‘We Are Essentially At War’ Ukraine Admits, After Dozens Killed

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“We Are Essentially At War” Ukraine Admits, After Dozens Killed (ZeroHedge, May 3, 2014)

2 thoughts on “‘We Are Essentially At War’ Ukraine Admits, After Dozens Killed”

  1. An expressive and important article, by the people of the Ukraine. The US is doing this, and they are so WRONG.
    What has happened to this country?
    Read this if you can bear the pain…….my heart is breaking. These idiots are destroying our world. This will be not be another Iraq, they will force WW3 on us, and this time, we can and will be hit right here in the USA.
    We have switched places with Germany, we are now the rogue nation they were in 1940. The world despises us, and they won’t support an untoward attack on a nation that has done nothing to warrant it.

  2. Putin is competent in a field of fools and incompetents.
    He will win, but isn’t seeking a war, the US is, and all this press about Germany’s seeking a war with Russia is just as full of You Know What. Germany is more allied with Russia than the US. Germany is the currency seat for the UK, and strategically, it is wiser for Germany to join with Russia than the west.
    This idiot we have in the white house is using his last four years to do as he intended from the beginning, destroy this nation. Ever since I heard he made Editor of the Harvard Review after submitting zero papers for publication, I knew then he had been planned and planted years ago. He is truly and officially the first US Manchurian Candidate. If anyone is unaware of what that means, please research
    it………it is terrifying, and I never dreamed it would really happen here in America.
    I felt the same about “1984” and “Brave New World”, too.
    These clowns are destroying our nation and way of life forever. Add in the storm of Fukushima, rising waters and temperatures……..we are in the center of a perfect storm…..and as a species, we may well not survive.


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