Sen. Bernie Sanders Passionately Decries The American Oligarchy On The Senate Floor (Video)

Bernie Sanders Passionately Decries the American Oligarchy on the Senate Floor (Liberty, Blitzkrieg, Sep 20, 2013):

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the longest serving Independent member of Congress in American history. While I certainly don’t agree with him on everything, I have always respected his willingness to call out the Federal Reserve for the fascist cartel that it is. He has often accurately called it “socialism for the rich.”

Back in 2010 he explained:

The Federal Reserve loaned $16.1 billion to General Electric and $3 billion to JPMorgan Chase during the 2008 financial crisis, even as Jeffrey R. Immelt of G.E. and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan sat on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York board of directors. “It is an obvious conflict of interest,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Sunday.  Sanders wrote the amendment to the Wall Street reform law that required the Fed to disclose some 21,000 transactions involving more than $3.3 trillion during the financial crisis. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke tried to keep the information secret. It appears  that we are very much a country in which we practice socialism for the rich and rugged capitalism for everyone else.

Bernie recently took to the Senate floor to decry the plutocratic, oligarch driven Banana Republic that America has turned into ever since the Wall Street coup of 2008. In a town filled with unconscious money grabbing zombies, he is a giant breath of fresh air. Enjoy.

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