Donetsk Creates ‘People’s Army’

Donetsk Creates “People’s Army” (ZeroHedge, April 10, 2014):

With tensions rising ever faster in eastern Ukraine, the anti-government (pro-Russia) movement in Donetsk has taken dramatic steps to bolster itself by creating a “people’s army,” or National Army of Donetsk. As RT reports, masked men, who are mostly civil volunteers, but also police and army defectors, say they “defend their motherland from the fascist army that’s going to kill them.” They also demand “a referendum to be independent from Kiev” and are in favor of “being with Russia.”

The Ukraine forces are moving in on Donetsk…


And now the people are organizing…


The importance of this move is the pro-Russian local forces are now organized to repel any Ukraine (government) attempts to re-take government buildings – and conjures ugly memories of the hell that Kiev suffered for multiple weeks.

As Dontesk protesters prepare…

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  1. Another story getting no coverage, the cuts to the pensions of Detroit workers. Here is a six minute clip…..there are other articles on the link as well. The Obama administration has really screwed those who voted for him. This is about the cut pension and skyrocketing costs of healthcare……the gentleman in the clip had his health insurance quality go down, and the cost go up 5X.
    I have heard other such stories from folks I know, Obama care is a real rip off of the people.
    But, the greedy guts are tearing up Detroit, grabbing everything of value while cutting the pension of a 40 year worker. Even worse, they are considering another cut.
    People need to wake up.
    Thanks for all you do.
    I tried emailing you a couple of stories yesterday, but am not certain if that is the way to get the stories to you, so am posting it here today.
    It is on the world socialist web site… or org……

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      If you have sent me an email then it did not reach me.

      I’ve also checked the spam folder.

      And I also cannot see the link to the video clip you’ve mentioned.

      Just post all the stories you find interesting as comments like you did before.

      That way other readers can see them too.

      Thank you for all your valuable comments & links.

      Infinite Unknown


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