It’s On: Gazprom Prepares ‘Symbolic’ Bond Issue In Chinese Yuan

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It’s On: Gazprom Prepares “Symbolic” Bond Issue In Chinese Yuan (ZeroHedge, April 10, 2014):

Curious what the fate of the petrodollar is? Look no farther than this Interfax update blasted moments ago by Bloomberg: “Gazprom Considers ‘Symbolic’ Yuan Bond Issue, Interfax Says.”

Bloomberg adds that the gas giant is considering proposals from potential organizers to market bonds in yuan, Interfax reports, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

  • Gazprom unlikely be able to gain more than $300m due to mkt volume, newswire reports
  • No mandates, deal timeline yet
  • Issue may add new investors, become a “topical” public relations act amid tensions with U.S., EU

Well, yes. It’s called “symbolic” for a reason. More importantly, it is a symbol of what happens when one can “create” money de novo without the presence of the world’s increasingly defunct reserve currency, either secured by gas or by future cash flows, i.e., unsecured.

Confused? Read:

… and the New New Normal flow of funds will suddenly become clear –

  1. Gazprom delivering gas to China.
  2. China Gazprom paying in Yuan (convertible into Rubles)
  3. Gazprom funding itself increasingly in Yuan.
  4. Russia buying Chinese goods and services in Yuan (convertible into Rubles)

And all of this with the US banker cartel completely disintermediated courtesy of the glaring absence of the USD in any of the above listed steps, or as some may call it: from the Petrodollar to the Gas-o-yuan (something 40 central banks have already figured out… just not the Fed).

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  1. I have been predicting this since November of 2010 ever since China and Russia formed their own trade alliance using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. Ever since Hugo Chavez launched the Sucre. The Sucre was the first electronic currency in the world for the South American Trade Alliance in Summer of 2010. The Sucre allowed all trading members of the SATA to trade with each other, using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre simply translated the values of each currency, making conversion to the dollar obsolete.
    Russia and China saw the success of the Sucre, and launched a similar trade agreement, using their own currencies leaving the dollar out. China went on to recruit Turkey, and many African and South American economies.
    When the US continued to set more sanctions on Iran (a very wealthy country these days thanks to the Iraq war), a fruitful trading partner for most of the world, India and Japan joined with them.
    New Zealand and Australia dumped the dollar last year.
    This has been a four year process, and I have watched our fool leaders act as if it has not been happening all along.
    100% of all international trades were completed in US dollars in Jan, 2010. Today, it is less than half. After this latest agreement, even more countries will abandon the US.
    The US has become the rogue nation, and the rest of the world has been moving away from it. I don’t know how many times I have written this before, but I have been saying it whenever the subject came up.
    I see the dollar is losing value very quickly. Some economist wrote the US cannot devalue the dollar because Nixon did it in 1972. Flooding the globe with paper money with nothing behind it but ink fulfilled the same result.
    This is just the beginning. If the US is delusional enough to think the EU will stand by them when they depend on Russia for fuel……..they are idiots to think so. Germany already told the US to back down. Even the UK isn’t interested in a conflict with Russia.
    As I have been saying for years now, the next world war is economic, and we are losing.
    This is what happens when fools gain control of a nation.
    It is downhill all the way from here.
    Thank you for publishing these stories.

  2. I really think we have delusional fools in power. I went to the Bloomberg site where one can occasionally find some truth. Instead, they have an article I will post here stating the US leaders are ready to levy more sanctions on Russia.
    Don’t the idiots realize they are fighting a losing game?
    I find this appalling!
    Here is the article, it is as delusional as they come…..certainly no mention of how few countries still use the dollar at all. With this insanity, the move away from the US will gain more momentum. WTF? They are crazy, and they are destroying our economy for all time.

  3. Just processing.
    The Fed have theoretically run the show since they set up at the start of the last century.
    We have enjoyed it in the meantime. We all got what we could from it.
    It’s really only since 911 that things have gone really wobbly.
    But gradual, subtle changes to world economies leading to globalised corporate domination together with crystallised wealth transfer (theft) and the uncontrolled government expenditure leading to the inevitable defaults have only manifested themselves noticeably since then, even though the foundations were set in the eighties (ironically 1984) under Reagan/Thatcher/Friedman/Kissinger/Brzezinski.
    So, it looks to me like this is definitely the realisation of the second stage of a plan, the economic & financial aspects of which form only part of the jigsaw.
    Some other pieces are :~

    Compulsory Vaccines/Pandemics/Artificially Mutated Viruses/
    Weather Modification/Food Shortages/Sunlight Deprivation
    Obesity generating Genetically Modified and Junk Food/Herbicide poisoning/Pesticide Destruction of Pollenators /Water Table poisoning.
    Surveillance/Control/Police State with Violence
    Dumbed Down Education
    Uncontrolled population migration to dilute tribes.
    Planned Implanting of Locator/Punishment Chips

    As the next few generations will not question anything, the plan must therefore be very long term. Barring the war which Vlad keeps thwarting, those of us who know and any possible future generations we teach, will be weeded out to nil by the end of this century, leading to a Morlock led Nirvana (The Time Machine- HG Wells) or as the man forecast…A World State.
    Either we act to stop it by non compliance, or we accept the inevitable and join the ‘management’.


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