West Virginia Teen Arrested At Middle School For Wearing A Pro-Gun T-Shirt

Teen Arrested at Middle School for Wearing a Pro-Gun T-Shirt (Liberty Blitzkrieg, April 24, 2013):

This story perfectly demonstrates what a totally sad society we have become. We can’t arrest a single banker or political crook, but heaven forbid a 14 year old wears a shirt that expresses support for the Second Amendment.  Arrest that infidel immediately!  We discover that:

A West Virginia teen arrested and accused of nearly inciting a riot after a confrontation with a teacher over his National Rifle Association t-shirt has inspired dozens of students across his county to wear similar apparel in solidarity.

Jared Marcum, 14, had a confrontation Thursday with a Logan Middle School teacher over his NRA t-shirt, which bears the organization’s logo, along with an image of a hunting rifle and the phrase, “Protect your right.”

Marcum’s lawyer, Ben White, said that when the teen was told to remove the shirt or turn it inside out, he attempted to engage the teacher in a debate.

“Jared respects firearms and has training to use them, and believes in the Second Amendment,” White told ABCNews.com. “He believes it’s being threatened by current legislation. He wore [the shirt] as an expression of political speech and the need to protect the Second Amendment.”

Marcum was eventually arrested and taken away by police after refusing to remove the shirt. White said that when police told the teen they were going to arrest him, he stuck his hands out and said, “Fine.”

White said that charges being filed against Marcum are pending the prosecutor’s office’s review of the evidence. But he insisted that it was the teacher who caused the issue by confronting the teen, and that video gathered from the school will prove it.

“I believe the teacher was acting beyond the scope of his employment,” he said. “What the video shows is that students did step up on the benches to the tables in the lunchroom when they were escorting Jared out of building. Kids jumped up, clapping. Teachers said to get off and be quiet, and they did.”

Logan County students wore NRA t-shirts today in solidarity with Marcum, White said, adding that Marcum is an honor roll student eyeing a career in the military. Zigmond did not mention any disciplinary action during school today.

Meanwhile, this is what the dangerous shirt looked like.  A real threat to public safety for sure.

Nothing says freedom like cuffing a fourteen year old for wearing a t-shirt that you don’t approve of.  USA! USA!

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