Satellite Images Reveal Massing Of 15,000 Ukraine Troops, Hundreds Of Tanks Around Slavyansk

Looks like the elitists (Rothschilds etc.) really want to start another world war.

Satellite Images Reveal Massing Of 15,000 Ukraine Troops, Hundreds Of Tanks Around Slavyansk (ZeroHedge, April 26, 2014):

Yesterday, we jokingly noted that with separatists blockading Slavyansk from a Ukraine special-forces invasion, and with the Ukraine army blockading Slavyansk from said separatists (unclear exactly why), that the east Ukraine city of Slavyansk is easily the most blocked city in the world (and in dire need of fiber). However, based on just released satellite imagery showing the build up of Ukraine forces around Slavyansk – a city which as a reminder is located in Ukraine – what is going on around Slavyansk is no laughing matter.

Russian RIA Novosti reports that it has received satellite photos, “which clearly show the accumulation of a large number of Ukrainian military equipment and weapons on the border with the Russian Federation and in the vicinity of Slavyasnk.” RIA cites a source in the Russian Defense Ministry, who commented that the pictures show a military formation designed “to wipe out the city and all its inhabitants from the face of the earth.”

According to source, the group has more than 15,000 troops from the Ukraine army and national guard, about 160 tanks, 230 infantry fighting vehicles and APCs, and as much as 150 mortars, howitzers and multiple launch rocket systems (“Grad” and “Smerch”).

The source concludes that “This concentration of troops in one area is not compatible with the potential of self-defense forces, armed with only a small number of pistols and submachine guns.”

The satellite images are below:

ukraine sat 1

ukraine sat 2

ukraine sat 3

ukraine sat 4_0

Naturally, none of this should come as a surprise, as rationally one would expect Ukraine to respond to a comparable build up of Russian forces along the Ukraine border which itself was revealed two weeks ago via satellite photos as well:


Above: Purported to be Russian military Su-27/30 “Flankers” aircraft at the Primorko-Akhtarsk Air Base in southern Russia, on the Sea of Azov which borders Ukraine. (Image: Digital Globe).


Above: purported to be Russian military tanks and infantry fighting vehicles at a military base near Kuzminka, east of the Sea of Azov in southern Russia (picture: Digital Glob)


Above: purported to be a Russian military airborne or Spetznaz (special forces) brigade at Yeysk, near the Sea of Azov in southern Russia (picture: Digital Globe).

Above: purported to be a Russian artillery battalion at a military base near Novocherkassk, east of the Sea of Azov in southern Russia (picture: Digital Globe).

It goes without saying that a matching build up (or at least an attempt at one) by Ukraine is normal and to be expected. The problem is that as we have witnessed every day over the past two weeks, military provocations on both sides of the conflict happen every day if not every hour. The latest one happened moments ago, as reported by RT:

Unknown assailants landed in helicopters and attacked a checkpoint in Soledar city in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, a militia source told RIA Novosti adding that there is a fight going on. There is no information on the number of casualties.

Soledar is located about 30 kilometers south east of Slavyansk.

The people’s governor of Donbass region Denis Pushilin confirmed to RT that there is fighting in Soledar. As the unknown men attacked the checkpoint, the militia was forced to retreat, the source told RIA.

The second checkpoint is preparing for attack he said, adding that there are about 50 activists, many without weapons.

For now these skirmishes around “checkpoints” have been isolated events. But how long before the Ukraine “special forces” which may well amount to 15,000 troops as reported by Russian media, get involved. And how much longer after that until Russia retaliats. But the biggest question: who will be the agent provocateur who fires the first shot in hopes of launch an all out war? Indeed, who stands to gain the most from yet another war – one which will hardly be “contained”

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  1. This is a setup by the US to get Russia to attack, so that they can claim Russia is the aggressor, and make it into a full fledged war. People need to realize the buildup is funded and equipped by the US, the government of the Ukraine is a puppet of the US, and the crazy bastard in the white house is out to get Putin. Ever since Putin stopped his corporate enriching war with Syria, he has been insanely going after him……….looking to create any reason to go after him. His behavior on the subject of Putin has shown signs of one who is obsessed and unhinged.
    Obama was the first person ever to be made editor of the Harvard Review without submitting a single article for publication. He is indeed a Manchurian candidate, he was planted and planned years ago……..and the US people were suckered into it. The guy had never done a thing, and we fools made him president because all the other choices were terrible…..he seemed to be intelligent, and he spoke freedom and restoration of habeas corpus and repeal of the Bush doctrine. Instead, he took all of it, and made it worse. The Patriot Act, Bush Doctrine, NSA Spying is all set in stone thanks to NDAA.
    This man has become a nightmare, and most Americans are totally unaware of what he is doing. US media is covering none of this, and if they mention it, it will be totally slanted to make Obama look like a good guy.
    I am sick at heart…….
    This may well be built into WW3, all started by the so called Nobel Peace Prize recipient in the white house. What a sham!
    He has no right to do this, and Putin will hit the US, he won’t just allow a war on his own land…..and the Ukraine has been part of Russia for centuries…….
    This is so wrong, so bloody evil, the US will lose, our standing as a world power will be ended, and the dollar will collapse. This is the worst and most uncalled for move I have ever seen……it is as bad as the invasion of Iraq.
    God help us. Nobody else can.

  2. Illuminati coke suckers fk you Satanist fkers ..and .America will stay locked and loaded against you criminal fkers….info wars/ Russia has submarines carrying ‘supersonic hydrogen bomb tipped cruise missiles’ popping up off the coasts of the US, and is now openly warning they’re prepared for nuclear war if the NWO forces in the Ukraine launch any more attacks upon Russian citizens/interests. Alex warns that history has shown us that the ‘elite’ become so arrogant that their actions generally lead to the destructions of civilizations, before they refinance the rebuilding of them after the destruction.

  3. American will hunt down all Illuminati coke suckers in the justest system you fken coke suckers sick fkers satanist mother fkers murdering 9/11 was a insidejob coke suckers Nazi fkers !!

  4. Marilyn,
    I agree that it is an Alamo set up, but not too sure that Obama really is instigating it.
    His reticence over Syria & Iran point to a definite reluctance based on his knowledge of the truth about what is really behind israel’s warmongering, while the jew lovers Biden, McCain, Clinton etc have been pushing for ever.
    If he’d have wanted it, he has had plenty of opportunity, such as the small nukes the jews let loose at Damascus, as well as the Sarin, but he didn’t.
    I think the man is between a rock & a hard place. The jews own Congress & are on every committee. AIPAC rules the military, and zionists from the Rothschilds downwards are now openly funding the aggressive stance for war despite the real USA being bankrupt.
    Two years have elapsed since Syria really started, but he’s not given the green light. Vlad knows this and is playing chess again.

  5. It cannot be reiterated enough that we were warned!!! Back in January when the death toll was four banking “suicides,” we were told by “V” The Guerilla Economist, via Steve Quayle, that over three dozen more names were on the Illuminati “hit list,” and as death after death, unexplained, and some officially listed as “suicides” are reported, most of those reports ignore the warning we were given, multiple times that more were coming.
    the Illuminati they never sleep! the coke suckers!

  6. S ousts Ukraine President – puts in place Head of Central Bank. ww3 ! Russia Media Czar Threatens The U S with a Nuclear Strike. U S Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Martin Dempsey says, that we will respond with Military force. Meanwhile, Ukraine Former Prime Minister says she will level Russia. All this, and yet, the U S News is acting as if nothing is going on. The U S ambassador and the Top U S diplomat, Caught on Tape spilling the beans and discussing how they planned the Overthrow of the Ukraine Government. Not only does this Set the facts of the present trouble in Ukraine straight. It does it very clearly and puts the crisis in perspective. It is a Catastrophe of Biblical proportions, and will threaten the whole world and the current peace among nations. This will lead to WW3. There will be no way to step back from Thermonuclear WAR.

  7. To Squodgy: I sure hope you are right. I am very disturbed by what I see. This warmongering by Obama strikes me as insane. There is no reason for a war with Russia, yet he has been bad mouthing Putin since he shut down Obama’s planned attack on Syria last year. 10 warships and one aircraft carrier showed up on Syria’s shores, and Putin said if Obama hit Syria, he would hit back. The US has been bullying nations that cannot fight back for too long, and they ran like a rabbit. Since then, he has been after Putin.
    A friend of mine, also a historian, seems to think Obama is following orders from a script given him by the greedy corporations that have taken over much of America. He could be right. I don’t know what to think.
    It disturbs me greatly that none of this is being told to the American people. If you turn on US news that isn’t, it is covering tabloid, murder mysteries, STILL that stupid missing plane from over a month ago…….NOTHING about this, what is happening to the economy, nothing real. Those who listen to US media are being kept completely in the dark, they know nothing of this.
    I always appreciate your comments, Squodgy.


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