Gold Hits Record High: ‘Adjusted for inflation, gold would have to settle at around $2,400 an ounce to supplant a record around $850 an ounce reached in January 1980’

Gold climbs as U.S. debt-ceiling talks continue (MarketWatch):

Adjusted for inflation, gold would have to settle at around $2,400 an ounce to supplant a record around $850 an ounce reached in January 1980.

COMMODITIES-Gold hits record, oil slides on U.S. debt delay (Reuters):

SINGAPORE, July 25 (Reuters) – Gold surged to a record high and oil and other commodities fell on Monday as investors flocked to safer assets with time quickly running out for U.S. lawmakers to reach a debt deal, raising the prospects for a disastrous default.

Gold Climbs to Record as U.S. Debt Talks Stall; Copper, Oil, Corn Decline (Bloomberg):

Immediate-delivery gold gained as much as 1.4 percent to $1,624.07 an ounce and traded at $1,614.19 by 1:24 p.m. in Singapore.

Inflation adjusted gold should be much, much higher than the above mentioned $ 2400 an ounce and I’ve told you so before.

Actually since 2000 (long before the creation of Infinite Unknown) I’ve told people to heavily invest in gold and some time later also to invest even more heavily in silver.

I saw always surprised faces when I told people how much as a percentage of my portfolio (100%) I would invest in gold and silver if I were them.

There are times when it is safe and reasonable to lay all your eggs in one basket.

In the last 10 years gold is up over 490% and silver over 840%. I call that a ‘good investment’ ( I know that this is not the correct term here, because gold and silver are money.).

And the best is yet to come.

Video:  Silver: Shortage This Decade, Will Be Worth More Than Gold

Yes, there is ‘high volatility’ (manipulation) in the markets and there might be some more ‘corrections’ coming (Illuminati bankster paper attacks), but generally speaking gold is still a bargain and silver is still ‘dirt cheap’.

And if you invest every month part of your income in gold and silver (especially right after the monthly paper attacks) you do not have to worry about volatility.

Gold (and silver!!!) is the real money of the elitists and they do not want you to invest in the only financial safe haven.

AND no matter what happens gold and silver will never go to ZERO unlike fiat currencies!

Got PHYSICAL(!!!) gold and silver? (Not to forget food, water, a remote farm etc. )


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This is the Greatest Depression and it has only just begun.

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