Chaos In Southern Ukraine: Deadly Fire, Choppers Down And Street Fighting

Chaos in southern Ukraine: Deadly fire, choppers down and street fighting (CNN, May 3, 2014):

Slavyansk, Ukraine (CNN) — Deadly street fighting, helicopters shot down and civilians being used as human shields.

That was the picture that emerged Friday in southern Ukraine as violence escalated amid reports that dozens of people were killed in a fire and still more were shot dead or wounded in street fighting, raising the question of whether the country can stave off a possible civil war.

The violence — pitting pro-Russian separatists against Ukrainian forces and those who support the government in Kiev — prompted an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council, with Russia demanding an end to what it called Ukrainian aggression and Western powers accusing Moscow of funding the violence.

1 thought on “Chaos In Southern Ukraine: Deadly Fire, Choppers Down And Street Fighting”

  1. The US is causing this, not Russia. Russia isn’t interested in war in its own country……this is the CIA at work.
    Ever since Putin shut down Obama’s cowardly attack on Syria, he has been out to get him. What a small minded, vengeful creep he has shown himself to be…………what a nasty piece of work. Causing the death of many, and blaming Russia for it…….it turns my stomach.


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