No plan to stop Fukushima from contaminating Pacific? Tepco adviser ‘doubts’ ice wall can stop groundwater from flooding plant – We’re concerned about ‘environmental protection’ and ‘unintended consequences’

No plan to stop Fukushima from contaminating Pacific? Tepco adviser ‘doubts’ ice wall can stop groundwater from flooding plant — We’re concerned about ‘environmental protection’ and ‘unintended consequences’ (VIDEO) (ENENews, May 1, 2014):

Kyodo News, May 1, 2014: Int’l expert doubts ice wall will solve Japanese nuclear plant leaks — An international nuclear expert [Dale Klein, head of TEPCO supervisory panel] expressed skepticism Thursday over [the] plan to set up an ice wall to ultimately stop radioactive water from further increasing […] Former British Atomic Energy Authority Chairwoman Barbara Judge […] said there is a need to assess during summer whether the ice wall method would be effective. The remarks by the two overseas experts came at a time when concerns over the plan are being raised by Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority and engineering experts. Their opinions may cast a shadow on TEPCO’s plan to begin operating the ice wall by the end of next March.

Dale Klein, head of TEPCO supervisory panel: “I’m not convinced that the freeze wall is the best option. What I’m concerned about is unintended consequences. Where does that water go and what are the consequences of that? I think they need more testing and more analysis […] No one has built a freeze wall this long for this period of time. Typically, you build a freeze wall for a few months […] The freeze wall is expensive [and they need to make the] best use of limited resources. […] I would encourage them to get international advice a little bit more.”

Bloomberg, May 1, 2014: A government-backed plan for a frozen underground wall to limit water contamination at the wrecked Fukushima atomic station needs further vetting for potential risks to the environment, an adviser to the plant’s operator said. The plan, which is intended to keep groundwater from seeping into the basements of the plant’s damaged reactor buildings, may not function as intended because it’s based on untested assumptions about the site’s hydrology, said Dale Klein, who chairs Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee. The wall is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2015 and will remain in operation through 2020, Mayumi Yoshida, a Tepco spokeswoman, said by phone.

Klein: “Are there any unintended consequences? We’re concerned about safety and environmental protection […] if Tepco finds technical information that indicates the frozen wall is not the best, they need to communicate that to the government. I know the government has said that they will put in the frozen wall, but I hope that science will trump political policy.”

NHK WORLD, May 1, 2014: Expert: TEPCO’s safety culture still insufficient — A panel of nuclear experts monitoring reforms at the Tokyo Electric Power Company says the utility’s nuclear safety culture has not yet reached the required level. […] TEPCO officials acknowledge management problems led to troubles with systems used to purify contaminated water, and repeated water leaks. They say the firm has failed to end the vicious cycle of relying on makeshift systems due to lack of time, which leads to fresh troubles. They say they were unable to make full preparations for cleanup work while being aware of a lack of technological capabilities.

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1 thought on “No plan to stop Fukushima from contaminating Pacific? Tepco adviser ‘doubts’ ice wall can stop groundwater from flooding plant – We’re concerned about ‘environmental protection’ and ‘unintended consequences’”

  1. Two thirds of the Pacific Ocean is already dead thanks to Fukushima, and these assholes want to study it some more? They are committing global genocide, and their lack of attention and openness on this subject ought to have the TEPCO and Japanese leaders in front of the world court being tried for global genocide. Their punishment ought to be they have to live in Fukushima.
    The bastards have destroyed our food chain. We cannot eat fish, seaweed or anything else from the water. Our children cannot plan on our beautiful beaches, now littered with shit from Japan and dead animals from the sea. The vultures won’t touch them because they can smell the disease……..
    There are no services to dispose of these radioactive dead animals, no services to rid us of the trash from Japan that is also highly radioactive…..all this crap litters our beaches.
    It is no longer safe to eat things grown in the ground, they have found plutonium in our milk, our soil…..everywhere, and nothing is said.
    Star Fish come ashore, fall apart into black particles, and drop back into the sea. Sardines are dead. Salmon is yellow…….the list is long, but it is no longer safe to be on CA beaches, they used to be a multiple billion dollar a year industry for tourists who never see a beach. Now, it is no longer a place they can go. If things continue as they have, the entire ocean will be dead by the end of 2015.

    Japan is giving TEPCO a pass, no charges can be filed against them, regardless people, and children are dying of radioactive poisons. That is what happens when evil corporations are given control of a country. TEPCO controls 96% of Japan’s power grid………

    Thanks to these despicible swine, we face our own extinction, and propaganda mills say nothing about it. It angers and sickens me.

    We are going to join the 98% of species who lived on this planet and became extinct, and nobody seems to know or care. The denial is pathetic.

    Were it not for this site,, and NHK, we would know nothing about it. Thanks for all you do.


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