Judge Napolitano On New Legislation That Could Bar Impaired Veterans From Owning Guns (Video)

Impaired Veterans Could Be Barred From Owning Guns If New Legislation Goes Through (FOX News, Dec 4, 2012):

The question at the center of a new legal debate is, should the Second Amendment right of veterans be taken away? It’s being asked as a sticky issue in the Defense Bill is being tackled about whether or not vets should be allowed to carry guns.

Judge Andrew Napolitano calls it a natural right and one that should be protected. “It’s not a gift from the government,” he said. “You don’t need a permission slip to defend yourself.”

This legislation would permit bureaucrats in the V.A. to make an evaluation as to whether or not a vet is competent to keep and bear arms. “This is not power we repose into the hands of bureaucrats,” Napolitano said.

This latest legislation, he suggested, is an example of those who oppose gun rights using whatever leverage they can to impinge on those rights.

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