St. Malachy Prophecy Fulfilled: Pope Francis Is ‘Petrus Romanus’ (Video)

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que el hombre no puede vivir soloPope Francis Is ‘Petrus Romanus’ – ‘Fantastic Fulfillment Of Prophecy’

france inter rencontre avec xMalachy Prophecy Update: Pope Francis Is ‘Petrus Romanus’

A book published last year entitled “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here,” by authors Cris Putnam and Tom Horn, detailed the Malachy prophecy and predicted that the current Pope would abdicate for health reasons, paving the way for the final Pope. Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here

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  1. Please see:
    Pope’s Video Fulfills Prophecy
    by Doug Batchelor (According to the Bible)

    YOU TUBE Link:

    Hi everyone please watch this Video.Pertaining to the Last Days before Jesus will come.This is just the start as the Bible foretells in written from Jesus.

    Watch this video please and send to your friends.Spread the word please provide a link on your web site.Other links:

    Thank you for your video



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