ALERT: Stunning Undercover Video Footage Of Toxic Fluoride Chemicals Being Pumped In Austin, Texas Water Supply

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Fluoride is THE main ingredient in rat poison.

Fluoride is THE main ingredient in Sarin nerve gas.

Fluoride is THE main ingredient in Prozac.

Fluoride destroys the brain (accumulates in the pineal gland), the bones, the organs and causes cancer.

Hitler and Stalin used it in concentration camps and gulags as mass control instrument to make the prisoners docile and infertile.

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Fluoride: A Chronological History

More info on fluoride at the end of the following article.

Hidden camera water fluoridation video released by InfoWars (NaturalNews, Oct. 02, 2011):

The InfoWars team has released stunning secret video footage showing how the toxic chemical fluoride (actually fluorosilicic acid) is dumped into the public water supply in Austin, Texas. The secret footage reveals pipes so corroded by the highly-corrosive fluoride chemicals that they have obviously needed aggressive repairs just to keep the liquid chemical flowing. Watch this undercover video footage, which was taken without the permission of Austin water authorities, in this InfoWars video:…

We have posted this video on NaturalNews.TV with permission, as a backup in case YouTube censors the video as it has been known to do. The original page with the YouTube link is:…

YouTube Added: Oct 1, 2011

InfoWars Nightly News is fighting back against poison pushers and tyrants

This video first aired two nights ago on InfoWars Nightly News (, an unscripted, teleprompter-free evening news broadcast produced five nights a week by Alex Jones and the InfoWars team. InfoWars Nightly News can be viewed by joining as a member at www.PrisonPlanet.TV

This fluoride video not only shows undercover video footage of the fluoride poison being dripped into the Austin water supply; it also features highlights of interviews with Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network (, the world’s leading activist on ending the fluoride poisoning of municipal water supplies.

Dr. Connett’s videos are also available on NaturalNews.TV, which features an entire series of PrisonPlanet.TV interviews with Dr. Paul Connett. Stunning information!

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…

The video that was just released also features hard-hitting historical details about fluoride and how it was used by the Nazi regime to destroy the health of targeted citizens. Watch it at:…

Fluoride: The mass chemical poisoning of the human race

Water fluoridation stands as one of the most heinous crimes of our time, and it exemplifies the complete idiocy of virtually the entire (conventional) medical and dental professions, whose practitioners have aggressively demanded that the American people be poisoned (drugged!) every time they drink a glass of tap water. The dangerously inflated, ego-driven medical doctors of America have, for decades, smugly insisted that adults, teens and even infants should all drink the highly toxic fluorosilicic acid that’s dumped into America’s municipal water supplies — much of it being sourced from China and absolutely chock full of heavy metals and other dastardly substances.

That the conventional dentists and doctors of America have even pushed fluoride for so long tells you they have zero integrity as health professionals in the first place. They are so ignorant — and yet so smug in their insistence on being right — that they would gladly order infants to drink chemotherapy cocktails if the U.S. government declared chemo to be good for public health!

If justice were to be served in America, mass arrests should be made right now of municipal water workers who inject fluoride into the water supply, effectively operating as domestic terrorists for unleashing a chemical weapon. On top of that, every single doctor, dentist and government “authority” who took part in mandating water fluoridation should be arrested, imprisoned, and prosecuted for their role in carrying out the most evil chemical crime against people and nature that has ever been pulled off.

You’ve been lied to about fluoride!

Conventional health authorities routinely and maliciously lie to you about where fluoride comes from, what’s in it, and what impact it has on public health. Watch my narrated animation on fluoride to learn more about where fluoride really comes from:…

Don’t be fooled by arrogant doctors and dentists who claim fluoride prevents dental cavities. They have all been lied to as well! And most of them are too gullible to question their own information sources, so they believe anything they’re told by governments, the CDC or medical journals which are themselves engaged in outright scientific quackery. Doctors and dentists who promote fluoride are harming babies with their chemical drug pushing. It’s time they were stopped!

There is not one shred of reliable scientific evidence that drinking fluorosilicic acid prevents dental cavities and is safe for human consumption. The entire conventional fluoride mythology is nothing but an elaborate public health hoax that has been carried out on the world as a way to dispose of toxic chemical waste byproducts by dumping them into the water supply rather than paying to have them removed as hazardous waste chemicals. Anyone who tells you that “fluoride prevents cavities” is a complete ignorant zombie who has been brainwashed by the system and probably can’t even tell you WHY they believe fluoride prevents cavities. “Someone told me so!” is about the best answer they can usually come up with.

Learn more about halting fluoride at the Fluoride Action Network:

Video interview with Fluoride Free Austin

You may also want to watch this incredible video interview, which was aired just yesterday night, with Fluoride Free Austin, featuring Dr. Griffin Cole, DDS and Laura Pressley, PhD who reveal evidence of how fluoride harms children:…

Originally posted on at:…

Watch this video! It exposes how the supplier of the hydrofluorosilicic acid to Austin has altered their material data safety sheet to add a whole slew of scary new health warnings about their “fluoride” chemicals. Fluoride causes cancer, bone disorders, sterility, thyroid disorders, brain inflammation and much more…

See for more details.

(Kudos to Aaron Dykes for putting together yet another stunning interview that exposes the fluoride poison pushing agenda…)

And keep reading for more breaking news about how we’re winning the fight on fluoride as more and more cities are waking up and saying NO to this toxic chemical in their water!

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