Red Cross Launches Emergency Food Aid Plan In The UK … First Time Since World War II

Red Cross Launches Emergency Food Aid Plan in the UK – First Time Since World War II (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Oct 12, 2013):

Welcome to the global recovery folks. A recovery that is so strong in the UK, the Red Cross has been called in to provide food aid for the first time since World War II. Nothing spells happy days are here again like that sort of news.

Oh, didn’t participate in the global recovery? No worries, oligarchs have got you covered and will happily offer you a piece of bread in between flat purchases in the City of London so that you remain quietly and apathetically planted squarely in front of the television . The “recovery” was and is a gigantic heist. Nothing more, nothing less.

From the Independent:

The Red Cross will this winter start collecting and distributing food aid to the needy in Britain for the first time since the Second World War, as welfare cuts and the economic downturn send soaring numbers of people to soup kitchens and food banks across Europe.

In what could be the start of an increased role in Britain for the Geneva-based charity best known for its work in disaster zones, its volunteers will be mobilised to go into supermarkets across the country at the end of November and ask shoppers to donate dry goods. The British Red Cross will then help FareShare, a charity working with the Trussell Trust and Tesco, distribute the packets and tins to food banks nationwide.

Britain is just one of many countries where families are struggling to put food on the table. In a report released today into the devastating humanitarian impact of Europe’s financial  crisis, the Red Cross recorded a 75 per cent increase in the number of people relying on their food aid over the last three years. At least 43 million people across the Continent are not getting enough to eat each day and 120 million are at risk of poverty.

Guess someone needs to tell these folks about the recovery. Slackers.

In May charities revealed that more than half a million Britons are now turning to food banks, with that number expected to have increased over the summer. Many charities and opposition politicians say government cuts to welfare have made the situation worse, with families struggling to make ends meet with the rising prices, the economic downturn and a benefits squeeze.

Some senior Tories have dismissed the problem, with Lord Freud claiming in June that families using food banks were simply after free meals, while Education Secretary Michael Gove said last month that users were often those who could not manage their finances properly.

Now that’s just special on so many levels. First of all, if anyone or anything didn’t “manage their finances properly” it was the big banks. For such a transgression they were handed unlimited money. The average person gets Red Cross food aid and an admonition from the state. Moreover, we know that George Osborn in the UK is actively pushing a “help to buy” program for housing, which will actively encourage poor financial decisions by the public. Why are we listening to these people?

Welcome to the global recovery serfs.

Full article here.

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1 thought on “Red Cross Launches Emergency Food Aid Plan In The UK … First Time Since World War II”

  1. The global ripoff by the oligarchs is beginning to show everywhere. People are beginning to realize there is no recovery, regardless of what the TV tells them. Unless you are in an illegal line of work, you are losing money……..
    Even our corrupt leaders are in illegal work….they are betraying the people who feed them by selling them out to the greedy guts. What is going on in Washington right now is downright criminal. They shut down food stamps nationwide, according to a Raley’s store manager who made some calls and did some research when people could not access their food stamps yesterday. The media is calling it a glitch, and didn’t even include CA in the story. I sent the story to several news outlets, they are glossing over it, saying the problem is being fixed.
    Obama has spoken out he wants to cut Medicare and Social Security, and they are using this scam of a shutdown to gut the social programs, and steal more for the greedy guts. The fool Americans are so diverted by the ongoing cheap political theatre of the shutdown, they are not aware of the stunts they are pulling. Wait until Medicare stops paying…..that is next.
    Cuts, cuts, cuts, but no tax increases for the greedy guts. This crap has to stop.
    If it is happening in the UK, we already know hunger is big in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece………it is happening everywhere…..and world uprising will come out of it. The rest of the world does not have the draconian laws that Obama put in on the US……and revolutions are very upsetting to everything.
    We have fools in power, and somehow, someway, we have to get rid of them.


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