Japanese Nuclear Expert: Radiation Levels Detected In Pacific Ocean Too High To Be Explained By A Daily Leakage Of 300 Tons

Fukushima Mystery? TV: Japan expert says radiation levels in ocean too high to be explained by groundwater flow alone — Must be coming from “other contamination routes” entering Pacific — “Devastating impact” to come? (VIDEO) (ENENews, Aug 19, 2013):

Title: Nuclear Watch: Contaminated Water Leaks at Fukushima Daiichi
Source: NHK Newsline
Date: Aug 19, 2013

At 2:45 in

Yoichiro Tateiwa, NHK reporter: [Professor Jota] Kanda argues government statistics don’t add up. He says a daily leakage of 300 tons doesn’t explain the current levels of radiation in the water.

Jota Kanda, Tokyo University professor: According to my research there are now 3 gigabecquerels [3 billion becquerels] of cesium-137 flowing into the port at Fukushima Daiichi every day. But for the 300 tons of groundwater to contain this much cesium-137, one liter of groundwater has to contain 10,000 becquerels of the radioactive isotope.

NHK: Kanda’s research and monitoring by Tepco puts the amount of cesium-137 in the groundwater around the plant at several hundred becquerels per liter at most. He’s concluded that radioactive isotope is finding another way to get into the ocean. He’s calling on the government and Tepco to identify contamination routes other than groundwater.

Kanda: If we focus on groundwater too much without contemplating other causes, the situation won’t be resolved. There must be routes other than groundwater that are contaminating the ocean. So what we have to do now is consider all possibilities as we figure out a solution to the problem.

NHK: Professor Kanda says the volume of radioactive particles discharged into the ocean is much smaller than the volume released immediately after the accident. But, he says there may be other sources of contaminated water stored up inside the plant’s infrastructure. He says that water is highly contaminated, and if it gets into the ocean it will again have a devastating impact.

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National Geographic reported on August 7, 2013 that Professor Kanda calculated 10 billion becquerels a day of cesium-137 was flowing into the Pacific from Fukushima Daiichi, not 3 billion becquerels a day as he says in NHK’s broadcast:

In a 2012 study, Jota Kanda, an oceanographer at Toyko University of Marine Science and Technology, calculated that the plant is leaking 0.3 terabecquerels [300 billion Bq/month = 10 billion Bq/day] of cesium-137 per month and a similar amount of cesium-134.

Watch the broadcast here

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