Whistleblower: ‘Reactor 4 Is Like A Inverse Pyramid, Very Unstable And Dangerous’ – TEPCO Admits It Can’t Stop Reactor 4 Water Leakage

Whistle-blower “Reactor 4 is inverse pyramid, very unstable and dangerous.” (Fukushima Diary, Feb. 3, 2012):

A Japanese journalist (a former secretary of Japanese prime minister) tweeted about reactor 4.


Tonight, (1/31/2012), a diet lawmaker asked me to take a contact with a Tepco manager who whistle-blew about the situation of the SFP of reactor 4. He is from an engineering department. I took contact with the whistle-blower immediately. More people are concerned about the situation of reactor 4.

He also tweeted about what he whistle-blew.


A Tepco manager from engineering department showed this map of the fifth top floor of reactor 4. This is confidential.
When 311 happened, it was in periodic checkup, large cranes or other heavy facilities were gathered too much. The weight constitution is inverse pyramid, very unstable and dangerous.

The confidential map is below.

Cracking reactor 4 (Fukushima Diary, Feb. 4, 2012):

Following up this article ..Cold weather destroys water cooling system

Tepco admitted they can not stop water leakage from reactor4, SFP, and pool for the reactor facility which are all connected to each other.
They assert those facilities are all full but water decreases twice as fast as usual from the pool to accept water overflown.
The leaking water is contaminated. It is assumed to flow into the basement floor of reactor4.
Tepco analyzes it’s because pipes are frozen and damaged, had their employees find the leaking part.


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On Reactor 4:

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Prof. Hayakawa of Gunma University:

‘If you don’t educate yourself now and fast, you’ll die.’

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