Dr. Dörte Siedentopf, MD: ‘The Worst Thing Is That Authorities Haven’t Learned Anything From Chernobyl’ – ‘I Am Speechless About The Handling Of The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster’ – ‘The People Have Been Systematically Lied To’ – ‘One Can Only Feel Helpless Rage’


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Silent Death – Horror Scenario Awaits Japan (The Low-Level Radiation Myth Exposed):

Does that mean that NOW 25 years after Chernobyl those people are getting seriously ill who were back then exposed to low-level radiation?

Yes, indeed. Those who have been adults back then survived 25 years and are NOW getting sick. We call it the silent death. Those who have been children back then got sick a lot earlier – often times with fatal consequences.

How do I have to imagine life in those contaminated areas?

Life? Above all there is death, silent death, mainly cancer. People die of all sorts of diseases related to Strontium, affecting for example the heart muscle, whose energy becomes dysfunctional. We have studies from Belarus documenting that already 2-year-old to 4-year-old children die of acute heart failure. It does not have to be cancer. The people die of kidney and liver failure and all kinds of blood diseases, also known as ‘Chernobyl AIDS’.

Dörte Siedentopf is a member of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which is a non-partisan federation of national medical groups in 63 countries, representing tens of thousands of doctors, medical students, other health workers, and concerned citizens who share the common goal of creating a more peaceful and secure world freed from the threat of nuclear annihilation. The organization’s headquarters is in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Ghost town of Pripyat in the Ukraine: The residents were evacuated after the disaster forever.
Geisterstadt Pripjat in der Ukraine: Die Bewohner wurden nach dem Unglück für immer evakuiert.

Terrible Google translation (Original article in German below.):

Doctor with social responsibility

The hot stone (TAZ, Dec. 26, 2011):

The doctor Dörte Siedentopf organized recreation for 20 years stays for Chernobyl children. She is bewildered about how it is deal with Fukushima.

Dr. Dorte Siedentopf born in 1942 in Oldenburg, school attendance and high school there, and from 1961 studied medicine in Würzburg, Berlin, Gottingen. 1966 examination, promotion 1968th 1967 marriage, two children, then from 1970 in Hesse Dietzenbach active private practice as a physician in general medicine and psychotherapy in community practice. Since 2003, retired.

It is (since its foundation in 1981) a member of the IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, doctors in social responsibility). She initiated the installation of “stumbling blocks” in Dietzenbach and founded in the early 90s, the “Friends Kostjukovitschi e. V. Dietz Bach, among others, sent twice a year, relief shipments to Belarus, with medical equipment, clothing, bicycles, sewing machines, computers, etc.

For 20 years, are organized for children of Chernobyl recovery stays in Germany. Hospitable Dietzenbacher families rely on every summer White Russian children. The Friends has now been closed, many members and many friends in Kostjukovitschi. A number of enterprising helpers circle of friends will take care of everything, even to the collection of monetary and material donations. Since 2009, ending 23 Anniversary of Chernobyl is a city partnership. Dr. Siedentopf is married to a physician, both children have studied medicine. Her father was a country doctor, her mother a housewife and a teacher.


Dr. Siedentopf welcomes us into her small rooftop apartment in early December in Berlin Pankow proximity of a park. Over tea and biscuits, she tells us about their relief activities and experiences.

“The worst thing is that the organizers have learned nothing from Chernobyl. I’m speechless over the handling of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, which is still larger than that of Chernobyl. Furthermore, the government’s evacuation zone does not increase accordingly, and women and children has not brought immediately to the south of the country in safety, one can only feel helpless rage. Instead, the population systematically lied to, they will not or are misinformed about the real dangers. This is completely irresponsible. What’s coming on now because the Japanese to diseases and problems, this is impossible. And the company policy and nuclear industry really buying into everything! Worldwide!

Using the example of Chernobyl to the extent you can carry around in front of eyes. Many people think that’s a long time since the Chernobyl disaster is a past through which you can read on Wikipedia. But the people in the radioactively contaminated areas from 1986 to today live with Chernobyl. The consequences do not yield. Unlike natural disasters, they take the time to take off – and for the next 300 years, at least. I go after yet about it later “(See also the report of the” Society for Radiation Protection “and IPPNW:” The health consequences of Chernobyl, 20 years after the nuclear disaster “, note GG).

People lived for decades in the contaminated area

“Before, I want to briefly say something about the causes and why we have decided to relief efforts in Belarus. It is true that most of the contaminated area in Belarus lies. 70 percent of the radioactivity came down on the former Soviet republic of Belarus. A quarter of the land area was contaminated. About 15 kilometers from the reactor, the Belarusian border.

And as the wind, the cloud then moved to Moscow, as has the additional benefit can be quickly rain down artificially, with Silberjodit. Of course, without informing the population. In early May, with wonderful weather, came suddenly down a sticky, yellow rain, what people say. It has left the population in the dark for years, there were only resettlements, orders, appeasement. Dosimeters were strictly forbidden.

Particularly affected were the Gomel and Mogilev. In Mogilev region is also the town Kostjukovitschi in which I’ve been driving for 20 years. These two areas were contaminated a large area and about a million people had to be resettled, this one had only once in the cities and counties to build houses. To Minsk around a huge city has been built. Many people lived ten years in the contaminated areas until they could move into new homes, and many still live on contaminated land and agriculture drive.

Must pay for everything ever since the demise of the Soviet Union, the Belarusian government. Been resettled alone in ‘our’ circle are 8,000 people. 26 villages were demolished and buried. Many villages in the contaminated areas are empty, some are in old people or war veterans returning from Chechnya or Afghanistan, who can not live in the city.

There are comparable in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. People living in the old villages, no electricity, no tap water and provide for themselves as best they can. Everywhere there is sandy soil, as in Berlin – the birch trees go from here to Moscow. The groundwater is very low, ie, when the radioactivity drops 2 inches per year in the sandy soil, then so is now arrived at 50 inches and not far removed from the groundwater.

Half of the budget

It has also been enormous changes there. The cost of Belarus, including the health, were immense. The whole earth works, in the ten or fifteen years have been made after Chernobyl, the decontamination of the Schoolyards, the entire ablation – what do I know where they have brought that. So to all that the State has paid for Belarus. I think half of its budget has gone into the elimination of consequences of Chernobyl.

And one day, could not and would meet the relatively generous rules from Soviet times not continue. That is why President Lukashenko Chernobyl has virtually declared as obsolete as museum-like event. There are going out of the formerly contaminated Belarusian areas no more danger, was officially declared.

Until 20 years after the disaster, there had still given incentives, there was a so-called coffin paid money to people who had their identity as liquidators. But even people who were relocated, had a claim. These payments were largely discontinued. There was not much money, but it still was free medical care, which has now been abolished. And the recognition of certain diseases, as a result of Chernobyl, is no longer taken for granted.

Nearly a million clean-up workers’ – mostly young men – were used at Chernobyl and its surroundings. A large part of them came from Belarus. Today, most liquidators disabled, have lung and thyroid cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the kidneys, the gastrointestinal area, leukemia and even mental illness. Approximately 100,000 have so far died, aged between 40 and 50 years. Many committed suicide. And as was just said, Chernobyl is over. There have been protests in Minsk. And right now, has been protesting in Kiev again, with a hunger strike by the liquidators against the stark cuts that the Ukraine has made to pensions and benefits.

In the villages are the low cost

In Belarus, for example, was concerned for the free kindergarten, the school food was free, the children also received special vitamins, and cures – they get it now even, once per year, but otherwise everything was scaled back. Also, the vitamin-rich food for the schools and kindergartens. So the card, which they all, they have shown us, but does not actually. All former claims are deleted.

If you already have very little and is still sick, then is the impact of the cuts and cuts very sensitive. Right now they have again – as every year – increases local levies, ie water and heat. And the heat for the city, for the big houses and blocks, which runs in the winter in uninsulated pipes on the field, as is already lost a lot of what needs to be so well paid. That is why many people prefer to live in the villages, where they can reduce their costs.

The high public debt, which restricts and oppresses all people, is certainly the one hand caused by Chernobyl, but also by massive mismanagement. There is a hyper-inflation in Belarus, which are currently about 113 percent. The average salary is 150 euros a month bis300. Working abroad is not allowed.

No opposition is tolerated

The boundaries of the new EU member states Poland, Latvia, Lithuania for Belarusians are tight. But it’s not just the money, the threat of state bankruptcy, there is also a tremendous inability to actually build anything in 20 years in government at all, in democracy. No opposition is tolerated. Yet it comes to protest demonstrations. So also against the outrageous decision to build a nuclear plant.

Belarus has no nuclear power plants. But immediately after Fukushima Lukashenko has said he wants to build one now, with Russian help in Ostrowez, 20 km from the Lithuanian border. The contract has since been sealed by Lukashenko and Putin. It will cost more than 5 billion euros, said the NPP is to be modern and perfectly safe, clean and affordable energy supply and create jobs, all these propaganda stories. As the nuclear industry in East and West is the same.

So those are just the hint of external conditions. Many things I know from personal experience. Has started this way: We have time, 1990 – participated in a group trip to Minsk for reconciliation and international understanding – after glasnost and perestroika. The event was a church, working group peace ‘in Bonn / Bad Godesberg. ”

(The Republic of Belarus suffered most from the attack of the German Wehrmacht in the Soviet Union, under the atrocities of military and special operations groups. After three years of occupation, the country was ravaged and plundered, it lost many inhabitants, and almost the entire Jewish population was assassinated. In the vicinity of Minsk the Germans, the largest death camp built on Soviet soil. Note GG)

“That I was also interesting because my father for many years … there are letters from Brest. Brest Fortress. There are pictures … even in the hospital. It was just, what’s it called? Army Group Centre, one of the hospitals, which they as had. letters and pictures … and as he was so … Somehow I always thought I have to see the times. We have never talked to him about, of course, all these things. And in 1963 he then died, a malignant disease as well. I know only my mother rumored that he once said, ‘If we lose the war, then God help us!’ ”

The children with the scars

Dr. Siedentopf has again caught and goes on:.. “We have looked at everything, even the former ghetto And by chance we have visited five doctors from the group and then a clinic outside of Minsk since recovered children treated were for thyroid cancer. These were the first victims, we saw, in a former convalescent home for officers. All the children were pale and with a red scar on the neck.

Since we are the only become clear that Chernobyl is not over. A doctor then told us that they could not really help so much reconciliation and understanding among nations, but that they need real medical help. If we want to help, we will go to the provinces, the major hospitals in Minsk are already relatively well supplied. Since the Frankfurt University Hospital was dedicated. And we got an address and told to consider the times we. And soon after we went to second after Kostjukovitschi. It is located about 180 kilometers in a straight line from Chernobyl, in the east of Belarus.

My city has 35,000 inhabitants Dietzenbach, about as many as Kostjukovitschi. We visited there, the chief doctor in an old hospital in 1905, it was incredible, barracks, then spread on the ground, without anything. He showed us everything, and then we got pregnant the pharmacist know Larissa, which is still our reliable connection wife and girlfriend. She showed us the pharmacy, which was also very poorly equipped. There was a lack of association funds to supplies. For children, it said, there are no cones. She could also not produce itself, because it lacked the crude cocoa butter.

And why you do not have eyes and ear drops? There is no dropper bottle, she said. And since then our project started, first with medical help. It was about the sequelae of Chernobyl, so as to be somewhat helpful. And with these people, the chief physician, the pharmacist and not a pediatrician, then we have actually ten years had a very intensive medical project.

We have sent for the pharmacy project – or placed – what was needed to substances. You have it processed there itself. The children were then free suppositories or very cheaply made. Important assistance was also gynecological preparations, suppositories woman. After ten years, this was no longer possible because the drug allocation was centralized, the pharmacies and retail outlets were only allowed to produce anything themselves.

At that early time had already begun, that children were invited to Germany. In 1990 the first children invited to rest stays in the GDR. The Russian and yes there could have been contacts. In 1991, then started with us. Our city has said they will take over the financing of 50 children from the Chernobyl area for a vacation in the Taunus. But I said, let them take our children and families in Kostjukovitschi Dietzenbach should deal with the issue.

I was about 40 times in Belarus

And it was then made, with two or three years there, the city financed and then our ‘Friends Kostjukovitschi e. V.’, who then founded and legally, so the donations we were able to settle properly. Families and children have language difficulties, and despite being a stranger very quickly made friends with each other. Many of these friendships have survived over the years. To date, more than 900 children and 250 adults were in Dietzenbach our guests. Many friendly return visits have taken place. And since I’m about 40-times been in Belarus.

From the first year we actually always have – lack of collected objects for everyday life in this society of lack – in addition to medical assistance. Only in my practice, then later we got their own rooms. There were sent packets, drive it twice yearly shipments by truck, we collected everything, clothes, bicycles, sewing machines, toys, musical instruments, computers, sports equipment, etc. If we heard around us there as well, which is so used, an art school wanted a kiln .

A nursing home in the village took everything: beds, mattresses, bedding, clothes, carpets, furniture, dishes, etc. Since we were very committed, there was also a means for the President’s doctor, because every now and then goes, deck, appliances . Or even for pediatricians, we have sent stethoscopes and ear level, where it was missing, or speculation, with which one looks in the nose, things like that. Oh yes, small mirrors, with which you look into the larynx, we sent. But they are always made after a year already blind, and we asked what do they do it. Were sterilized in the sterilization of the general who made the broken mirror. Then we have procured a small sterilizer own, and then from there it went.

Another project are kindergartens. We went into the villages and have seen that they have nothing material to educational institution. Not even building blocks or dolls carriages. With the next transport, we have sent you as a basic configuration. And when I came back twice, in the winter, there were only three children there. And they told me no, not the sick, the parents can not pay, we are indeed a resettlement village, but the aid has been deleted.

And in winter, the parents retain any work on the collective farms, because they, the children at home. So we have then assumed the costs, and it came to many other preschools. The, the smallest we currently fund, which is one of five children. They live in a place where there are no more. Collective farm is gone, school is gone, is only the kindergarten there. And very important for kindergarten children, there are several meals, rich in vitamins, healthy food.

Now I will come to the health, over which one gets to hear anything here wisely. It is important that you realize times: with the distance to the event, the consequences for the human and biological life always catastrophic. The media and our governments want to see any more than Lukashenko, who declared the event by a decision of a museum.

The hidden mothers

After Chernobyl, there have been several catastrophic waves. The first was a hand Adults: Liquidators, doctors, people who went to the contaminated villages, and the people there too. Since many are soon died of cancer. And then the other, were equally the children affected. In this comparison there is iodine deficiency Belarus – they have no coast like the Japanese, fortunately – and so was the radioactive iodine taken up massively from the child’s thyroid. It has a short half-life, so that’s been taken in the first ten days.

Attempts have been made after Chernobyl, abortion in all affected pregnancies. The mothers have, however, partially hidden. And right in the following year there were in these children thyroid cancer. A disease that did not exist at pre-Chernobyl children. 4000 cases of thyroid cancer among children in Belarus are officially confirmed to be operated on, are radiotherapy, and the need to take hormones for life, otherwise they become cretins. But they should really get for free, even today, 25 years after that, and also in case of malfunctions that occurred later.

We have now increased for the next generation occurring blood diseases. We say: CHERNOBYL raging in the GENES. And the next 300 years is because strontium and cesium have a half life of 30 years and multiplied by 10. This is the rule of thumb. Seven to eight generations, at least. Not to mention the plutonium has a half life of 24,000 years. One problem is diabetes in children and adults. Particularly in newborns. That did not used to.

And it is so that the state buys two types of insulin, and therefore must come to all. But children need at least a third variety, and there is not, unless it is NGOs worry about it. Who also run the lack of education. Another problem are eye disorders in children, cataracts. And there was an increase of breast cancer in women, many of them died within five years. Could it be that radiation-induced cancer is much more virulent than an everyday cancer that develops?

The number of birth defects has increased. Abortion is a big issue. Pregnancy prevention costs money, which hardly anyone can afford. That’s a big problem. And there are other, the problem of infertile couples. In Kostjukovitschi there are 30 percent unintentionally sterile marriages. Another story is the growth of malignant tumors, the 6 – to develop, 9-year-olds now -, 7 -, 8. Brain tumors, bone tumors.

Another big problem: In the contaminated regions to heal wounds any more, it was dramatic. The reason is an immune deficiency, because the radioactive strontium incorporates into the bone and stays there. In the blood and bone is formed, it is constantly exposed! It is then, as in AIDS, vaccines that do not address, because no antibodies are formed anymore. Including increase of polio, despite vaccination. And there is an increase of tuberculosis, as well as to address the immunization and not the people just have a bad diet. Moreover, many of their vegetables watered with rain water and gather mushrooms and berries in autumn that are highly contaminated still.

Damaged cells

The number of disabled children with mental and physical damage is a direct consequence of radiation exposure. You have the time to make clear that the women are indeed the ovaries already invested in its embryonic stage, a large amount of cells develop into Eierfollikeln, 8 million. And all damage to the mother get from these cells. The placenta has a protective barrier, and can be calculated as the radioactivity concentrated, so to speak. The damaged eggs can not be repaired. 1 to 2 million are there at birth. During puberty or about 400,000. And that may already be damaged in the womb with the corresponding consequences of pregnancy.

And another thing is very important to know: In terms of genetic damage and cancer incidence, etc., are all consequences of low-level radiation, and that is something other than the radiation poisoning of the liquidators. Something that is constantly denied by the authorities.

The damage to the organs by incorporated artificial radionuclides, because the short-wave radiation to blame. When cell damage caused by radioactivity, the cell has four options. First: The cell dies immediately. 2nd: The function of the cell is destroyed. 3rd: The cell degenerates and it develops into cancer. 4th: The cell can repair itself. This can only adult cells. Embryos have no repair mechanisms, including children, the cells can not. They are growing again and parts, and gradually they get their repair mechanism. And that’s why children are so very vulnerable. And for these reasons, all pregnant women and children would have to be immediately taken away from Fukushima!

The nuclear industry, which is again a dimension that we can not assess because so many economic interests put so much money behind it. What we can estimate, however, is that they and their lobbyists – which include the policy and the relevant organizations are – are absolutely cynical and act accordingly. It starts already with the limits. Even in the Ukraine and Belarus are lower limits than ours.

There is simply no binding independent body in the world. The WHO has only one person who deals with radiation! But she has to say yes anyway. Radiation in matters she has an absolute muzzle. Since the Treaty of 1957, it is the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) assumed and suppressed any real message about the radiation danger. We must condemn this, this subordination of the WHO under the IAEA, this adhesion contract. IPPNW calls for termination of this Agreement! Perhaps WHO can then finally the one article of its constitution to meet:. All peoples to achieve the best possible health status help ”

The Food Watch report of the IPPNW (August 2011, German section), formulated perfectly clear: the setting of limits is ultimately “a decision on the tolerable number of deaths.”


Ärztin mit sozialer Verantwortung

Der heiße Stein (TAZ, Dec. 26, 2011):

Die Ärztin Dörte Siedentopf organisiert seit 20 Jahren Erholungsaufenthalte für Tschernobyl-Kinder. Sie ist fassungslos über den Umgang mit Fukushima.

Dr. med. Dörte Siedentopf, geboren 1942 in Oldenburg, daselbst Schulbesuch und Abitur, ab 1961 Studium der Humanmedizin in Würzburg, Berlin, Göttingen. 1966 Examen, Promotion 1968. 1967 Heirat, zwei Kinder, ab 1970 dann im hessischen Dietzenbach tätig als niedergelassene Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin und Psychotherapie in Gemeinschaftspraxis. Seit 2003 im Ruhestand.

Sie ist (seit der Gründung 1981) Mitglied im IPPNW (Internationale Ärzte für die Verhütung des Atomkrieges, Ärzte in sozialer Verantwortung). Sie initiierte die Verlegung von “Stolpersteinen” in Dietzenbach und gründete Anfang der 90er Jahre den “Freundeskreis Kostjukovitschi e. V. Dietzenbach, der u. a. zweimal jährlich Hilfstransporte nach Weißrussland schickt, mit medizinischem Gerät, Kleidung, Fahrrädern, Nähmaschinen, Computern usw.

Seit 20 Jahren werden für Tschernobyl-Kinder Erholungsaufenthalte in Deutschland organisiert. Gastfreundliche Dietzenbacher Familien nehmen jeden Sommer weißrussische Kinder auf. Der Freundeskreis hat inzwischen zahlreiche Mitglieder und viele Freundschaften in Kostjukovitschi geschlossen. Eine Reihe von tatkräftigen Helferinnen und Helfern des Freundeskreises kümmert sich um alles, auch um das Einsammeln von Geld- und Sachspenden. Seit 2009, zum 23. Jahrestag von Tschernobyl, besteht eine Städtepartnerschaft. Frau Dr. Siedentopf ist verheiratet mit einem Mediziner, auch beide Kinder haben Medizin studiert. Ihr Vater war Landarzt, ihre Mutter Hausfrau und Lehrerin.


Frau Dr. Siedentopf empfängt uns in ihrer kleinen Berliner Dachwohnung Anfang Dezember in Pankow am Bürgerpark. Bei Tee und Keksen erzählt sie uns von ihren Hilfsaktivitäten und Erfahrungen.

“Das Schlimmste ist, dass die Verantwortlichen nichts gelernt haben aus Tschernobyl. Ich bin fassungslos über den Umgang mit der Reaktorkatastrophe in Fukushima, die ja noch umfangreicher ist als die von Tschernobyl. Darüber, dass die Regierung die Evakuierungszone nicht entsprechend ausgeweitet und Frauen und Kinder nicht sofort in den Süden des Landes in Sicherheit gebracht hat, kann man nur hilflose Wut empfinden. Stattdessen wird die Bevölkerung systematisch belogen, sie wird gar nicht oder falsch informiert über die wirklichen Gefahren. Das ist vollkommen unverantwortlich. Was da jetzt auf die Japaner zukommt, an Erkrankungen und Problemen, das ist unvorstellbar. Und das nehmen Politik und Atomwirtschaft wirklich alles in Kauf! Weltweit!

Am Beispiel von Tschernobyl kann man sich das Ausmaß in etwa vor Augen führen. Viele Leute denken, das ist lange her, Tschernobyl ist eine vergangene Katastrophe, über die man auf Wikipedia nachlesen kann. Aber die Menschen in den radioaktiv verseuchten Gebieten leben von 1986 bis heute mit Tschernobyl. Die Folgen lassen nicht nach. Anders als bei Naturkatastrophen, nehmen sie mit der Zeit zu statt ab – und das für die nächsten 300 Jahre, mindestens. Ich gehe nachher noch genauer darauf ein.” (Siehe dazu auch den Bericht der “Gesellschaft für Strahlenschutz ” u. IPPNW: “Gesundheitliche Folgen von Tschernobyl, 20 Jahre nach der Reaktor- Katastrophe”, Anm. G.G.)

Menschen lebten Jahrzehnte im verstrahlten Gebiet

“Vorher will ich noch kurz etwas zu den Ursachen sagen und weshalb wir uns zu einer Hilfsaktion in Weißrussland entschieden haben. Es ist so, dass der größte Teil des verstrahlten Gebietes in Weißrussland liegt. 70 Prozent der Radioaktivität ging nieder auf die damalige Sowjetrepublik Weißrussland. Ein Viertel der Landesfläche wurde verstrahlt. Etwa 15 Kilometer vom Reaktor entfernt ist die weißrussische Grenze.

Und als der Wind die Wolke dann Richtung Moskau bewegte, da hat man zusätzlich noch schnell künstlich abregnen lassen, mit Silberjodit. Natürlich ohne die Bevölkerung zu informieren. Anfang Mai, bei wunderschönem Wetter, kam plötzlich ein klebriger, gelber Regen runter, erzählen die Leute. Man hat die Bevölkerung jahrelang im Unklaren gelassen, es gab nur Umsiedelungen, Anordnungen, Beschwichtigungen. Dosimeter waren strengstens verboten.

Besonders betroffen waren die Gebiete Gomel und Mogiljow. Im Mogiljower Gebiet liegt auch das Städtchen Kostjukovitschi, in das ich seit 20 Jahren fahre. Diese beiden Gebiete wurden großflächig verstrahlt und etwa eine Million Menschen mussten umgesiedelt werden, dazu musste man erst mal in den Großstädten und Bezirken Häuser bauen. Um Minsk herum ist eine riesige Stadt gebaut worden. Viele Leute lebten zehn Jahre auf den verstrahlten Gebieten, bis sie neue Wohnungen beziehen konnten, und viele leben immer noch auf kontaminiertem Boden und treiben Landwirtschaft.

Für alles muss ja, seit dem Untergang der Sowjetunion, der weißrussische Staat aufkommen. Allein in ,unserem’ Kreis sind 8.000 Menschen umgesiedelt worden. 26 Dörfer wurden abgetragen und eingegraben. Viele Dörfer in den verstrahlten Gebieten stehen leer, in einige sind alte Leute zurückgekehrt oder auch Kriegsveteranen aus Tschetschenien oder Afghanistan, die nicht in der Stadt leben können.

Vergleichbares gibt es in der Sperrzone um Tschernobyl herum. Menschen leben in den alten Dörfern, ohne Strom, ohne Leitungswasser und versorgen sich selbst, so gut sie können. Dort ist überall sandiger Boden, wie in Berlin – die Birken gehen von hier bis nach Moskau. Das Grundwasser ist sehr niedrig, d. h., wenn die Radioaktivität 2 Zentimeter pro Jahr in den sandigen Boden sinkt, dann ist die also jetzt bei 50 Zentimeter angekommen und nicht mehr weit entfernt vom Grundwasser.

Die Hälfte des Haushalts

Es hat also gewaltige Umwälzungen gegeben dort. Die Kosten für Weißrussland, auch die gesundheitlichen, waren immens. Die ganzen Erdarbeiten, die in den zehn, fünfzehn Jahren nach Tschernobyl gemacht worden sind, die Dekontaminierung der Schulhöfe, die ganzen Abtragungen – was weiß ich, wohin sie das gebracht haben. Also das alles hat der Staat Belarus bezahlt. Ich glaube, die Hälfte seines Haushalts ist in die Beseitigung von Tschernobyl-Folgen geflossen.

Und eines Tages konnte und wollte man die vergleichsweise großzügigen Regelungen aus sowjetischen Zeiten nicht weiterhin erfüllen. Deshalb hat Präsident Lukaschenko Tschernobyl quasi als überwunden erklärt, als museales Ereignis. Es gehen von den ehemals verstrahlten weißrussischen Gebieten keine Gefahren mehr aus, wurde offiziell erklärt.

Bis 20 Jahre nach der Katastrophe hatte es immer noch Vergünstigungen gegeben, es wurde ein sogenanntes Sarggeld bezahlt, an Leute, die als Liquidatoren ihren Ausweis hatten. Aber auch Leute, die umgesiedelt wurden, hatten einen Anspruch. Diese Zahlungen wurden weitgehend eingestellt. Es war nicht viel Geld, aber dazu kam noch kostenfreie medizinische Versorgung, die jetzt auch abgeschafft wurde. Und die Anerkennung bestimmter Krankheiten, als Folge von Tschernobyl, ist auch nicht mehr selbstverständlich.

Fast eine Million ,Aufräumarbeiter’ – meist junge Männer – wurden in Tschernobyl und Umgebung eingesetzt. Ein großer Teil von ihnen kam aus Weißrussland. Heute sind die meisten Liquidatoren invalide, haben Lungen- und Schilddrüsenkrebs, Herz-Kreislauf-Krankheiten, Erkrankungen der Nieren, des Magen-Darm-Bereichs, Leukämie und auch psychische Erkrankungen. Etwa 100.000 sind bislang gestorben, im Alter zwischen 40 und 50 Jahren. Viele begingen Selbstmord. Und da wurde einfach gesagt, Tschernobyl ist vorbei. Es hat Proteste gegeben in Minsk. Und gerade jetzt ist in Kiew wieder protestiert worden, mit einem Hungerstreik der Liquidatoren, gegen die krassen Einschnitte, die auch die Ukraine an Renten und Vergünstigungen vorgenommen hat.

In den Dörfern sind die Kosten niedriger

In Weißrussland war zum Beispiel für Betroffene der Kindergarten kostenlos, das Schulessen war kostenlos, die Kinder bekamen auch besondere Vitamine, und Kuren – die bekommen sie zwar jetzt auch noch, einmal pro Jahr, aber ansonsten wurde alles zurückgefahren. Auch das vitaminreiche Essen für die Schulen und Kindergärten. Also der Ausweis, den sie alle haben, den haben sie uns gezeigt, aber der gilt eigentlich nicht mehr. Alle ehemaligen Ansprüche sind gestrichen.

Wenn man ohnehin nur wenig hat und auch noch krank ist, dann wirken sich die Streichungen und Kürzungen sehr empfindlich aus. Jetzt gerade haben sie wieder – wie jedes Jahr – die kommunalen Abgaben erhöht, also Wasser und Wärme. Und die Wärme für die Stadt, für die großen Häuser und Blocks, die läuft im Winter in unisolierten Rohren über das Feld, da geht schon jede Menge verloren, was ja auch bezahlt werden muss. Deswegen leben auch viele Leute lieber in den Dörfern, dort können sie ihre Kosten reduzieren.

Die hohe Staatsverschuldung, die alle Menschen einschränkt und bedrückt, ist sicher einerseits durch Tschernobyl bedingt, aber auch durch massive Misswirtschaft. Es gibt eine Hyperinflation in Belarus, momentan sind das etwa 113 Prozent. Der Durchschnittsverdienst liegt bei 150 bis300 Euro im Monat. Arbeiten im Ausland ist nicht erlaubt.

Keinerlei Opposition wird geduldet

Die Grenzen zu den neuen EU-Mitgliedstaaten Polen, Lettland, Litauen sind dicht für Weißrussen. Aber es ist nicht nur das Geld, der drohende Staatsbankrott, es gibt auch eine ungeheure Unfähigkeit, wirklich in 20 Jahren irgendwas an Staat überhaupt aufzubauen, an Demokratie. Keinerlei Opposition wird geduldet. Dennoch kommt es zu Protestdemonstrationen. So auch gegen den ungeheuerlichen Beschluss, ein AKW zu bauen.

Weißrussland hat kein AKW. Aber unmittelbar nach Fukushima hat Lukaschenko gesagt, er will jetzt eins bauen, mit russischer Hilfe, in Ostrowez, 20 km von der litauischen Grenze entfernt. Der Vertrag wurde inzwischen von Lukaschenko und Putin besiegelt. Es wird mehr als 5 Milliarden Euro kosten, wurde gesagt, das AKW soll modern und vollkommen sicher sein, saubere und preiswerte Energie liefern und Arbeitsplätze schaffen, all diese Propagandageschichten. Da ist die Atomindustrie in Ost und West gleich.

Also das sind so andeutungsweise die äußeren Bedingungen. Vieles kenne ich aus eigener Anschauung. Angefangen hat das so: Wir haben damals, 1990 – nach Glasnost und Perestroika – an einer Gruppenreise nach Minsk für Versöhnung und Völkerverständigung teilgenommen. Veranstalter war ein kirchlicher ,Arbeitskreis Frieden’ in Bonn/Bad Godesberg.”

(Die Republik Weißrussland hatte am meisten unter dem Überfall der deutschen Wehrmacht auf die Sowjetunion zu leiden, unter den Gräueltaten von Militär und Sondereinsatzgruppen. Nach drei Jahren Besetzung war das Land verwüstet und ausgeraubt, es verlor viele Einwohner, und fast die gesamte jüdische Bevölkerung war ermordet. In der Nähe von Minsk errichteten die Deutschen das größte Vernichtungslager auf sowjetischem Boden. Anm. G.G.)

“Das hat mich auch deswegen interessiert, weil mein Vater lange Jahre… es gibt Briefe aus Brest. Festung Brest. Es gibt Bilder…, auch im Lazarett. Das war eben, wie heißt das? Heeresgruppe Mitte, eines der Lazarette, die sie da hatten. Briefe und Bilder… und wie er da so… Irgendwie dachte ich immer, ich muss das mal sehen. Wir haben natürlich nie mit ihm über all diese Dinge geredet. Und 1963 ist er dann gestorben, an einer bösartigen Erkrankung auch. Ich weiß nur noch, meine Mutter kolportierte, dass er mal gesagt hat: ,Wenn wir den Krieg verlieren, dann gnade uns Gott!'”

Die Kinder mit den Narben

Frau Dr. Siedentopf hat sich wieder gefangen und erzählt weiter: “Wir haben alles angeschaut, auch das ehemalige Getto. Und eher zufällig haben wir fünf Ärzte aus der Gruppe dann auch eine Klinik besucht, außerhalb von Minsk. Da erholten sich Kinder, die behandelt wurden nach Schilddrüsenkrebs. Das waren die ersten Opfer, die wir sahen, in einem ehemaligen Erholungsheim für Funktionäre. Alle Kinder waren blass und mit einer roten Narbe am Hals.

Da ist uns das erst klar geworden, dass Tschernobyl nicht vorbei ist. Eine Ärztin sagte uns dann, dass ihnen eigentlich nicht so sehr Versöhnung und Völkerverständigung helfen könnten, sondern dass sie konkrete medizinische Hilfe brauchen. Wenn wir helfen möchten, sollen wir in die Provinz gehen, die großen Kliniken in Minsk seien schon relativ gut versorgt. Da war die Frankfurter Uniklinik engagiert. Und wir bekamen eine Anschrift und sagten, wir überlegen das mal. Und bald darauf sind wir dann zu zweit nach Kostjukovitschi gefahren. Das liegt etwa 180 Kilometer Luftlinie von Tschernobyl entfernt, im Osten Weißrusslands.

Meine Stadt Dietzenbach hat 35.000 Einwohner, etwa so viele wie Kostjukovitschi. Wir besuchten dort den Chefarzt in einem alten Krankenhaus von 1905, es war unglaublich, Baracken, so im Gelände verteilt, ohne irgendwas. Er zeigte uns alles, und wir lernten dann auch die hochschwangere Apothekerin Larissa kennen, die bis heute unsere zuverlässige Verbindungsfrau und auch Freundin ist. Sie zeigte uns ihre Apotheke, die ebenfalls sehr schlecht ausgerüstet war. Es fehlte an Verbandsmitteln, an Verbrauchsmaterial. Für Kinder, hieß es, gibt es keine Zäpfchen. Sie konnte auch keine selbst herstellen, denn es fehlte die Rohsubstanz Kakaobutter.

Und warum macht ihr keine Augen- und Ohrentropfen? Es gibt keine Pipettenfläschchen, erklärte sie. Und da begann dann unser Projekt erst mal mit der medizinischen Hilfe. Es ging um die Folgekrankheiten von Tschernobyl, darum, da irgendwie behilflich zu sein. Und mit diesen Menschen, dem Chefarzt, der Apothekerin und noch einer Kinderärztin, haben wir dann eigentlich zehn Jahre lang ein sehr intensives medizinisches Projekt gehabt.

Wir haben für das Apothekenprojekt geschickt – oder gebracht -, was an Substanzen benötigt wurde. Sie haben es dort selbst verarbeitet. Die Kinderzäpfchen wurden dann kostenlos oder ganz billig abgegeben. Eine wichtige Hilfe waren auch gynäkologische Präparate, Frauenzäpfchen. Nach zehn Jahren war das dann nicht mehr möglich, weil die Medikamentenzuteilung zentralisiert wurde, die Apotheken waren nur noch Verkaufsstellen und durften nichts mehr selbst herstellen.

Zu dieser Anfangszeit hatte das auch schon angefangen, dass Kinder eingeladen wurden nach Deutschland. 1990 waren die ersten Kinder in der DDR eingeladen zu Erholungsaufenthalten. Die konnten dort ja auch Russisch und hatten schon Kontakte. 1991 fing es dann auch bei uns an. Unsere Stadt hat gesagt, sie wird die Finanzierung von 50 Kindern aus der Tschernobyl-Gegend übernehmen für einen Urlaub im Taunus. Aber ich sagte, sie sollen doch Kinder aus Kostjukovitschi nehmen und auch unsere Familien in Dietzenbach sollen sich mit dem Thema beschäftigen.

Ich war etwa 40-mal in Weißrussland

Und so wurde es dann gemacht, wobei zwei, drei Jahre es noch die Stadt finanzierte und danach unser ,Freundeskreis Kostjukovitschi e. V.’, der sich dann auch juristisch gegründet hat, damit wir die Spendengelder richtig abrechnen konnten. Die Familien und die Kinder haben sich trotz Sprachschwierigkeiten und Fremdseins sehr schnell miteinander angefreundet. Viele dieser Freundschaften haben sich erhalten über die Jahre. Bis heute waren mehr als 900 Kinder und 250 Erwachsene in Dietzenbach unsere Gäste. Viele freundschaftliche Gegenbesuche haben stattgefunden. Und ich bin seitdem etwa 40-mal in Weißrussland gewesen.

Vom ersten Jahr an eigentlich haben wir immer auch – neben der medizinischen Hilfe – fehlende Gegenstände für das Alltagsleben in dieser Mangelgesellschaft gesammelt. Erst in meiner Praxis, später bekamen wir dann eigene Räume. Es wurden Pakete geschickt, es fahren zweimal jährlich Transporte mit Lastwagen, wir sammelten alles, Kleidung, Fahrräder, Nähmaschinen, Spielzeug, Musikinstrumente, Computer, Sportgeräte usw. Wir hörten uns auch dort um, was so gebraucht wird, eine Kunstschule wünschte sich einen Brennofen.

Ein Altenheim auf dem Dorf brauchte alles: Betten, Matratzen, Bettzeug, Kleidung, Teppiche, Möbel, Geschirr usw. Da waren wir sehr engagiert, es gab auch eine Einrichtung für das Kabinett des Arztes, der da ab und zu hinkommt, Liege, Apparate. Oder auch für Kinderärzte haben wir Stethoskope und Ohrspiegel geschickt, an denen es fehlte, oder Spekula, mit denen man in die Nase guckt, solche Dinge. Ach ja, auch kleine Spiegel, mit denen man in den Kehlkopf guckt, schickten wir. Die sind aber immer nach einem Jahr schon blind geworden, und wir haben gefragt, was sie denn damit machen. Die wurden sterilisiert in der allgemeinen Sterilisation, die die Spiegel kaputt machte. Dann haben wir einen eigenen kleinen Sterilisator besorgt, und ab da lief es dann.

Ein anderes Projekt sind Kindergärten. Wir gingen in die Dörfer und haben gesehen, dass sie nichts haben an pädagogischem Einrichtungsmaterial. Nicht mal Bauklötzchen oder Puppenwagen. Mit dem nächsten Transport haben wir dann so eine Grundausstattung geschickt. Und als ich mal wiederkam, im Winter, da waren nur noch drei Kinder da. Und man erklärte mir, nein, die sind nicht krank, die Eltern können das nicht bezahlen, wir sind zwar ein Umsiedlungsdorf, aber die Hilfen wurden gestrichen.

Und im Winter haben die Eltern keine Arbeit auf der Kolchose, da behalten sie die Kinder zu Hause. So haben wir dann die Kosten übernommen, und es kamen noch viele andere Kindergärten dazu. Der kleinste, den wir zurzeit finanzieren, das ist einer mit fünf Kindern. Sie leben in einem Ort, wo es nichts mehr gibt. Kolchose ist nicht mehr da, Schule ist weg, nur noch den Kindergarten gibt es. Und ganz wichtig für Kindergartenkinder ist, es gibt dort mehrere Mahlzeiten, vitaminreiches, gesundes Essen.

Nun will ich zum Gesundheitszustand kommen, über den man wohlweislich hier nichts zu hören bekommt. Es ist wichtig, dass man sich mal klarmacht: Mit dem Abstand zum Ereignis werden die Folgen für die Menschen und das biologische Leben immer katastrophaler. Das wollen unsere Regierungen und Medien genauso wenig sehen wie Lukaschenko, der das Ereignis per Beschluss für MUSEAL erklärt.

Die versteckten Mütter

Nach Tschernobyl gab es verschiedene katastrophale Wellen. Die erste betraf einerseits Erwachsene: Liquidatoren, Ärzte, Leute, die in die verstrahlten Dörfer gingen, und die Bevölkerung dort auch. Da sind viele recht bald an Krebs gestorben. Und andererseits waren dann gleich die Kinder betroffen. In dieser Gegen Weißrusslands herrscht Jodmangel – sie haben ja keine Küste wie die Japaner zum Glück -, und so wurde das radioaktive Jod massiv aufgenommen von der kindlichen Schilddrüse. Es hat eine kurze Halbwertzeit, also das ist in den ersten zehn Tagen aufgenommen worden.

Man hat nach Tschernobyl versucht, bei allen betroffenen Schwangeren abzutreiben. Die Mütter haben sich aber zum Teil versteckt. Und direkt in dem Jahr danach gab es auch bei diesen Kindern Schilddrüsenkrebs. Eine Krankheit, die es vor Tschernobyl bei Kindern gar nicht gab. 4.000 Schilddrüsenkrebsfälle bei Kindern in Weißrussland sind offiziell bestätigt, die sind operiert, die sind nachbestrahlt, die müssen lebenslang Hormone nehmen, sonst werden sie zu Kretins. Aber das müssten sie eigentlich kostenlos kriegen, auch heute, 25 Jahre danach noch, und auch im Falle der später aufgetretenen Funktionsstörungen.

Wir haben jetzt bei der nächsten Generation vermehrt auftretende Bluterkrankungen. Wir sagen: TSCHERNOBYL WÜTET IN DEN GENEN. Und das ist die nächsten 300 Jahre so, weil Strontium und Caesium eine Halbwertzeit von 30 Jahren haben und das mit 10 multipliziert. Das ist die Faustregel. Sieben bis acht Generationen, mindestens. Ganz zu schweigen vom Plutonium, das eine Halbwertzeit von 24.000 Jahren hat. Ein Problem ist Diabetes, bei Kindern und Erwachsenen. Besonders bei Neugeborenen. Das gab es früher auch nicht.

Und es ist so, dass der Staat zwei Sorten Insulin einkauft, und damit müssen alle klarkommen. Kinder brauchen aber mindestens noch eine dritte Sorte, und die gibt es nicht, außer es kümmern sich NGOs darum. Die betreiben auch die fehlende Aufklärung. Ein anderes Problem sind Augenstörungen bei Kindern, Linsentrübungen. Und es gab eine Zunahme von Brustkrebs bei Frauen, viele starben innerhalb von fünf Jahren. Könnte es sein, dass strahleninduzierter Krebs viel bösartiger ist als ein Alltagskrebs, der sich entwickelt?

Die Zahl der Missbildungen ist gestiegen. Abtreibung ist ein großes Thema. Schwangerschaftsverhütung kostet Geld, das kann sich kaum jemand leisten. Das ist ein großes Problem. Und es gibt andererseits das Problem der unfruchtbaren Paare. In Kostjukovitschi gibt es 30 Prozent ungewollt sterile Ehen. Eine andere Geschichte ist die Zunahme bösartiger Tumore, die 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-jährige Kinder jetzt entwickeln. Hirntumore, Knochentumore.

Ein weiteres großes Problem: In den verstrahlten Gebieten heilten Wunden nicht mehr, es war dramatisch. Der Grund ist eine Immunschwäche, weil das radioaktive Strontium sich in den Knochen einbaut und da bleibt. Und im Knochen wird das Blut gebildet, es wird ständig bestrahlt! Es ist dann wie bei Aids, dass Impfungen nicht angehen, weil keine Antikörper mehr gebildet werden. Also auch Zunahme von Polio, trotz Impfungen. Und es gibt eine Zunahme von Tuberkulose, weil auch da die Impfungen nicht mehr angehen und die Leute einfach auch keine gute Ernährung haben. Zudem haben viele ihr Gemüse mit Regenwasser gegossen und sie sammeln im Herbst Pilze und Beeren, die immer noch hochkontaminiert sind.

Geschädigte Zellen

Die Vielzahl der behinderten Kinder, mit geistigen und körperlichen Beschädigungen, ist eine direkte Folge der Strahlenbelastung. Man muss sich das mal klarmachen, dass bei den Frauen ja die Eierstöcke bereits in ihrem Embryonalstadium angelegt sind, eine große Menge von Zellen entwickeln sich zu Eierfollikeln, 8 Millionen. Und alle Schädigungen der Mutter kriegen diese Zellen ab. Die Placenta hat eine Schutzschranke, und ausgerechnet da kann sich die Radioaktivität sozusagen konzentrieren. Die beschädigten Eier können nicht repariert werden. 1 bis 2 Millionen sind es bei der Geburt. In der Pubertät noch etwa 400.000. Und die können dann bereits im Mutterleib beschädigt worden sein mit den entsprechenden Folgen bei einer Schwangerschaft.

Und noch etwas ist sehr wichtig zu wissen: Was die genetischen Schäden angeht und die Krebshäufigkeit usw., das sind alles Folgen von NIEDRIGSTRAHLUNG, und das ist etwas anderes als die Strahlenkrankheit der Liquidatoren. Etwas, das permanent von den Verantwortlichen geleugnet wird.

Die Schädigung der Organe durch inkorporierte künstliche Radionuklide, daran sind die kurzwelligen Strahlen schuld. Bei Zellschädigung durch Radioaktivität hat die Zelle vier Möglichkeiten. 1.: Die Zelle stirbt sofort ab. 2.: Die Funktion der Zelle wird zerstört. 3.: Die Zelle entartet und es entwickelt sich Krebs. 4.: Die Zelle kann sich reparieren. Das können aber nur erwachsene Zellen. Embryonen haben gar keine Reparaturmechanismen, auch Kinderzellen können das nicht. Sie sind aufs Wachsen und Teilen aus und erst allmählich kriegen sie ihren Reparaturmechanismus. Und deshalb sind Kinder auch so besonders gefährdet. Und aus diesen Gründen hätten alle Schwangeren und Kinder sofort aus Fukushima weggebracht werden müssen!

Die Atomwirtschaft, das ist noch mal eine Dimension, die wir gar nicht einschätzen können, weil so viele wirtschaftliche Interessen, so viel Geld dahinter stecken. Was wir aber einschätzen können, ist, dass sie und ihre Lobbyisten – zu denen auch die Politik und die einschlägigen Organisationen gehören – absolut zynisch sind und entsprechend agieren. Das fängt schon an mit den Grenzwerten. Selbst in der Ukraine und in Weißrussland gelten niedrigere Grenzwerte als bei uns.

Es gibt einfach keine verbindliche unabhängige Instanz auf der Welt. Die WHO hat nur EINEN EINZIGEN Menschen, der sich mit Strahlung beschäftigt! Aber sie hat ja ohnehin nichts zu sagen. In Strahlen-Angelegenheiten hat sie einen absoluten Maulkorb. Seit dem Vertrag von 1957 ist sie der IAEO (International Atomic Energy Agency) unterstellt, und die unterdrückt jede Meldung über die reale Strahlengefahr. Wir müssen das anprangern, diese Unterstellung der WHO unter die IAEO, diesen Knebelvertrag. Der IPPNW fordert eine Kündigung dieses Abkommens! Vielleicht kann die WHO dann endlich dem Artikel eins ihrer Verfassung gerecht werden: allen Völkern zur Erreichung des bestmöglichen Gesundheitszustandes zu verhelfen.”

Der Foodwatch-Report des IPPNW (August 2011, deutsche Sektion), formuliert unmissverständlich: Die Festsetzung von Grenzwerten ist letztlich “eine Entscheidung über die tolerierte Zahl von Todesfällen”.

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Scientist Marco Kalthofen’s Presentation To The American Public Health Association: Americium (A Byproduct Of Plutonium Decay) Hot Particles Detected In Tokyo – ‘My University Is Annoyed With Me’: Auto Air Filters From Fukushima City (65 Km From Nuke Plant) So Radioactive Have To Be Buried At Radioactive Waste Disposal Site In US

MAD Japan PM: Fukushima Nuke Plant Stable By Year’s End

The Impact Of The Fukushima Radiation On The Ocean – Arnie Gundersen: If You Are On The West Coast And The Cascades You Need To Demand Your Government To Check For Fukushima Fallout (Video)

‘Decontamination’ For 2012 Fukushima Cherry Blossom Festival

And Now: Wild Monkeys To Measure Fukushima Radiation

Tepco Forced To Back Down From Plans To Dump Radioactive Water Into The Sea

Fukushima Worker: ‘Everything Is Totally Out Of Control’ – ‘Fukushima Still Emits 60 Million Bequerels Per Hour’ – ‘Sea Contamination Is Ongoing’

Radiation Expert: The Situation In Fukushima Is Rapidly Spinning Out Of Control

Japan Public Enemy Prof. Hayakawa From Gunma University Told To Shut Up Or Face Disciplinary Action

Professor Yukio Hayakawa of Gunma University Is Under Attack (Video)

Fukushima Fallout: Japanese Company Recalls Powdered Baby Milk After Detecting High Levels Of Radioactive Cesium

Fukushima: TEPCO Wants To Pump Radioactive Water Into The Ocean (Spiegel, Dec. 8, 2011)

Japan Expands Rice Ban

Fukushima: TEPCO Admits Radioactive Strontium-90 ‘Leaked Into Pacific’

Fukushima Government Only Checks 2.9% Of Rice For Radioactivity

Highly Radioactive Fallen Leaves In Tokyo

Fukushima Water Purifying System HAS NEVER WORKED!

Architect Of Fukushima Reactor No. 3: Just A Matter Of Time Before Corium Reaches Groundwater (= Worst Case Scenario!) (Video)

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Leaks Large Quantities Of Highly Radioactive Water

Japanese Scientists Call For Dumping Radioactive Soil Into Sea

Experts: 5 to 10 Meter Barrier Must Be Installed Under Fukushima Reactors To Prevent The WORST CASE SCENARIO

Japan Government To Approve Exports Of Nuclear Technology Worldwide

Russian Police Confiscate Radioactive Japanese Car Tyres Emitting Excess Levels Of Gamma And Beta Rays

Radioactive Xenon-133 400,000 Times Normal Found In Chiba Air Immediately After Fukushima Nuke Accident (Mainichi) – Dr. Helen Caldicott And Arnie Gundersen: Xenon-133 Causes Dramatic Increase In Lung Cancer, Bombards Humans With Very Powerful X-Rays And Turns Into Iodine, Cesium

Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe (‘China Syndrome’) Closer Than Thought

TEPCO And NHK Obfuscation Of Fukushima Reactor No.1 Corium Into The Concrete

Study Shows Worse Picture of Meltdown in Japan – Prof. Hiroaki Koide: ‘I Have Always Argued That The Containment Is Broken, And That There Is The Danger Of A Wider Radiation Leak’

Institute of Applied Energy: Corium Could Be 2 Meters Deep Into Concrete

AND NOW … TEPCO Admits Reactor 1 Corium May Be 65 Centimeters into the Concrete Pedestal of Containment Vessel

And Now: Rice Burgers Made From Radioactive Fukushima Rice

Japanese TV Program In 1993: What Happened to Chernobyl Children 7 Years after the Accident? ‘Truly Terrible Things Emerged Several Years After The Accident’ – THE CRIMINAL IAEA EXPOSED (Video)

‘Dangerously High Levels Of Radioactive Cesium’ Detected In Rice From Date City (60 Km From Fukushima Nuke Plant)

Japan: Abukumagawa River Cesium Levels Hit 50 BILLIONS Becquerels Per Day

Japanese Government Ordered Geiger Counters Manipulated To Display Lower Than Actual Radiation Levels

‘It’s Like Russian Roulette’: No More Than 20% Of Municipalities Testing School Lunches For Radiation (Only 10% In Fukushima And 8% In Miyagi!)

Prof. Dr. Chris Busby (Globally Attacked By MSM): ‘We Are Going To Take Some Kind Of Libel Action Against Imperial College And George Monbiot Advisors’ (VIDEO)

Russian Roulette In Japan: 15% Of Fukushima Bagged Rice SEVERELY Radioactive

50 More Locations In Tokyo Over Radiation Limit

Southern Miyagi’s Disaster Debris May Be Too Radioactive For Tokyo (Nah, Just Follow The ‘Mix And Burn’ Government Radiation Reduction Guideline!)

Tokyo Will Burn Miyagi’s Disaster And Radioactive Debris in Incineration Plants in 23 Special Wards

Prof. Dr. Chris Busby (George Monbiot, Aka ‘The Great Moonbat’, Understandably Refused To Come) On Long Term Radiation Effects (Video – Oxford Town Hall)

14,600 Bq/Kg In Fukushima Wild Boar

Mongolia Bans Importing Cars From Japan

TEPCO: Radioactive Substances Belong To Landowners, Not Us

Fukushima Prefecture Hospital Staffing Crisis

Japan’s Richest Man Masayoshi Son, The ‘Unlikely Ally’ Of Anti-Nuclear Protesters, Donates His Lifelong Future Earnings To Disaster Victims

Namie-machi, Fukushima: 33 Times Worse Than Chernobyl – 49,400,000 Bq/m2 (22Km From Fukushima Nuke Plant)

Insane Japan: Radioactive Debris Burning Emits 19 Microsieverts/Hour Over Shinagawa, Tokyo

Fukushima Worker: ‘There Is Nothing Left We Can Do’

TEPCO Had Dust Sampling Data from March 11, Didn’t Tell The Rest Of Us Until November 24

Japanese TV Star Suffers From Acute Leukemia After Eating Fukushima Produce (Video)

Japan Government: 8 Percent Of the Country Is Contaminated By Radiation

Radioactive Strontium Found in Central Tokyo!

Highest Reading Yet At Fukushima Reactor No. 3: 1.6 Sieverts Per Hour!

Architect Of Fukushima Reactor 3: China Syndrome Is Inevitable, Warns Of MASSIVE HYDROVOLCANIC EXPLOSION

Cesium-137 Deposition Simulation Shows Massive Ocean Contamination

Radioactive Koriyama City (Sakabuta Park): Deadly 33.53 MicroSieverts/Hour

Radioactive Suwa Elementary School In Yokosuka Nov, 17 2011 (Video – Slideshow)

Radiation In Japan: ‘Blowing In The Cold Autumnal Wind’ … or … How F****** Stupid Can They Get?

Japan Residents Running Out Of Safe Food

Japan Finally BANS Fukushima Rice

Fukushima Fallout Fears Over Japan Farms (BBC)

Up To 220,000 Bq/Kg Cesium In Japanese Conifers (Needles)!

Japanese Emperor To Remain In Hospital – Radiation Anyone?

Radioactive Iodine-131 Detected All Over Europe – Prof. Alexei Yablokov: ‘… Something Very Unpleasant And Uncommon Has Happened’

Alice In Wonderland – Black Humor – Some Japanese Contaminated Beyond 100,000 CPM – Minister Of ‘Nuclear Power’ Goshi Hosono’s Face Shows Hiroshima ‘City Entering Exposure’ Spots? (Pics) – Decontamination Volunteers Die of Heart Attack

Journalists Touring Fukushima Nuclear Plant Told To Put Cameras Down (Video)

Radioactive Japan: 60,000 Bq/kg Cesium in Riverbed Soil in Fukushima

Insane Japan: Tokyo To Burn Miyagi’s Disaster Debris in Addition to Iwate’s … And Then Dump It In Tokyo Bay Landfill

630 Bq/Kg Cesium In Rice From Fukushima City (NHK)

Melted Nuclear Fuel From Reactors No. 1, 2, 3 Seems Leaking Out From Under Reactor Buildings (Mainichi)

‘Let’s Die Together’ – Radioactive Ekiden Marathon In Fukushima – Radiation Levels As High As Chernobyl Mandatory Evacuation Zone (Pics – Video)

Fukushima Worker Shoes ‘Melted Immediately’

Journalists Touring Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant Told To Stay In The Bus Because Of High Radiation Levels – Update: Japanese Journalist ‘Felt Ill From Heat And Fatique’ After Tour

Radioactive Ekiden Marathon Race: Girls Are Running in Radiation Often Higher Than In ‘No Entry’ Zone

Fire Department Rescue Squad Member Dies From Renal Failure 3 Months After Being Diagnosed With Internal Radiation Exposure

TEPCO Opens Fukushima Nuclear Plant To Journalists – Prof. Hiroaki Koide: ‘Nobody Knows Where Exactly The Fuel Is, Or In What Condition’

TEPCO: Fukushima Reactor No. 4 ‘Air Duct’ Explosion On 4th Floor

Japan (Radioactive) Tsunami Debris Could Reach B.C. In Days: Oceanographer

Japanese Radiation Experts Blast Government Decontamination Efforts

Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Is Completely ‘EXPOSED’ – Ambulances Heard At Least 10 Times A Day At Fukushima Nuclear Plant (Video)

Another Radiation Hotspot In Tokyo At 7.356 Microsieverts/Hour

Average Weight Increase In Fukushima Children: 3.1 Kg In 2010 Versus O.8 Kg In 2011

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Employees To Concerned Citizens On The Phone Regarding Radioactive Disaster Debris: ‘There’s Nothing You Can Do About It, Ha-Ha’ – ‘It Is A Fate For Children To Accept Radiation Contamination’

Radioactive Japan: The Imperial Family Is Sick … 63-Year-Old Fuji TV Newsman Who Has Been Promoting Fukushima Produce By Eating It In His Show Has Been Diagnosed With Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia … And More ‘Baseless’ Rumors

Prof. Dr. Bin Mori Detects Radioactive Silver In Spiders At 1,000 Times The Concentration In the Environment; Bio-Concentration Of Radioactivity Has Already Started

Silent Death – Horror Scenario Awaits Japan (The Low-Level Radiation Myth Exposed)

Prof. Chris Busby: Ongoing (Out Of Control) Fission At Fukushima

German Radiation Expert Warns Of Possibility Of Nuclear Explosion At Fukushima

Radiation Hot Spots All Around Elementary School In Ibaraki (30 km From Tokyo), 120,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium In Soil Near Entrance

21.44 MicroSieverts/Hr At Koriyama School 60 Km From Fukushima Nuclear Plant (Video)

Video of Packbot Cleaning Reactor 3?s 1st Floor In Extremely High Radiation – 620 Millisieverts/Hr AFTER Cleaning! (Video)

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara To Tokyo Residents Who Protest Against Radioactive Disaster Debris From Iwate: ‘SHUT UP’

Insane Japan: Radioactive Debris Burning Begins (Resulting Radioactive Ash And Incombustibles To Be Used As Landfill In Tokyo Bay)

CRIMINALS: Koriyama City in Fukushima To Feed 2011 Rice To School Kids

2.22 Microsieverts/Hour In Front Of Junior High School In Tokyo Area (Video – Nov. 3, 2011)

Acute Leukemia Cases Spiking In Japan

Insane Japan: Radioactive Disaster Debris Arrives In Tokyo From Iwate Prefecture … To Be Crushed And Burned And Buried In The Landfill In Tokyo Bay

The Costly Fallout Of Tatemae And Japan’s Culture Of Deceit (Japan Times): ‘As The Public – Possibly Worldwide – Sickens Over Time, The Truth Will Leak Out’

Radiation In Tokyo Bay 15 Times Higher Than Limit Set By Nuclear Safety Commission

Cesium-134 And Cesium-137 From Fukushima Already 95% Of Chernobyl

Fukushima Reactor 2 CV Gas Analysis: 100-Fold Increase in Krypton-85 In One Day

Nuclear Fission At Fukushima Reactor 2

Japanese Physician’s Diagnose Radiation As Cause Of Unusual Changes In Children (Video)

Japanese Government Official Drinks Fukushima Nuclear Plant Water!

Tokyo’s High Radiation Supermarket: It’s Radium Again, Emitting 40 Millisieverts/Hr Radiation

Scientist Marco Kaltofen’s Presents Data To APHA Confirming Hot Particles – Highest US Topsoil Radioactive Cesium Findings Over 10,000% Higher Than Highest Findings By UC Berkeley – ENORMOUS Radiation Exposure To The Population In Japan After The Earthquake

The Fukushima Melt-Outs: Chernobyl Versus Fukushima – An Overview

Japanese Government Still Refusing To Evacuate Fukushima Children (Video)

Cesium-137 Flow Into Ocean 30 Times Greater Than Stated By TEPCO: Report (Kyodo)

Ocean Absorbed 79 Percent Of Fukushima Fallout – ‘High Concentrations’ Reached North America And Europe (Forbes, Oct. 29, 2011)

AND NOW: 110 Volunteers and Residents to ‘DECONTAMINATE’ High Radiation Area in Fukushima City

Fukushima Beef Now Officially Banned (BBC News – Video)

AND NOW: 110 Microsieverts Per Hour Detected At Tokyo Supermarket

France’s IRSN Estimate Of Radioactive Cesium-137 Leaked Into The Pacific Ocean: 27,100 Terabequerels = 20 Times TEPCO’s Estimate!

AND NOW: Burned Radioactive Sewage Sludge Dumped In Tokyo Bay (Video)

Kashiwa Government Insists Being Unable To Handle Radiation Hotspot On Its Own (Daily Yomiuri, Oct. 28, 2011)

Japan Considers Building New Capital In Case Of Emergency (Telegraph, Oct. 27, 2011)

If Fukushima Reactor No. 4 Fuel Rods Spill On The Ground Tokyo And Yokohama Will Be Lost

Local Japanese TV Channel Reports 120 Microsieverts Per Hour At Koriyama Train Station – ‘The Color Of The Trees Were Changed’ (Video)

80-120 Microsieverts Per Hour in Koriyama City, 60 Km From Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Fukushima: Water Containing 2,600 Bq/Liter Tritium Sprayed In Plant Compound

BBC Report: Fukushima Engineer Warns Of Nuclear Power Nightmare (Oct. 24, 2011 – Video)

AND NOW: Japanese Government BURNS HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE SOIL In New Experiment To Remove Radioactive Cesium (!!!)

Extremely High Levels Of Radiation Detected At 2 Schools In Chiba Prefecture

Total Insanity: ‘Decontamination’ In Japan (Video)

US Government’s Top Nuclear Regulator Gregory Jaczko: No One Died From Radiation Exposure At Fukushima

58 Microsieverts Per Hour Detected In Used Car At Japanese Port

AND NOW: Dangerously Radioactive Second-Hand Cars Haunting Japan

AND NOW: Radioactive Concrete At 2.5 Microsieverts Per Hour Sold In Japan Home Center Store

Fukushima Re-Criticality Neutron Feast – Dancing With The Devil In North America (VIDEO)

Fukushima Report: Reactors 5 And 6 In Trouble – Unlisted Disposable Workers Forced To Work Until They Die – Many Police Officers Dead Because Of High Radiation Exposure

Researchers Find 6.15 MILLION Becquerels Per Square Metre In Fukushima City (Over 290,000 People), 4 Times Higher Than Chernobyl Mandatory Evacuation Area

IAEA To Japanese People: Don’t Worry Be Happy … While Citizens Groups Find More Radiation Hot Spots In Tokyo

Kashiwa City’s Radioactive Dirt: 276,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium!!!!!

High Internal Radiation Exposure Found In Japanese Children

The Nuclear Priesthood Exposed – Fukushima Update: Worrying Radiation Hot Spots In Tokyo (Interview With Chief Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gunderson – Video)

Germany’s ZDF ‘Heute Show’ Making Fun Of TEPCO & Japanese Government Criminals

Radiation in Fukushima Rivers, Wells Soars

Over 50% Of Tested Seafood Samples From Japanese Supermarkets Contain Radioactive Cesium

Neutron Ray From Uranium Detected In Tokyo (Video)

Fukushima Nuclear Plant: 450 Tonnes of Groundwater Per Day Seeping into Reactor/Turbine Buildings

Japanese Communities Detect Chernoblyl-Level Radiation (ABC News – Video)

TOKYO: 29 Out Of 30 Teas Contaminated With Radioactive Cesium, 3 Exceeding Provisional Safety Limit

Local Government Official Oyama Koichi Tells Young People To Leave Japan

ALERT! – Saint Louis, MO: Radioactive Rain At 2.76 mR/Hr, 270 Times Over Background Radiation, Highest Reading So Far (Oct. 17, 2011)

Prof. Chris Busby Update On Supplements To Block Fukushima Radiation (Video)

Radioactive Debris In Japan: Government To Municipalities: Don’t Tell Anyone – Don’t Say No

Massive Amounts Radioactive Ash And Sludge Pile Up In Japan

Tokyo: 3.60 Microsieverts Per Hour In Roadside Mud (Video – Oct. 16, 2011)

Media Concealed Leaked TEPCO Report: 120 Billion Becquerels of Plutonium, 7.6 Trillion Becquerels of Neptunium (Decays Into Plutonium) Released In First 100 Hours

20 Radiation Hot Spots Around Tokyo

High Concentrations Of Radioactive Cesium Found In PLANKTON (NHK, Oct. 15, 2011)

Japan Nuclear Agency Secretly Calculated Fukushima Meltdown Risks

Radioactive Fukushima Rice Headed For Restaurants And Schools … And Consumers In Tokyo!

Tokyo’s Setagaya Officials: Radiation Spike Unlikely From Fukushima (Sure!)

ALL Fukushima Rice All Cleared For Shipment … Radioactive Or Not!

Fukushima Journalist Takes On TEPCO

Prof. Hirotada Ohashi, One Of The ‘Plutonium Brothers’, Was A TEPCO Employee!

NHK Caught Manipulating Truth About Radiation Danger Again

Radioactive Cesium From Breast Milk From Mothers In Hiroshima Prefecture (840 Km From Fukushima Nuclear Plant)

High Radiation Dose Readings Marked In Spots In Tokyo, Chiba

German TV-Channel ZDF ‘Frontal 21? Interviews Fukushima Workers And Exposes Inhumane Working Conditions (Video – English Subtitles)

How Kindergartens and Elementary Schools Enjoy Radioactive Autumn in Japan!

TEPCO Uses Low-Level Radioactive Water To Spray Fukushima Nuclear Compound

300,000 Bq/m² of Radioactive Cesium at Okutama Region Where Tokyo’s Drinking Water Comes From

Tokyo Tap Water In Crisis, Comes From Chernobyl-Like Contaminated Area (100,000 – 300,000 Bq/m2):

However, Okutama area, where Tokyo tap water comes is as dangerous as “contaminated area” in Chernobyl.

According to the data above, 100,000 ~ 300,000 Bq/m2 was measured in Okutama area.

Casualties Mount in Japanese Radiation War – Fukushima on Facebook

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Finds 51,000 Bequerels/Square Meter Radioactive Cesium In Shinjuku Soil

Osaka: Fukushima Made Bridge Girders Read 700 Microsieverts

Senior Fukushima Nuclear Engineer: ‘It’s Endless, Endless’ – ‘The Task Will Never End’

Incinerator Near Tokyo Shut Down, High Levels Of Radioactive Cesium Detected In Ash

Japan’s Ministry of the Environment Determined More Than Ever to Spread Radioactive Disaster Debris All Over Japan

Iitate (45 Km From Fukushima Nuke Plant): Despite Removing Topsoil Radiation Levels Remain High – All Forests Must Be Cut Down To Reduce Contamination

CRIMINALS OF THE WORST KIND: Japanese Government Will No Longer Measure PLUTONIUM (The Deadliest Substance On The Planet)!!!

Dr. Helen Caldicott Blasting The Nuclear ‘Death’ & ‘Cancer’ Industry – ’40% Of The European Landmass Is Still Radioactive’

Radiation Cover-up in Japan: Prof. Frank Daulton: Radiation 500 Km From Fukushima Is Ten Times Higher Than What The Japanese Government Claims

Radioactive ‘Ekiden’ Marathon Race In Fukushima City In 1 Microsievert/Hr Radiation For Teenage Female Runners

15 Bq/m² Plutonium (The Deadliest Substance On The Planet) Detected In Minamisoma Soil 45 Km From Fukushima Nuclear Plant – Radioactive Strontium Found 80 Km From Fukushima Nuke Plant

Fukushima Children Forced To Drink Radioactive Milk At School (Upper House Budget Committee, Sep. 29, 2011 – Video)

Japan: New Government Maps Show Wide Dispersion of Plutonium and Strontium

Whistleblower Prof. Kenichi Matsumoto: Japan’s PM ‘Isolated, Out Of His Depth’ (Video)

Tokyo To Burn Massive Amounts Of Radioactive Debris From Tohoku

Japanese PM Considered EVACUATION of Tokyo (ABC News)

GENOCIDE: Prof. Chris Busby Exposes The Sinister Agenda Behind The Japanese Government Trucking Higly Radioactive Material From The Fukushima Area ALL OVER JAPAN To Burn It

Fukushima Desolation Worst Since Nagasaki As Residents Flee

Radiation Leakage From Fukushima Nuclear Plant So High In August It Exceeded Monitoring Equipment’s Maximum Measuring Capacity

Fukushima Evacuation-Ready Zone To Be Abolished On Sep. 30, 2011

Radioactive Train In Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Over 10 Microsievert/Hour Inside Train (Video)

105,600 Bq/Kg of Radioactive Cesium Found On Apartment Bldg Rooftop in Yokohama City

BBC Fukushima Propaganda Debunked (Video)

Japanese Government To Give Radioactive Canned Fish To Developing Countries For Free To Dispel Radiation ‘Rumor’ (NHK – Video)

Thom Hartmann, RT: Fukushima A Dire Warning To The World – Japan (Video Exposing The Criminal Japanese Government)

Fairewinds: Safety Problems In All (Mark I) Reactors Designed Like Fukushima – Introducing A Japanese Language Edition

Prof. Chris Busby: Help Save Children Of Fukushima From Radiation! (Video Exposing The Evil Japanese Government)

Japanese Government to Invite Foreigners Who Have Large Facebook and Twitter Followers to Tohoku So That They Can Tell Their Followers ‘Japan Is Safe’

Japan’s Fukushima ‘Worst In History’ – Very Dangerous Hot Spots In Tokyo – Government Traitors Still Lying (Video)

Tokyo: 60,000 Rally Against Nukes

Japanese Government To Send Seafood, Goods Made in Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate As AID To Developing Nations

Radioactive Japan: 42,000 Bq/Kg Cesium In Dirt In Yokohama City

Japan To Promote Use Of Potentially Radioactive Lumber With ‘Eco-Point’ Incentive

Voluntary Radiation Decontamination In Japan: Shorts, Short-Sleeve T-Shirts, No Masks, Sneakers, With Small Kids (In Other Words, All The Things You Should Never Do)

Japan: Area Of More Than 8,000 Square Km Accumulated Cesium-137 Levels Of 30,000 Bec/Sq Meter

Huge Amounts Of Neptunium 239 Detected 60 Km From Fukushima!!!

Japanese Government Trying To Stop Citizens From Taking Their Own Radiation Measurements (NHK ‘Sunday Debate’ Program)

Prof. Chris Busby On Children Suffering Heart Attacks In Fukushima

Geiger Counter Measures 0.378 Microsieverts In Tokyo Train Station 1 Meter Above Ground!!!

Japan ‘Misstated’ Radiation … ‘And So Exposed People Unnecessarily’ (WSJ)

Prof. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University: ‘Massive amounts of radioactive materials will be released into the environment again’ – Fukushima Reactor Core May Have Sunk Into The Ground – ‘We are now head to head with a situation that mankind has never faced before’

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Back Into Recriticality

Fukushima: Radioactive Release Into Sea Estimated Triple

More Cover-Ups: TEPCO’s Extreme Blackout (Submits Almost Entirely Redacted Documents – Video)

Former Japan PM Kan: TEPCO Wanted To Abandon Fukushima! … ‘NOBODY MIGHT LIVE IN TOKYO NOW’

Mystery Flash At Fukushima Nuclear Plant (Video – Sep. 5, 2011)

4 Above Limit Radioactive Cesium Tea Products Reach Market

TEPCO: Plutonium 238, 239, 240 Detected At Fukushima Playground, Considered To Be From Triple Meltdown

28,000 Becquerels/Kg Of Radioactive Cesium In Wild Mushrooms in Fukushima

Tokyo University Soil Expert: ‘This Is A Disaster Affecting All Residents Of Japan’ – ‘In 5-10 Years Time Cancer Or Illness Will Show’

Radioactive Fish Above Legal Limit Caught in River North Of Tokyo – ‘Survey Finds Radiation Over Wide Area in Japan’ (Wall Street Journal)

Greenpeace: Fukushima Schools Unsafe For Children With Radiation Readings As Much As 70 Times Above Safety Limit

Fukushima Released 76 TRILLION Bequerels Of Plutonium 239

DOOMED: Japan Gov. To Allow All RADIOACTIVE Material To Be Burned And Buried

Fukushima Soil Contamination Exceeds Chernobyl Dead Zone At 34 Locations In 6 Municipalities, In One Location The Contamination Level Is More Than 10 Times The Chernobyl Level

Fukushima Cesium-137 Leaks ‘Equal 168 Hiroshimas’

Fukushima City should have been evacuated a long time ago:

Prof. Chris Busby: Fukushima Like the TITANIC – The Japanese Government Is Completely Out Of Order And If It Continuous Its Course Of Action Then It Is A Criminal Organization – ‘I Am Too Frightened To Go Closer To Meltdowns Than 100 Km’ Because Of High Levels Of Radiation

Japanese Government To Finally Admit Forced Indefinite Long-Term Depopulation Of Fukushima Communities

Evacuate FUKUSHIMA: Japanese Journalist Takashi Hirose: ‘It’s Like Killing Our Own Children, I Cannot Allow It To Happen’ – Teachers Force School Children To Eat Food That Their Parents Told Them Not To Eat

Prof. Chris Busby On HOT PARTICLES – ‘The Citizens Of Fukushima Are Living In An Area Which The Soviet Union Would Have Considered To Be An Exclusion Zone In Terms Of Radioactivity’!

WAKE-UP CALL: Prof. Tatsuhiko Kodama of Tokyo University To Japan Government ‘Shaking With Anger’: ‘What Are You Doing?’ (Part 1, 2, 3)

Kobe University Radiation Expert Prof. Tomoya Yamauchi On Fukushima City (290,000 People): ‘Evacuation Must Be Conducted As Soon As Possible’

Alert: Greenpeace Radiation Measurements In Fukushima City: Hot Spots At 500-700 Times Normal!!! (Video)

Fukushima City (Over 290,000 People) Is In Danger: Greenpeace Detects Cobalt-60 And High Radiation ‘Hot Spots’ – Children Should Be Evacuated Immediately

Prof. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University On The UGLY TRUTH About The Nuclear Disasters Of Chernobyl And Fukushima (Video)

Fukushima Now Equal To 50 Plus Chernobyls & 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation

How about Tokyo?

‘Severely Contaminated Hotspots’ Found In Tokyo

Prof. Chris Busby: ‘Very High Level Of Contamination Even As Far South As Tokyo. For Example, We Found One Sample In Tokyo That Had Levels Of Radioactivity Higher Than Levels Inside The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. It’s A Very Serious Matter’

Here is what the Japanese and all the other elite puppet governments are really doing here:

Independent Scientist Leuren Moret: Japan, US, Canadian Governments Complicit In Covering Up Fukushima Radiation – ‘We Are Facing Total Extermination And Genocide’ – ‘We Are On Our Own’ (Video & Article)

Independent Scientist Leuren Moret: Nuclear Genocide Of Babies And Children In Japan, US, Canada Grows – Elitist Depopulation Agenda – Global Nuclear Holocaust


Watch these Japanese officials just walk away from begging Fukushima citizens:

This Is Outrageous: Japanese Government Killing Its Own People In Fukushima (Video)

The Japanese people are used as guinea pigs:

Hiroshima To Fukushima, Finishing The Job: A Time For The Kill – ‘The Country Of Japan Is No More And The Land Is Permanently Uninhabitable’ (Veterans Today)

Fukushima Radiation Alarms Doctors And Scientists – ‘We Have Begun To See Increased Nosebleeds, Stubborn Cases Of Diarrhoea, And Flu-Like Symptoms In Children’, Doctor Attributes Symptoms To Radiation Exposure

Wall Street Journal: How the Japanese Government Failed Residents of Namie, Fukushima

Japan’s Nuclear Agency Hides Children Radiation Results

Guinea Pigs: Children In Fukushima To Be Given Regular Cancer Tests … Instead Of Necessary Evacuation!

AND NOW: Japanese Government Sets 100 Millisieverts As New Lifetime Standard

Fallout! (60 Minutes): Japan’s Recovery Won’t Be Measured In Years, But Centuries – Michio Kaku: These Humans Are Guinea Pigs!

Radiation ‘Experiment’ In Japan Just Got Bigger, As Fukushima To Fit All Infants, Kindergarteners, School Children With Radiation Monitoring Badges:

… these are not “dosimeters” but “glass badges” that passively collect radiation information. It won’t help these children or their parents to avoid high-radiation areas and spots, it won’t tell them how much radiation they will have been exposed unless they are sent in to a company to interpret the data.

This is outrageous and it is called mind-control:

Unbelievable: Former NHK Director And Economist: ‘Doesn’t The Kyoto City Government Know That Radioactive Materials Will Be Dissolved And Rendered Harmless Once They Get Burned?’

AND NOW … Meet The 3 Japanese Scientists That Say: ‘Plutonium is Not That Dangerous’ (Video)

How the Brainwashing Was Done in Fukushima: Government Twitter Propaganda Would Make Josef Goebbels Proud

Post-Nuke Reconstruction Plan for Fukushima Prefecture: World-Class Radiation Medicine, Radiation Contamination Removal, Renewable Energy

Not A Joke: Japan Government To Seek UNESCO Endorsement For Its Food To Promote Food Exports And To Restore Trust In The Safety Of Japanese Food

Friggin’ Unbelievable: Fukushima Radiation Health Risk Advisor Prof. Dr. Yamashita Of Nagasaki University On Fukushima And Radiation (MUST-SEE!!!)

And Now: Japanese Doctor Says ‘Radiation Is Good For You’, ‘Like An Angel’s Smile (Even At 50 Millisieverts/Year)’

There are no safe levels of radiation:

Prof. Karl Grossman: ‘Radiation Hormesis An Incredible Lie’

Japanese Cancer Expert on the Fukushima Situation: ‘I Just Cannot Feel Any Hope For Japan’s Future’

AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) President Carmelo Iacono: ‘Nuclear Radiation Is The Most Carcinogenic Thing That Exists’

IAEA Admits: There Is No Such Thing As ‘Safe’ Levels Of Radiation

Prof. Chris Busby: ‘There’s No Doubt Fukushima Dwarfs Chernobyl’ – ‘There Has Been A Massive Cover-Up And That Cover-Up Is Still Going On (The Negative Health Effects Of Low-Dose Radiation From Fukushima!!!)

Fairewinds’ Founder Maggie Gundersen Interviews Environmental Scientist Marco Kaltofen: Radiation In Food Is Going To Be A Nationwide Problem In The US!

‘Fukushima: Gross Miscarriage Of Radiation Science’ – Childrens Cancer Risk From Radiation Is 10 To 100 Times Higher For The Same Exposure To Adults

Physicians For Social Responsibility Press Conference (04/26/2011): Chernobyl, Fukushima And Nuclear Power – Disturbing Facts!

Dr. Helen Caldicott On The Japan Nuclear Disaster – The Truth MSM Won’t Tell You! (Video)

Dr. Steven Wing And Chief Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen Discuss Global Radiation Exposure and Consequences: There Is No Safe Dose of Radiation

UC Santa Cruz Nuclear Expert Daniel Hirsch: ‘Every Amount of Radiation Exposure Increases Your Risk of Cancer.’ ‘There Is No Safe Level of Radiation.’

Dr. Helen Caldicott: How Nuclear Apologists Mislead The World Over Radiation

Dr. Brian Moench: There Is No ‘Safe’ Exposure To Radiation

Dr. Peter Karamoskos: Don’t Be Fooled By A Never-Ending Cabal Of Paid Industry Scientific ”Consultants’ – Radiation Is Bad And Causes Cancer

Are There Safe Levels of Radiation? How Much Radiation Is Safe? (Must-read!!!!!)

Radiation exposure is increased by a factor of a trillion. Inhaling even the tiniest particle, that’s the danger.

Yo: So making comparisons with X-rays and CT scans has no meaning. Because you can breathe in radioactive material.

Hirose: That’s right. When it enters your body, there’s no telling where it will go. The biggest danger is women, especially pregnant women, and little children. Now they’re talking about iodine and cesium, but that’s only part of it, they’re not using the proper detection instruments. What they call monitoring means only measuring the amount of radiation in the air. Their instruments don’t eat. What they measure has no connection with the amount of radioactive material.

Dr. Helen Caldicott (Co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility):

The Propaganda From The Government And The Nuclear Industry About Low-Level Radiation Is Absolute Rubbish:

You’ve bought the propaganda from the nuclear industry. They say it’s low-level radiation. That’s absolute rubbish. If you inhale a millionth of a gram of plutonium, the surrounding cells receive a very, very high dose. Most die within that area, because it’s an alpha emitter. The cells on the periphery remain viable. They mutate, and the regulatory genes are damaged. Years later, that person develops cancer. Now, that’s true for radioactive iodine, that goes to the thyroid; cesium-137, that goes to the brain and muscles; strontium-90 goes to bone, causing bone cancer and leukemia. It’s imperative that you understand internal emitters and radiation, and it’s not low level to the cells that are exposed. Radiobiology is imperative to understand these days.”


TEPCO Informed The Japanese Government JUST 4 DAYS BEFORE March 11 Earthquake That The Fukushima Nuke Plant Would Not Withstand A Tsunami With Waves Exceeding 10 Meters

Big Brother Japan:

Japanese Government Approves Over $900,000 In Funds To Combat ‘Erroneous Information’ (=Truth) About Fukushima

Big Brother Japan: Government Monitors Tweets And Blog Posts To ‘Track Down Inaccurate Information And To Provide Correct Ones Instead

Radiation is now everywhere:

27,000 Becquerels/Kg Found At Kindergarten Over 200 Miles From Fukushima Nuke Plant

New Scientific Data Supports Previous Fairewinds Analysis, As Contamination Spreads In Japan And Worldwide

High Level Radioactive Cesium In Manure From Radioactive Fukushima Cows, Pigs That Have Been Sold To Farmers All Over Japan

4,000 Potentially Radioactive Cows Shipped from One Farm in Namie-Machi, Fukushima

Japan Government To Lift Ban On Sales And Shipment Of Radioactive Fukushima Beef

Fukushima: 186,000 Becquerels Per Kg Radioactive Cesium in Aizu Wakamatsu City

Japan: Radioactive Beef Served in 296 Schools in 12 Prefectures

Unbelievable: Japan Government Considers Reprocessing Over 1,550 Tons Of Highly Radioactive Sludge Found In 5 Prefectures As Soil For GARDENING

Japan: Radioactive Compost Has Already Spread Wide

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  1. Thank you (as always) for staying on this story. I just finished speaking with someone wondering why Japan is so much worse than Chernobyl. I pointed out there were multiple reactors 4 in meltdown on one site. Also, the storage of all the used rods on the same property. I referred my friend to your site, you are the only people carrying this story in any depth at all.
    I want to express my thanks to whomever undertook the effort to translate this story from German to English, it must have taken a lot of time and work.


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