Cysts (German TV Video, Nov 18, 2012):

More than 42% of 57,000 tested children have nodules or cyst, reports Dr. Suzuki who leads the examinations. In Chernobyl they found only 0.1 – 1%.

50% jump in cancer in Fukushima children’s thyroids since last report 3 months ago — Now 90 cases suspected or confirmed — Gov’t Experts: “Difficult to determine” if cancers caused by nuclear disaster (ENENews, May 20, 2014):

Jiji Press, May 19, 2014: 50 Fukushima Children Confirmed as Thyroid Cancer Sufferers […] The cancer figure […] increased by 17 from the previously reported figure […] the panel said it is hard to think that there is a causal link between the children’s cancer and the March 2011 reactor meltdowns […]

Fukushima Voice, May 19, 2014: In summary, there were 17 more cancer cases confirmed since the last report on February 7th, 2014. The total number of cases confirmed or suspected of cancer is 90. Of these, 51 had surgeries as March 31, 2014 and 1 turned out to be a benign nodule, 49 were confirmed to be papillary thyroid cancer, and 1 still has no confirmed cytological diagnosis […] As usual, no information was offered such as the type of nodules […]

  • Total number of children whose initial examination results are confirmed: 287,056 […]
  • Assessment A1 148,182 (51.6%) (no nodules or cysts found)
  • Assessment A2 136,804 (47.7%) (nodules 5.0 mm or smaller or cysts 20.0 mm or smaller)
  • Assessment B 2,069 (0.7%) (nodules 5.1 mm or larger or cysts 20.1 mm or larger)
  • Assessment C 1 (0.0%) (requiring immediate secondary examination)

Japan Times, May 20, 2014: Number of Fukushima kids with thyroid cancer jumps by 17 from December […] 50 children in the prefecture have developed thyroid cancer [and] 39 children suspected of having developed cancer, sources said. The cancer figure was taken at the end of March […] the panel said it was difficult to determine that a causal link existed between the children’s cancers and the triple meltdown […] Once the results of the first round checkups become available, likely in August, the panel will again assess the thyroid cancer numbers and any possible connection between the cancers and the accident, the sources said.

17 new cases of thyroid cancers / 33 reported in Feb. 2014 = 51.5% increase

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And: Gov’t: 75 Fukushima children with cancers confirmed or suspected in thyroid — ‘Genetic alterations’ to be analyzed — Expert: “Gene pool is damaged, next generations will carry burden of catastrophe”; Surge in disease expected

1 thought on “Thyroid Cancer In Fukushima Children Up 50% Since Last Report 3 Months Ago – Now 90 Cases Suspected Or Confirmed”

  1. 90 confirmed. I wonder how many are not confirmed but are sick anyway….I imagine most of them. Same with my friends in New Mexico…..once a great think tank of America, now poisoned with nuclear waste explosion…..they are going to die, it has been too long, our leaders are as corrupt and sold out as the Japanese.
    Without these great minds, we are really going down.
    Some of the brightest and the best worked there….lots of Cal Tech and MIT boys, this breaks my heart. I am sorry about the mess in Washington State, but when you know the people… is much harder to accept.
    Nuclear accidents completely surround CA. I tried urging a young friend to look for jobs in the east, she just got a promotion in her own job, so probably won’t……CA will be unlivable within a short period of time, and nobody will face or acknowledge it.
    I am appalled. Those of us here are truly voices in the wilderness……


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