German Press Reports: 400 Blackwater Mercenaries Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists

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400 Blackwater Mercs Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists, German Press Reports (ZeroHedge, May 11, 2014):

In what is becoming a weekly ritual, the German press continues to demolish the US case of “idealistic humaniatrian” Ukraine intervention. Recall, that it was a week ago that German tabloid Bild am Sonntag, hardly the most reputable source but certainly one which reaches the broadest audience, reported that dozens of CIA and FBI agents were “advising the Ukraine government.” This conclusion is hardly a stretch and certainly based on facts considering the recent semi-secret jaunt by CIA head Brennan to Kiev. Fast forward one week when overnight the same Bild reported that about 400 elite mercenary commandos of the private US security firm, Academi, f/k/a Xe Services, f/k/a Blackwater “are involved in a punitive operation mounted by Ukraine’s new government” against east Ukraine separatists.

blackwater ukraine

Bild cites sources who report that on April 29, Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) informed the Angela Merkel government about Academi commandos’ involvement in Kiev’s military operations in eastern Ukraine. Spiegel adds that “the information originates from U.S. intelligence services and was presented during a meeting chaired by the Chancellor’s Office chief Peter Altmaier (CDU). At the meeting were present the president of the intelligence agencies and the Federal Criminal Office, as well as the intelligence coordinator of the Chancellor’s Office and senior Ministry officials.”

Bild am Sontag did not have information about who was paying the Blackwater commandos: it is well-known they do not come cheap.

RT has more:

In March, media reports appeared suggesting that the coup-imposed government in Kiev could have employed up to 300 mercenaries.That was before the new government launched a military operation against anti-Maidan activists, or “terrorists” as Kiev put it, in southeast Ukraine.

At the time, the Russian Foreign Ministry said then that reports claiming Kiev was planning to involve “involve staff from foreign military companies to ‘ensure the rule of law,’” could suggest that it wanted “to suppress civil protests and dissatisfaction.”

In particular, Greystone Limited, which is currently registered in Barbados and is a part of Academi Corporation, is a candidate for such a gendarme role. It is a similar and probably an affiliated structure of the Blackwater private army, whose staff have been accused of cruel and systematic violations of human rights in various trouble spots on many occasions.

“Among the candidates for the role of gendarme is the Barbados-registered company Greystone Limited, which is integrated with the Academi corporation,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “It is an analogue, and, probably and affiliated body of the Blackwater private army, whose employees have repeatedly been accused of committing grievous and systematic human rights abuses in different troubled regions.”

As this is not the first time Academi has been implicated in the Ukraine, its canned response is already prepared. This is what it said back on March 17:

Some irresponsible bloggers and an online reporter have recently posted rumors that ACADEMI employees (operating under the name of Blackwater) are present in Ukraine. They are not and ACADEMI has no relationship with any entity named Blackwater or with the former owner of Blackwater, Erik Prince. Such unfounded statements combined with the lack of factual reporting to support them and the lack of context about the company, are nothing more than sensationalistic efforts to create hysteria and headlines in times of genuine crisis.

The basics: Those who understand the facts know that Erik Prince sold the company (which he had renamed ‘Xe’) in 2010 and retained the rights to the ‘Blackwater’ name. The new management of ACADEMI has made tremendous efforts to build a responsible, transparent company ethos, evidenced by the numerous awards ACADEMI has received for being among the most compliant companies in our industry. More information can be found here.

Sure enough, moments ago the soldier for hire company followed up with a second denial, when as German Zeit reported, “the U.S. security services denied a ZEIT ONLINE  report, that it has put mercenaries in Ukraine.”

Of course, since no western entity, and certainly not the company itself, would ever admit its involvement in the Ukraine as it would promptly crash the official US foreign policy track claiming US non-involvement in Ukraine, none of this is surprising.

Readers may have greater luck inquiring Blackwater directly via their Twitter account. After all #AskJPM was such a smashing success we don’t see a reason why #AskBlackwater wouldn’t work just as well.

Finally, in this proxy war between west and east, to believe that the US won’t throw everything it can at Putin is naive, and as such the involvement of trained US mercenaries in Ukraine is beyond debate.

However what is certainly surprising and far more interesting, is the persistent attempts by the German press to discredit none other than their biggest “Developed world” ally, the US. It is almost as if someone (a quite wealthy and powerful someone) has material interests that diverge with those of the Obama administration, and hence converge with those of Putin. Alongside the emerging China-Russia axis, keeping tabs on just how close to Russia Germany is willing to get, is easily the most notable story in the entire Ukraine conflict.


2 thoughts on “German Press Reports: 400 Blackwater Mercenaries Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists”

  1. I think Obama & Cameron should be told.

    We can’t have rogue armies of mercenaries entering stable countries and causing unrest, it’s not democratic.

  2. Go back over 100 years, and look at a map. Anyone who controls German and Russian interests need that entire area. They certainly don’t need the US in there destabilizing everything. Both Russia and Germany seek world power, they have for centuries. If they work together, they might succeed…… was clearly laid out in a work I posted here less than two weeks ago.
    However, some greater disruption has entered the scene since 1904, nuclear power. Even worse, it has already been moved into nuclear disaster,(right next door to Russia and China in Japan). That fallout has thrown a monkey wrench into the plans of all would be conquers. It changes the world forever.
    5200 miles west, the Japanese mess of Fukushima meets the San Francisco Bay. In Washington State, there is another nuclear waste disaster that is already too hot for humans to go near it, they need to build robots to do the clean up work. Lets hope the robots don’t melt, as have the ones tried futilely in Japan. East of San Francisco, there is another waste disaster in New Mexico, and also a nuclear problem in San Diego.
    These are the ones mentioned, whispered, on the Web. How may more do we have? Probably plenty.

    But, lets concentrate on Fukushima. Their nuclear fallout has now admitted to be a fall OUT…..meaning the core has been blown everywhere in our atmosphere, and it is from 3 reactors (maybe 4, but they have not yet said).

    Every day tons of nuclear poisons have poured into the Pacific Ocean from the broken reactors. They keep lying about the amounts, but every time a new reading is exposed, it is much greater than the ones preceding. More than 3/4 of the Pacific is now dead. Giant humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions and other deep sea creatures are to be seen in our bays where trash from Japan already litters our once beautiful shores.
    Fool corporate media tells people to “Enjoy the unusual sights of these great animals…..never seen in the bay before”. What deluded fools! The only reasons they are there is because they are starving to death, and much of the ocean is already dead, and there is nothing left to eat.

    None of us have ever experienced a dead sea before. We have one already, the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to BP oil that escaped for a fee of $6 billion dollars……pennies to the greedy guts who killed the sea life for generations, their oil dispersant killed the coral……hundreds of thousands of jobs lost…..the first major break in the food chain. They are to our south, feeding out of the Atlantic ocean, still alive, but gravely polluted.

    Now, we face the extinction of an entire ocean, the food chain has been irrevocably ruined. Nothing from the Pacific ocean is safe to eat. Vulture animals that used to eat dead bodies of beached creatures won’t touch the ones washing ashore now. They can smell the difference, and won’t touch them because they have been poisoned.

    A few months ago, hundreds of dead sea turtles washed ashore in Costa Rica. Dogs, not instinctively programmed to eat dead things, ran down to eat them, and died instantly. That gives one an idea of how powerfully poisoned the Pacific has become. That was reported about nine months ago.

    Vulture animals, programmed to eat dead things will not touch these dead animals. We have no services in place to dispose of them safely. We have no services to clear our once beautiful beaches of Japan’s trash. It makes coastal living an evolving nightmare, and the smell will be overwhelming.

    Our food chain has been ruined. Birds that always ate fish, if they cannot find any, they will die. The ones they find will also be poisoned, and they will die from eating them. These wonderful creatures will be wiped out of existence.

    Our crops, soil, drinking water, all have been poisoned. Bird and big animals who eat from these sources will also carry poison. If they don’t die immediately, they will carry death until they do.

    World power? Of what? I had the privilege of living in a magnificent coastal rain forest for a dozen years here in Northern CA. I grew to realize how small we are in the scheme of things, and how large and alive this planet is……98% of all species ever living on this planet are now extinct. If we don’t work within the plan of the planet, we die; we are going to soon be joining the 98% of other fools who could not stay within the boundaries of Eden…….the real planet. Living in nature is truly beautiful, and I will always cherish the years I was able to live there.

    Mankind believes he has conquered nature, nature is going to wash us away as easily as we might a few ants on a sink………we have Fukushima, rising seas, rising temperatures, dying crops from huge drought……..we are not in control of nature……..

    Forgive me if I rant too long, but time is running out for me.


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