The ‘Euphoric’ Economy And Why ‘They’ Didn’t See It Coming

The ‘Euphoric’ Economy And Why ‘They’ Didn’t See It Coming (ZeroHedge, Aug 28, 2012):

We are often asked for glossaries or background posts to help in the comprehension of how-we-got-here?, where-here-is?, and where-we-are-going? We hope that our posts, while diverse in nature, build upon one another and provide an educational platform for all levels of market/economy participant (active traders, passive investors, and working / non-working citizens alike) but as far as a succinct primer on how broken the status quo is and the ‘euphoric’ economy that very few could see through their Keynesian “debt doesn’t matter” blinders, Steve Keen’s introductory lecture at UWS is perhaps the most complete soup-to-nuts discussion we have seen recently. From the OECD’s total ignorance to Bernanke’s ‘Great Moderation’ miss; from economic ‘religion’ to science; and from Keynes to Minksy, Keen explains, in language even Chuck Schumer could understand, how more debt doesn’t solve too much debt, how stability breeds instability, and why the US won’t be finished deleveraging until 2025 (at this rate).

This brief lecture seems extremely apropos given we appear to be on the eve of yet another embarkation on the Keynesian ‘stimulate’ experiment – as everyone waits with baited breath for the next morsel of Fed/ECB/BoE/BoJ/PBOC juice…


Given the Australian audience, and the purpose of the clip, there is some ‘selling’ of his University course but quite frankly, his discussion of the various ‘players’ in the field of economics over time provides not just a ‘reading’ program but critically the concept that economics is not in equilibrium but is dynamic – as if common sense hadn’t already persuaded you of this…

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  1. Thank you again for yet another intelligent article on a subject the world media ignores. Your work is much appreciated.


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