Up To SIX INCHES Of Snow Expected To Fall On East Coast

A snowplow is forced back to work in Montreal
Back on the streets: A snowplow is forced back to work in Montreal on Saturday as a low pressure system is moving rapidly eastward to reach the state of Maine this evening

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside… Up to SIX INCHES of snow set to fall on East Coast in freak ‘Nor’Easter bomb’ (Daily Mail, March 22, 2014):

  • Snow has already landed in Montreal, Canada and is expected to his Maine by Saturday night
  • Arctic blast to hit several states from Virginia to New England
  • Temperatures more fitting for mid-January are forecast next week

It may officially be spring but it would be foolhardy for those living on the East Coast to pack away their winter coats, as an icy storm is predicted to hit next week.

The weather pattern, known as a ‘bomb’ by meteorologists, is due to hit on Tuesday night, and could dump up to six inches of snow in New York City, Washington DC and Boston.

Temperatures are also predicted to plummet to a level more common for mid-January rather than late March.

The storm is still gathering strength as it moves from the Gulf of Mexico, making it hard to predict how many states will be affected.

Currently, it could bring snow across a swathe of states, from Virginia to New England.

While the snow isn’t expected to fall until mid-week, the frigid temperatures will arrive far sooner, with freezing conditions starting Sunday.

The temperatures, at 10 to 35 degrees lower than average for this time of year, will be ‘more fitting of mid-January’ New York Magazine reported.

1 thought on “Up To SIX INCHES Of Snow Expected To Fall On East Coast

  1. Happens every year doesn’t it?
    I know it will be laughed at by modernists but ‘when I were a lad (14) there were no double glazing or central heating’,
    We got dressed in our beds, even kept pyjamas on under our trousers to keep us warm on the paper round .
    Collected at least 50 pound weight of newspapers at 5-30 am & set off on the bike in blizzard….for the equivalent of $1 per week in the 60’s.
    And we loved it!
    Funny how we all believed the newspapers then?????

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