‘Obama: The Bush Clone’ – The Russian MP’s Tweet Heard Around The World

“Obama: The Bush Clone” – The Russian MP’s Tweet Heard Around The World (ZeroHedge, Aug 25, 2013):

Translated from his original Russian tweet:


Obama rolling towards war in Syria unstoppably, says Russian MP

U.S. President Barack Obama is heading into a war in Syria unstoppably, the same way that George W. Bush was rolling once in the past into a war in Iraq, believes Dr. Alexei Pushkov, the chairman of the State Duma foreign policy committee.

“In exactly the same way it was in Iraq, the war in Syria will be illegitimate and Obama will turn into a Bush clone,” Dr. Pushkov tweeted Sunday.

Via Reuters,

Russia warned the United States on Sunday against repeating past mistakes, saying that any unilateral military action in Syria would undermine efforts for peace and have a “devastating impact” on the security situation in the Middle East.

Referring to the United States’ military intervention in Iraq, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that any military action would affect joint U.S.-Russian efforts for an international peace conference on Syria.

We once again decisively urge (the United States) not to repeat the mistakes of the past and not to allow actions that go against international law. Any unilateral military action bypassing the United Nations will … lead to further escalation (in Syria) and will affect the already explosive situation in the Middle East in the most devastating way,” the ministry said.

Next, from RT:

US president Barack Obama is repeating the pattern of actions of his predecessor, George W. Bush, in his push for a military solution in Syria, Foreign Affairs Committee chairman of the Russian Duma, Aleksey Pushkov said.

“Obama is fiercely moving towards war in Syria, just like Bush moved towards war in Iraq. Just like in Iraq, this war won’t be legit and Obama will become Bush’s clone,” Pushkov wrote on his Twitter page on Sunday.

Russia has stated that there can be no military solution to the Syrian conflict, urging the Western states pushing for a military intervention to “be reasonable and avoid tragic mistakes”

“The policies regarding the various crises must be built on the basis of international law and the verifiable facts, but not assumptions and conjectures, fitting unilateral geopolitical projects,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich, is cited as saying by ITAR-TASS news agency.

The new escalation of tension around Syria began after the Western-backed rebels fighting to oust Assad accused the government forces of using toxic gas against civilians in the Damascus suburbs on August 21.

The opposition claimed that over a thousand people died in the attack, with the government saying the accusations were fabricated in order to cover up the Islamist’s battle losses.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also called reports of chemical weapon use “a provocation,” adding that, according to its data, the materials accusing the government of the atrocity were prepared ahead of the alleged incident actually taking place.

And finally, Interfax:

Russia warns West against armed action against Syria govt

Russia has expressed anxiety at declared Western preparations for armed action against the Syrian government in response to reported chemical weapon attacks.

The full-blown war is still TBD, but the war of words is certainly on.

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