TEPCO Admits Fukushima Reactors May Be Continuously Leaking Radiation Into The Ocean

Tepco spokesman admits Fukushima reactors may be continuously leaking into ocean (ENENews, Oct 25, 2012):

Title: Fish Off Fukushima, Japan, Show Elevated Levels of Cesium
Source: New York Times
Date Published: October 25, 2012


The operator of the Fukushima plant, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, said that the site no longer released contaminated water into the ocean, and that radiation levels in waters around the plant had stabilized.

But Yoshikazu Nagai, a spokesman for the company, said he could not rule out continued leaks into the ocean from its reactors, the basements of which remain flooded with cooling water.


And what will Tepco do with the contaminated water they manage to contain? Either dump it in the sea after ‘decontamination’ or:

Watch a Japanese engineer discuss Tepco’s plans to put Fukushima’s contaminated water in an underground pit here

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