Senate Candidate Says Criminals Are Running The Country

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Senate candidate says criminals are running the country (Basin Radio Network, June 22, 2012):

Thomas Bleming of Lusk is an ultra-conservative, outspoken former soldier of fortune who hopes to prevent Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso from winning election to his first full term in Congress. If elected, this Vietnam veteran and political newbie says he will pull American troops out of Afghanistan, end all foreign aid, secure the border with Mexico and bring back billions of dollars to Wyoming he claims the federal government owes the state in mineral royalties.

Bleming has been in Gillette the last few days as part of a grassroots campaign across the state. On Friday morning, he appeared on the Glenn Woods show on News/Talk 1270-AM KIML.

Bleming pulls no punches when he describes how he currently sees things in Washington.

“The government is no insidious,” Bleming says. “We literally have a group of criminals running the country. My campaign for the U.S. Senate is bringing all this out.”

The former mercenary describes himself as pro-veteran, pro-Second Amendment, and a supporter of preserving Social Security benefits for seniors.

“I’m a very right-wing individual,” describes Bleming. “In fact, some people have said I’m just a controversial candidate—extreme right wing. I was a right winger back when it wasn’t popular and I suffered because of it.”

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