Measured By Gold And The Dow, Wheat Is Cheap (But Maybe Not For Long)

Measured by Gold and the Dow, Wheat Is Cheap (But Maybe Not For Long) (OfTwoMinds, April 26, 2014):

Priced in gold and stocks, wheat is near multi-decade lows. That may not last.

1 thought on “Measured By Gold And The Dow, Wheat Is Cheap (But Maybe Not For Long)”

  1. Not for long at all. Before I sign off tonight, I want to remind everyone there is a blight on the wheat crops all over the US, some sort of disease that is killing all the wheat crops. Some say it is from genetic seeds, others say it is from research labs working on biological warfare………but it is everywhere, and prices of wheat, especially flour and bread, and many other related products. Food is going to be a big issue, and our government is not interested in helping the people at all. They would rather fund a unnecessary war in the Ukraine, than help the folks in Detroit who cannot pay their water bill……..$256K worth of bills……all had their water turned off while the US spent $25 million on an attack in the Ukraine. This is so wrong.
    Hunger will generate the most mindless to revolt.
    So those arrogant jerks in DC had better watch out. Mob justice is never pretty, and they are really asking for it.


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