Protesters Swarm The Square In Central Tokyo Where Noda Is To Give Speech

(Updated) Protesters Swarm the Square in Central Tokyo Where Noda Is to Give Speech (EX-SKF, Dec. 19, 2011):

(Update-2) Here’s the scenes at the square, in three parts, recorded live by Yasumi Iwakami’s crew (here, here, here). It looks both the political left and the right were up against the Noda administration and shouting at the administration officials together. And old and young, somewhat reminiscent of the scenes that I watched earlier this year in Egypt.

The net media is laughing at Noda, who turned back on the way to the square, as “saved by Kim Jong Il”.

(Update) PM Noda turned back to the Prime Minister’s Official Residence on the news of the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, who died from working too hard for the people. Ostensibly (for both Noda and Kim).

Protesters say they were unjustly withheld by the police from coming into the square while the DPJ dignitaries were making speeches.


Oh boy. Some sight to behold. A swarming via the net is my guess.

Protesters arrived in great numbers to the square in Shinbashi where Prime Minister Noda is set to give a speech.

Check out USTREAM live, here.

Signs read:

“Cold shutdown is a lie”
“Noda is a liar”
“Protect children”
“Which nuke plant’s accident is over? You liar”
“Cold shutdown? Accident Over? Who are you to decide?”
“Democratic Party of Japan’s policy sucks”

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