Military Reports Alarming Breast Cancer Rates Among Troops

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Military reports alarming breast cancer rates among troops (Bürgerwelle, Oct 3, 2012):

A slew of studies have linked breast cancer with men and women working as radio operators, electricians, telephone repair people and other jobs involving exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Chemicals. Army enlisted women younger than under 35…

If you think breast cancer is just something for your grandmother, mom and aunts to worry about, think again. Not only is breast cancer striking relatively young military women at alarming rates, but male service members, veterans and their dependents are at risk, as well.

More evidence of wireless radiation causing cancer?

Harmed by Military Wireless Radiation.

The hurt continues with the installation of a smart meter.

I don t know what signal it is, but I suffer extreme EHS, and subsequent illnesses from the RFR whether it s EMR or EMF. My ears are always ringing now, and hardly get any peace. I use to judge the tinnitus, which varies in zinging, or screeching or humming at different levels. I used a scale of ten-out-of-ten, but now since the introduction of the EM1000 meter and there appears to be an increased usage of Wi Fi in our retirement village. I now judge the scale of thirty-out-of-ten, which indicates the extreme level that I am suffering. At the same time, I experience extreme heating, burning, tingling sensations all over my body, and much more severe on the exposed parts. I suffer all the symptoms of EHS.

I worked in the Army Communications Network for 21 years, and worked amongst the most dangerous HF, VHF, EHF, and UFH transmitters known to man. While serving in Vietnam during the war (1968/69) I suffered extreme symptoms of ES, which were put down to the war environment. When I arrived home at the end of my tour (1969), my health began to suffer, and didn t become extreme until the introduction of mobile phones and towers (late 1990s; and now the DECT phones and Wi Fi communications and hotspots fad has made my life a misery.

In October 1970, eight months after my return from Vietnam I was hospitalised with a an extreme form of encephamyolitis, but I now believe that it was caused from the transmitter that I was working on during an Army exercise. And during the last ten years of my service, I encountered unusual phenomena causing heart palpitations and semi-blackouts of becoming giddy for no apparent reason.

After I retired from the Army in 1980, my symptoms continued and I had further hospitalisations for ENT surgery to remove excessive tissue build-up (1984 & 1994), peritonitis and nearly died (2003), removal of 25mm tumour from my pancreas and was hospitalised for 53 days (2004), prostrate operation, hip replacement, and multiple heart bypass operation.

I believe that all of these illnesses were of an insidious nature and not from living a bad or unhealthy life, but from the environment that I worked within the Army working with 100w to 1kw HF transmitters and microwave EHF and UHF equipment and devices.

After retirement from the Army I lived in areas surrounded by high-tension power lines and transformers directly outside of our home or close by.

Here we are in 2012, and I have watched all my mates die from all forms of cancers, which no doubt was from their radiated life within EMR and EMF environment of the Army Communications Network.

Two of my mates are now at the end of their life from leukaemia and failing hearts. Two other mates have died in the last four weeks of similar health problems, and I can account for at least 100 deaths of my Army mates of similar illnesses over the past two decades.

From my own research into the figures of the consistency of similar deaths of Army Corps of Signals members of 28% compared to civilians working in the same environment, or other Corps of the Army of 8%.

I believe the man-pack wireless sets caused many forms of cancer masses on the lungs of those signallers who carried them on their backs. I have a mass on my left lung.

Since the installation of the EM1000 by our energy company soon after having solar panels installed upon our roof, my health deteriorated even further. The energy company claimed that the new power metre they placed into our power box wasn t a SMART metre. 18 months later my health has deteriorated from severe to extreme, and I assume that there is a form of Power Line Communications that is feeding back into the house wiring and possible increasing the DE frequencies into the house wiring.

Last summer strange phenomena began in our bedroom when the ceiling fan was turned “ON”. On the hour of the hour or half-hour I would hear Morse code emitting out of the ceiling fan. It was readable Morse code, but didn t make any sense, as it was a jumble of letter, figures, and symbols. I contacted the energy company they said that it was an electricity control signal that they transmitted down the power lines, and the sound could be removed by connecting a filter to the ceiling fan or power distribution board of our home.

I believe that the energy company is covering up the SMART metre usage, even though PLC seems to be so.

I realise that all digital meters are electronic, but I believe the energy company is calling them such to wave away any SMART metre controversy. If the EM1000 is using microcontroller chip that has a low clock frequencies of 1 MHz or less (even down to less than 100 kHz) to minimise power use, then that could be a reason why I am not getting a reading on my metres. I also use an ED65 Electrosmog (Cornet) metre with the Trifield.

Since, the EM1000 has been installed I haven t seen anyone reading the metres manually.

Thank you for reading my letter.


George Parker

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Smart Meters & EMR, The Health Crisis Of Our Time

An excellent video detailing the harm that is being caused by wireless radiation.

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Ideally, first, I d research what scientists find about Wi-Fi’s health and environmental effects. I d talk with people who d had it installed and people who d opted to…

”Wi Fi Technology Explained in a Simple Manner”

A simple and important explanation of Wi-Fi technology for parents, teachers and administrators.

It is about 5 minutes long and explains the ins and outs of the technology very well as well as incorporating the health warning contained in the Swisscom patent.


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