Fukushima Is An Extinction Level Event: 17.91 Billion Lethal Doses (By Ingestion) Chasing Each And Every One Of Us On The Planet … And That’s Just From The Amount Of Cesium-137

... and there are ‘1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes’ created by atomic reactors.

As a side note:

If you give rats a LD1 (Lethal dose killing 1% of the rats) of mercury … 1% of the rats will die.

If you give rats a LD1 (Lethal dose killing 1% of the rats) of lead … 1% of the rats will die.

How many rats will die if you give them a LD1 of mercury AND a LD1 of lead?

Take a guess!

Answer: ALL OF THEM!!!

Again, there are ‘1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes’ from Fukushima.

How will they affect us?

Take a guess!

The Radiation is the vulture, we are the near death child. There is no way out.

Sterilize the Planet (Veterans Today, April 19, 2013):

All are Included – No Exceptions

(San Francisco) – The March 11, 2011 explosion of four reactors and wrecking of two more reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan is an on-going Extinction Level Event for all creatures on Earth, including all Humans. Now, two years and one month later, hot radioactive particles (RadParticles) still are spewing. 

The RadParticles have to stop going up over there before they stop coming down over here. Saying it is pretty simple, making it happen is not. The radiation is so intense in the reactor buildings it kills humans in seven minutes, robots are dead in two hours.


Many governmental, institutional and private speakers use the radioactive element Cesium 137 (Cs137) as the amount of radioactivity in the air, land and sea today.

That is only partially true. Cs137 is merely one of 1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes created by atomic bombs and atomic reactors when detonated or operated properly and “by the book.”

That is exactly what atomic reactors are supposed to do, make 1,946 isotopes! The heat to make steam is simply a by-product.  This is a nasty nuclear process and cannot be stopped or reversed.

Dr Paolo Scampa, a physicist in the European Union, recently stated “The Cs137 radioactivity [Fukushima Daiichi] is about 6,89E18 Bq and around 2100 kg. This activity represents a potential internal radiotoxicity of 6,61 billion Lethal Doses by inhalation and 17,91 billion Lethal Doses (LD) by ingestion.” [End Quote.]

That’s just the amount of Cesium137?s Lethal Doses from three reactor core storage pits! Much of this is in the Earth’s air, soil and water now. What’s more, the lethality level of the  Fukushima reactors’ burning radioactive aerosols and gases irrevocably goes up for the next 350 years. 


That’s 17.91 Billion Lethal Doses (by Ingestion) chasing the 7.3 Billion of us on the Planet now and there are 1,946 known radioactive killer isotopic poisons in this list. The odds are definitely not in our favor.

It only takes one of these little poisonous, invisible devils each, to maim and kill us all.

There is much more radioactive poison in the other four 40 ft (12.19 mt) deep temporary reactor core holding pits and charging out of the six trashed reactors.

Three hundred and fifty years from now (from 2013) is about 14 generations, or the year 2363. Worse still, after 350 years of increased lethality, the Radiotoxicity Level does not decline, it just levels off. We, and all our kind, will simply be dead and gone – finished. Truly, the affair at Fukushima is an Extinction Level Event.

Only the Earth will remain, sterilized by nuclear radiation, speeding through space – barren and sterile, or well on its the way to ending this chapter. Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids.  


Copyright by Bob Nichols Apr 19, 2013. The article may be freely re-published with attribution and end notes. Videos and pictures are the copyright of their respective owners.

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19 thoughts on “Fukushima Is An Extinction Level Event: 17.91 Billion Lethal Doses (By Ingestion) Chasing Each And Every One Of Us On The Planet … And That’s Just From The Amount Of Cesium-137”

  1. Thank you for all your efforts in keeping this information live on your website. I thank the author for finally putting the truth into print……Fukushima is indeed an extinction event, and if there are no storms to hurry things, the Pacific Ocean will be completely dead by the end of 2015. The lying corporate media cannot be trusted, their propaganda shows an ignorance and stupidity that ensures the death of all of us.
    We get much of our oxygen from the oceans. The Gulf of Mexico is already dead thanks to BP oil and their oil dispersants. It has ruined the livelihood of hundreds of thousands, the US media is silent.
    The Pacific Ocean between San Francisco and Fukushima is about 5200 miles as the crow flies. The ocean is already completely devoid of sea life or activity 3300+ miles out of Fukushima. No birds, no sea animals playing…..nothing.
    Dolphins, sharks and sea lions are showing up closer to our borders than ever before because they need the oxygen from a living ocean. US media advised people to “enjoy the show”.
    What people don’t realize is that the earth and its system is careful and delicate in its balance. All sea life needs oxygen, and in a normal system, they get it from the waters and environment. Without it, they will die. The level of radiation is much higher than human or sea life can contain…….we are facing our own extinction.
    We have wonderful things and life forms to keep everything in balance until a disaster like this destroys the entire system.
    We have a scavenger class of animals that eat dead meat (animals) and fish around the world. However, they won’t touch the ones poisoned by radiation, so they set there. The only animals stupid enough to eat poisoned sea life were the dogs who ate up all the dead sea turtles that washed ashore in Costa Rica about 3 months ago. They died instantly. What do the powers that be do? They buried the story. Dogs do a lot more than eat dead animals, and that isn’t their main purpose in life…..or they would have known better. The ordinary scavengers won’t touch the radioactive creatures around the world.
    Our food chain has been irrevocably damaged, and every aspect of life will be radically changed as a result; nature has given them a discerning sense……if they won’t touch them, the stench from the oceans will be unendurable…..All those who live along the coast will want to sell out, but there will be no buyers.
    Hundreds of thousands of people benefit from the sea, food, salt, jobs, products of all kinds for much of the world, not to mention the food sources. This is indeed a huge hit. As a species, we cannot survive without salt and water.
    Anything poisoned with radioactive elements will die….including us.
    Plutonium was discovered in our milk within 30 days of the disaster. It is in our soil, grass, water and sea life. Now, they just lie about it.
    I can go on, but the truth will always win out.
    As a historian, I have often wondered, and discussed with other historians how and why civilizations vanished seemingly without a trace…..
    I never dreamed I would see one vanish in my lifetime.
    Depressing, very depressing.

  2. Marilyn, you are indeed an educated & wise woman, and it now seems in your last paragraph you have reached the final conclusion.
    Fukushima does not appear to benefit from too much scrutiny in any area.
    I concur with the opinion that it was engineered.
    I also believe (especially today as I see our blue skies wiped out by chemtrails) that sunlight deprivation & poisoning are targeted directly at us.
    Similarly, I am now convinced that the future of food supply is being severely affected by the GMO’s which are now accepted as being detrimental to our being. All are avoidable.
    Whoever is left after the implementation of Agenda 21, will, in the main be dumbed down morons, of an even lower level of intelligence than a bouncer/DHS moron, except those who have studied and accepted what is going on, and prepared as best they can..
    It is our duty to educate and rebuild society, we are needed. Don’t walk away!

  3. So is this it, or is there something we can all pull together for and do something about. If this is it, then it doesn’t matter if the media lies about it, probably best to avoid panic. If this is not it then post 5 things every human being can do to help!

    1. Protest to make sure not one more chemical reactor like this is ever build, no matter what

  4. It are the sins of the present generation, that will open the eyes of more and more people in the future. Some will continue to live in denial, some will choose for suicide, some will become crazy and agressiv against their fellow citizens, against their politicians and economic leaders, some will try to change their way of life and their society. I hope we still have the chance to convert ourselves. 2000 years ago they crucified Jesus. Today mankind is crucifying planet earth, especially all living cratures, ourselves included. When will we stop looking the other way. Every person has the duty to educate him or herself and leave the cruel matrix in which we live. We have to realise that a lot of our educational system is made to make us stupid. It is a spiritual rape, an intellectual incest, if we allow others to tell our children half truths, misleading lies so a few can profit from the money and the power it gives for a short time, while it creates destruction for all at the end. Am I exagerating or is this the truth I don’t like to see myself? Please correct me if I see it wrong. Please add an uplifting thought if you think this is the truth. (Sorry for my bad English)

  5. Obviously the person who wrote this has absolutely no understanding of the biological effects of radiation and the levels required for these effects to occur. No one has died from the radiation from Fukushima and no one is expected to die. While every day thousands die from the pollution created from fossil fuels. This radiophobic fear mongering has got to stop, the unnecessary fear and anxiety this type of rant produces have real consequences. Get educated don’t get scared.

    • @Michael Mann,

      This is probaly the first ‘real’ article you’ve read about Fukushima … or you are a troll.

      Where have you been when everybody and everything in Japan is starting to get sick and dying?

      “No one has died from the radiation from Fukushima and no one is expected to die.”

      No one is expected to die????????

      Do you know …

      … how many workers are already dead?

      … how many children have already been diagnosed with cancer?

      … what happened to the USS Ronald Reagan sailors?

      … that people in Seattle were inhaling 5 hot particles a day?

      … what happened and still is happening to all the animals living in the Pacific?

      … that people in Japan live in areas that have higher radiation levels than the Chernobyl mandatory evacuation zone?

      … that Tokyo is finished. (Scroll down and study the provided links.)

      In case you are Michael E. Mann that would explain pretty much everything.

      I have nothing more to say to such an unprecedented level of ignorance …

      … except:

      “If you don’t educate yourself now and fast, you’ll die.”
      – Prof. Hayakawa of Gunma University

  6. Squidgy, I thank you for your good words. The GMO’s were created so greedy guts could sell fresh seeds every year. They developed seeds that would only turn into plants once so they could make more money. The greed is beyond belief, they not only change nature, they violate it. Those corrupted seeds may well breed famine and starvation on a level never seen in modern history. I hope the greedy guts who developed such seeds fry in hell.

    There is a wonderful news program on HBO called Vice, and it is one of the few that cover true stories. It was discussing how the Chinese are building ghost towns all over China, even a false Paris. The government builds them to hold a million people, the average occupation rat is 2%…….average citizens cannot afford them. They claim GDP by what is built, not what is being used. That is the only reason there is so-called growth in China, it is completely rigged. For a city built to service a million people, they have maybe 30 thousand. China is going to collapse, a government cannot grow a viable economy, only the people who create new ideas and products have that power.
    The only good thing coming out of the Fukushima disaster is that people will be back to a level playing field…..regardless of how much money they have stolen. Water, food and safe air and shelter will be the most important. Before they die, the greedy guts might repent, but I doubt it.
    The entire global financial system is built on lies. If you can access it, I recommend you watch Vice. Chinese also built the world’s largest building complete with artificial sea shores. It is impressive, but empty. They claim they will be the world’s largest economy within two years. That isn’t true, all of it is being built on government contracts, and none of the working people can afford to live in them. What a nightmare. Only a few people live there.
    The entire world economy is running on empty…..and the lies are coming home to roost.
    Here in America, Obama is pitching privately held bonds for retirement…….the markets are desperate for fresh funds, everything is leveraged, now they leverage the leveraged…….
    It appears it is all coming together in a perfect storm. What a mess.

  7. First, to Infinite Unknown: You are spot on. The economic fables are as bad as the ones we receive by US media. Your site was the one reporting on how Norway, Canada and the US dealt with the disaster, they all turned the radiation monitors off. The blackout since has been deafening. Now that even the dumb ones are beginning to wonder, they report with lies. One major network said the radiation was no problem, it would be “too diluted” to harm us……..I almost lost my breakfast……the lies are so blatant, such mendacity……that is corporate America speaking.

    As for Michael Mann, he has been listening to US media, because that is what they are saying…..the lies are beyond belief. They are even saying radiation is good for our health………I wish I were kidding, but I saw that on one of the US media sites a couple of days ago. Too many Americans listen to the lies from corporate America.

    Michael, you need to stop listening to MSNBC, FOX, CNN, CNBC, and (I am sorry to report this one) NPR. NPR, desperate for cash is playing on the side of those who have no respect for human life. They used to have a high level of credibility, but their funding has been cut and cut until they decided to embrace the lies to keep money coming in. I think it was a grave mistake, once you lose credibility, you lose all.

    This type of denial is everywhere. One cannot see radiation, therefore they can lie about it’s presence. The truth of the matter is that many Japanese folks have died, children are sick, and those still alive are having bad things happening to their health. They refuse to admit this is happening, but it is right now. Go to fukushimadiary.com. This is run by people actually there in Fukushima.

    This site was one of the first who dared go against the public propaganda. Now, there are a few others starting to report on it. Had infiniteunknown.net let this story slide, there might be no truth about it anywhere.

    Here in CA, all along our beautiful coastline(that tourists used to spend millions every year to visit) are shoes, clothes and building materials from the Japan fallout. Nobody is picking it up, and it is just there….it is radioactive as hell, and people cannot allow their children to play along all our coastline.

    In Costa Rica almost 3 months ago, hundreds of dead turtles washed ashore. Dogs ran over and ate them……and instantly died. They share our coastline, and this tells anyone with a grain of sense that the radiation is very high, too dangerous to allow people to visit the beaches. 3300 miles out from Fukushima to San Francisco, the Pacific is dead. Less than 2000 more miles, the Pacific will be totally dead from Fukushima to San Francisco.

    Oceans provide much of our oxygen…….our beaches were a joy to residents and visitors alike. Nobody will be paying to come to CA by next Summer, the pollution will be obvious. That will be a great blow to any who benefit from tourism.

    With their corrupt greed, Japan has broken the food chain, destroyed the future for all who live on the Pacific coast, and eventually all life on this planet. Running to the southern hemisphere isn’t going to work, either, the radiation is already over the whole planet.

    For the west coast, we are under two years before the entire area will be unfit for human or animal life. Radiation is already in our food system, there is no way to rid ourselves of it.

    Some of the posts here speak as if we have years…….we are lucky if we have more than two left. This is global genocide on a scale never seen before. Goddam the greedy gut bastards who put profit ahead of human life. I only hope they pay………

  8. He needs clouting on the head with his hockey stick!
    Might just awaken him to reality.
    Sad thing is I find most ‘Yanks’ prefer the ‘ostrich approach’ to potential problems.
    Having run a business for thirty years, I learned to take them on head first, which is now classed as antagonistic in the new era of PC.

  9. Squodgy, if I hit him on the head with my gold handled walking stick, he would cry like a baby(it is heavy)…..then run to the authorities I abused him. Pride has changed in the US…..none of them have any.
    The hiding of ones head in the sand is assisted by this insane and absurd political correctness……most don’t understand PC was big in Nazi Germany as well. It is one more way to cause folks to watch their tongues, and a silent populace is almost as useful as apathetic ones.
    The hiding of one’s head ceases when it is no longer comfortable…….food prices are already going through the roof, and the greedy guts are blaming it all on transportation expenses……..instead of their own greedy practices.
    Did you know they send lamb and other meats to Asia to package before selling? Why? It is cheaper. They need to do this at home, but they are destroying jobs here. I remember when Richard Nixon finally put price constraints on them when inflation went crazy during and after Vietnam. The greedy guts managed to get rid of those along with the cheap food policy that had been in effect since the 1930s. There are no constraints on food prices now, nothing to protect the consumer.
    As a Yank, I have taken them on head first myself when needed. I will never be elected or chosen as a diplomat. But, when banks are trying to push through a move allowing them to skim 10% off everyone’s bank account to save their greedy asses……….the people will pull their head out then……

  10. Yeh I wondered how some of the scriptures would be fulfilled…The A-Bomb-In Nation that causes desolation…mama mia…was a wake up call to read that scavengers wont eat radioactive waste…what a mess that is going to be when the pacific finally collapses…wow remembering blue skies when I was younger…dreams of a cool reality..space travel and peace….not chemtrails and nuclear armaggeddon…great post…yeh lead and mercury everthing dies…good luck everyone…..x

  11. Infinite,

    I read this article and can’t believe how utterly false this is. All this is is a bunch of fear mongering and making a mountain out of an ant hill. I advise you to please get your head out of your ass and start thinking straight.

  12. And might I ask “Brian” who the hell are you to say such a thing, point and case is simple if scavengers won’t eat it there’s something wrong with it. Im just a simple farm boy and I know that for a fact.

  13. I don’t know what’s happening, but I myself am very sick.
    I want to believe that this is a symptom of my mind control or
    another psyop. The problem is that I don’t see nearly the amount of insects (haven’t seen a spider in years) very few flies, less birds, tree’s appear sick and deformed, plants are brown and mutated, people seem “under the weather” or like they’re in a trance, and overall things just don’t look or feel quite right. The last thing I want to do is spread fear. I have symptoms similar to arsenic or mercury poisoning, including
    fatigue, digestive problems, tingling in the fingers, light headed
    spells (like you’re about to faint) skin lesions, and severe brain fog. It is so difficult for me to just get out of bed. I am weak and have very little motivation. The brain fog associated with this is terrible, like a sci-fi movie. Hopefully it is just me and my paranoia, but it doesn’t appear that way. (At least not in my world). Anyways, I had a good life. I hope that the rest of you can stay safe, cooperate, and make it through the troubled times ahead. I have faith that some of you can, and probably do much better than your predecessors. God bless.


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