Eurozone: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts And Max Keiser: ‘All Big Banks In Europe Are Technically Insolvent’ – ‘Entire Globe Is Now Headed Into Depression’ (Video)

(No such thing as man made global warming Max.)

YouTube Added: 09.08.2012


France, back in a recession for the 2nd time in 3 years. Italy’s economy contracting point seven percent in the last quarter: And for the powerhouse, Germany: its Industrial, construction and manufacturing all slumped for June: The euro- zone debt crisis continues to threaten the survival of the 17-nation currency bloc, affecting non-Eurozone members, like the UK, where the Bank of England said it did not expect the UK to grow out of a recession. But the more alarming picture: the lack of growth, whether its for each country, developing countries, or the global economy as a whole.

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