Total Insanity: Japan To Reopen Soccer Facility In Fukushima’s J-Village For 2020 Olympics

Believe It Or Not: Japan To Reopen Soccer Facility In Fukushima For 2020 Olympics (ZeroHedge, Nov 26, 2013):

Below we present a twitter exchange we had with a Japanese media outlet overnight on Twitter. It needs no commentary.

2 thoughts on “Total Insanity: Japan To Reopen Soccer Facility In Fukushima’s J-Village For 2020 Olympics”

  1. They are either total idiots, or they are just spinning to maintain.
    I did some rough math based on all the stuff I have been reading about Fukushima. A report came out a month ago. A sailor, taking the ship from Fukushima to San Francisco saw no sea life for 3000 miles, 33 months after the disaster.
    Meanwhile huge amounts of sea life is coming to CA shores. Wales, sharks, all kinds of deep sea creatures……they are washing ashore. We have dead birds by the thousands, no sardines, yellow salmon, and the list goes on. Dead sea turtles wash up on the beach, if a dog eats one, it drops dead. These are all pieces of it.
    Fukushima to San Francisco is 5024 miles.
    I have read some scientists say the Pacific ocean will be totally toxic by 2016.
    I divided 33 into 3000, and calculated 91 miles a month this poison is moving towards us. This does not account for storms, or another explosion from Fukushima. By these numbers, we have 22 months left until the entire ocean from Fukushima to San Francisco is poisoned……September of 2015.
    I am no math specialist or engineer, but just used rudimentary numbers from the information I have garnered over the last 33 months. This website has been wonderful in the face of government blackouts on the subject.
    Is there someone who reads articles from this site who could do a better estimate? Mine is very rough, but it came out close to some estimates I have seen.

  2. I dont think the Japanese government understands what will happen.

    The British press will continue to report almost nothing, The powers that be will think everything is fantastic. Right upto 2019. Then the foreign press (UK being the worst) will have to take a view. They will actually take a proper look. Is it all good or is there a scandal? They will be all over everything, and if its bad news, they will devour it. If the government was used to a timid, muzzled Japanese press, they will suddenly see a piranha feeding frenzy. A chequebook tsunami.

    The actual evidence will be quite damning. Currently the medical cases have not really appeared, but they will. 2020-2011 = 9 years. That’s not enough for all of the cancers and heart diseases to appear, but the uptrend will be statistically significant. The press will employ analysts in the UK, who are not worried about getting work in Japan, and the graphs will be devastating. The quality of decisions will be laid out, so they better be good ones.

    You can sue British newspapers (and TV), but they are hardened to it. They will get it right, and compete with each-other to get the worst story.

    By then the US will have taken a different view, on how they feel about this pollution, and there will be a lot of measurements of the doses they have received. The Pacific will have a graph of pollution over time. Remember that a lot of material is in the soil, on leaves, slowly moving towards the sea. The measured levels will go up, and up.


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