TEPCO’s 100 Feet Deep Wall At Fukushima To Stop Radiation From Contaminating Sea & Ground Water Still Years Away

100 foot deep wall at Fukushima plant still being built, says Tepco — Trying to keep underground contamination from ocean — Years from completion? (ENENews, Oct 25, 2012):

Title: Fish Off Fukushima, Japan, Show Elevated Levels of Cesium
Source: New York Times
Date Published: October 25, 2012

To stop water from seeping out of the plant, Tokyo Electric is building a 2,400-foot-long wall between the site’s reactors and the ocean. But [Yoshikazu Nagai, a spokesman for Tepco] said the steel-and-concrete wall, which will reach 100 feet underground, will take until mid-2014 to build.

View the oceanside wall here

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