US ‘Leaders’ JOKE About OBVIOUS War Crimes, War Lies, War Murders, Dead Veterans And Children (Video)

5-minute video: US ‘leaders’ JOKE about OBVIOUS War Crimes, war lies, war murders: Arrest them (Washington’s Blog, Feb 9, 2014):

In this 5-minute video, Presidents Bush and Obama, Secretary of State and presidential-hopeful Ms. Clinton, presidential-hopeful has-been John McCain, and former Secretary of State and Bush family friend James Baker all joke about:

These psychopaths mock our veterans by allowing their growing homelessness and suicides, despite obvious solutions available for everyone’s full-employment and health care.

These criminals continue a long history of lie-began US Wars of Aggression since the US invaded Mexico; despite Abraham Lincoln’s powerfully accurate rhetoric of President Polk’s lies to steal half of Mexico at the expense of US military and Mexican civilian lives. The most decorated US Marine general in his day also warned all Americans of this fact of lie-started wars for US oligarch plunder.

What can we do as American free citizens, with a tremendous heritage to speak against our own government when they violate basic lawful behavior?

Easy: arrest them for the OBVIOUS War Crimes.

Then arrest their bankster friends for crimes equally OBVIOUS for massive fraud and looting.

And then arrest their lying corporate media pals who “cover” these lies and crimes from us.

Speak now, or forever hold back from peace, justice, and truth.

1 thought on “US ‘Leaders’ JOKE About OBVIOUS War Crimes, War Lies, War Murders, Dead Veterans And Children (Video)”

  1. Arrest them? The guy is smoking a pipe.
    The US has been hijacked by corporate fascists.
    Were it not for other factors, Fukushima, the world economy, and a heating global environment…..they would indeed try for their world government……it would fail. However, too many factors, larger than them, are going to throw the lot of them into shock…….our entire civilization is crumbling…..not just the US, but the world.
    Between a banking system that is broken, and close to ruin, and the other things I have mentioned, the entire game will be for nothing.
    Everything we built up for the betterment and advancement of man is about finished. These clowns ought to be arrested, but there are no laws left to make that happen. But, they are corporate fools, and in the long term, will be meaningless.
    The horrors set out by the splitting of the atom will affect them personally, too. I only hope there is a special hell for such creatures…..somewhere, if they ever had it, they lost their humanity.


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