US F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet Can’t Evade Russian Radars

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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (file photo)

US stealth fighter jet can’t evade Russian radars: Report (PressTV, April 29, 2014):

The US’s newly developed radar-evading F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will not be able to escape Russian radars.

“The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter… is not, in fact, stealthy in the eyes of a growing number of Russian and Chinese radars,” the Aviation Week said.

It said the jet, which the Pentagon hopes would be stealthy, is “having all sorts of shortcomings.”

The report said the jet is not even effective in “jamming enemy radar”, adding the US Defense Department is spending “hundreds of billions of dollars” for a “fighter that will need the help of specialized jamming aircraft.”

It said the F-35 is even “susceptible to detection by radars operating in the VHF bands of the spectrum.”

The report said Russian armed forces have been armed with a “highly counterstealth radar system” – unveiled at an air show near Moscow last August – that is able to “track small targets once the VHF radar has detected them.”

The F-35 has not been equipped with “onboard jamming,” the report said.

“Had the JSF requirements been tightened by one iota since the program started, its advocates would be blaming that for the delays and overruns,” it said.

The new US fighter’s “jamming is mostly confined to the X-band,” the report said.

Speculation about the US fighter comes at a time US President Barack Obama is apparently set to turn the ongoing crisis in Ukraine into a war with Russia.

Tensions between Moscow and the West mounted after Crimea separated from Ukraine and requested to join Russia after a referendum on March 16, in which nearly 97 percent of the participants voted for rejoining Russia. Moscow subsequently accepted Crimea’s request.

3 thoughts on “US F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet Can’t Evade Russian Radars”

  1. Since they both have the same technologies, this should be no surprise. The US cannot bully Russia, Putin has his people, Germany, and much of the world behind him because the US has become despised on an international level.
    I think when those fools gave Obama the Peace Prize, they were hoping he would restore America. Never had a leader been swept to power with a bigger mandate……and he screwed every one of us……..he is truly a corporate stooge.
    Ever since I learned he was made editor of the Harvard Review without having submitted a single paper, I knew he was planted and planned years ago……a true Manchurian candidate. He seemed to be logical, cool, collected…….until Putin stopped his planned attack of Syria. Since then, he has acted like a man possessed to get Putin at any cost, regardless the people of America don’t want more wars, and none of US allies are in agreement with him.
    He handles the war weary Americans, by making certain none of his insane plots to hit Putin makes it into US media.
    They used to call this clown the chess player. I can assure you he is not, but Putin is.

  2. US relies on Russian rockets, have been since 1997……now, what will they do? Their own aggressive stance is going to cost the US world leader status, and is likely to expose the fact much of the world does not use the dollar, and electronic currencies have made the need for any reserve currency obsolete.
    Even the Philippines now hate the US, thanks to more overbearing and bullying behavior. The attitude of our leaders are reminding me of behavior of those
    heading up France under Louis XV……Louis XVI tried to communicate with the people, and find agreements, but it was too late.
    Even they despise us…….


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