CDC Study: 1 In 5 US Children May Have Mental Disorder (CBS)

… needing Big Pharma’s drugs.

CDC: 1 In 5 US Children May Have Mental Disorder (CBS Atlanta, May 18, 2013):

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) Nearly 1 in 5 children in the U.S. suffers from a mental disorder, and this number has been rising for more than a decade.

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 20 percent of American children are suffering from mental disorders such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression and autism.

The CDC’s first study of mental disorders among children aged 3 to 17 also found that the cost of medical bills for treatment of such disorders is up to $247 billion each year.

“This is a deliberate effort by CDC to show mental health is a health issue. As with any health concern, the more attention we give to it, the better. It’s parents becoming aware of the facts and talking to a health-care provider about how their child is learning, behaving and playing with other kids,” said Dr. Ruth Perou, the study’s lead author.

The CDC data was collected between 1994 and 2011, and it shows that the number of children being diagnosed with mental disorders has been steadily growing. The study did not conclude exactly why the numbers are increasing.

More research is needed to determine the specific causes of mental disorders, said Dr. Perou, and that greater awareness could lead to an uptick in diagnoses. A host of environmental factors, including chemical exposure and poverty, also can affect a child’s mental health, she said.

The study also found that girls were more prone to depression and alcohol abuse than boys, and that 6.8 percent of U.S. children are affected by attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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  1. We live in a mad society. If only 1 our of 5 feel it, we are probably doing better than we think. Our society says one thing, and does the opposite. Infamy is often mistaken for fame, children are not taught any of the values we were given when our society was more stable. Now, parents both have to work full time to make ends meet, so children are seen as burdens instead of new family members.
    We are supposedly a nation of laws, but if the greedy guts steal millions or billions, they are given a free pass. If another robs a Burger King, he goes to jail for 10 years.
    The double standard is everywhere.
    A decent education costs a fortune, and even if you get the education, the jobs are horrible with no future……corporate slavery.
    All the things we were taught when I was young are gone. I am grateful my daughter chose not to have children. Living here has become a nightmare, and I think she was very wise. She still has a stepson, but he is very bright, and understands already what a mess we live in. I have urged him to study other languages, which he is, and plan to move overseas for better opportunities after he graduates from college.
    I look at the prospects for our youth, and am appalled at the mess they will face when they are older. It is so depressing. All the opportunities are gone.
    There is another factor. If you have a child, and send him to school, they can force you to drug your child. I think that is terrifying, but big Pharma is in your schools big time.
    They tried to get me to do it, and I told them no. Today, a parent doesn’t have that choice, parents have to abide with the schools decision.
    1 in 5? At least.

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