Fukushima: Child Has So Many Thyroid Cysts, Doctor Can’t Count Them – Hospital Told NOT To Test Children

Fukushima Mothers: Daughter has so many thyroid cysts doctor can’t count them all — Hospital told not to test kids (ENENes, Nov 5, 2012):

Source: Ian Thomas Ash
Date: November 05, 2012
h/t Fukushima Diary

This morning I met Mrs. Shima. She had invited several other mothers over to her home to share with me their situations and the thyroid test results for their children. Mrs. Shima showed me the thyroid ultrasound for her daughter Shuri, 11. The government-sponsored test revealed her daughter had NO thyroid cysts, but she went to a private hospital to seek a second opinion. She was told her daughter in fact DOES have thyroid cysts [Emphasis Added]. In both tests, it was discovered that her son Kaito, 13, also has thyroid cysts.

[…] Mrs. Oyama worries for her son Yoshihiki, 11. Her daughter Nozomi, 17, has been found to have thyroid cysts.

Mrs. Kanno’s two children, daughter Yuika, 10, and son Naoki, 11, were both found to have no thyroid cysts in the government-sponsored test. When she went to the private hospital Mrs. Shima recommended for a second opinion, she was told that the hospital had received a directive from the national government to stop providing tests for children it had deemed had no thyroid cysts. Mrs. Kanno was refused a second thyroid test for her children. […]

Mrs. Tsuda’s son Naoki, 11, has thyroid cysts. Her daughter Yuika, 10, has so many thyroid cysts the doctor could not count them all (!).

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