Actual Fukushima Worker ‘Happy11311’ To Leave Fukushima: ‘I’m More Frightened By The Pollen Than Radiation Dose Or Contamination’

Actual Fukushima worker “Happy11311? will leave Fukushima (Fukushima Diary, Mar 29, 2012):

One of the most important sources “Happy11311? , an actual Fukushima worker tweeted that he is going to leave Fukushima.


— ???? (@Happy11311) March 29, 2012


been having farewell parties for these continuous 3 days. Today’s main character is me. setting off now.


The reason is know mentioned.

He also tweeted he is still concerned about the risk of pollen.


— ???? (@Happy11311) March 28, 2012


Today’s Fukushima site was quiet. I wonder if the workers decreased because there is least things to do as I expected.. I’m more frightened by the pollen than radiation dose or contamination.


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