2 thoughts on “FBI Rejects FOIA Request, Refuses To Handover Document About Sniper Assassination Plot To Kill OCCUPY Protest Leaders (Video)”

  1. The US leadership is incapable of revealing any truth, so they refuse to say, or tell outright lies. Nobody respects or believes them any longer. The US has criminals in power, and even the people now know it.
    They can’t do much about it. All the power the voters had is gone, they were too lazy to exercise it when they had it, and when the coup happened in 2000, the fools slept through it………..I have no sympathy.
    As one who tried fruitlessly to tell them, I realize they don’t care, they are too stupid. This is why group rule doesn’t work. There is always a reversion to the center in group rule, and the “c” student gets his way. There is nothing fine there…..just mediocre and mendacious……soon forgotten.


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