Senate Candidate Says Criminals Are Running The Country

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Senate candidate says criminals are running the country (Basin Radio Network, June 22, 2012):

Thomas Bleming of Lusk is an ultra-conservative, outspoken former soldier of fortune who hopes to prevent Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso from winning election to his first full term in Congress. If elected, this Vietnam veteran and political newbie says he will pull American troops out of Afghanistan, end all foreign aid, secure the border with Mexico and bring back billions of dollars to Wyoming he claims the federal government owes the state in mineral royalties.

Bleming has been in Gillette the last few days as part of a grassroots campaign across the state. On Friday morning, he appeared on the Glenn Woods show on News/Talk 1270-AM KIML.

Bleming pulls no punches when he describes how he currently sees things in Washington.

“The government is no insidious,” Bleming says. “We literally have a group of criminals running the country. My campaign for the U.S. Senate is bringing all this out.”

The former mercenary describes himself as pro-veteran, pro-Second Amendment, and a supporter of preserving Social Security benefits for seniors.

“I’m a very right-wing individual,” describes Bleming. “In fact, some people have said I’m just a controversial candidate—extreme right wing. I was a right winger back when it wasn’t popular and I suffered because of it.”

Since Bleming began running for political office, he says his accusations of corruption within the federal government have landed him in hot water.

“I personally always, since I started running, feel that they’re [the government is] going to kill me,” he says. “I mean I’m an outspoken critic against the government.”

Yet Bleming sees this as an indication of a larger problem.

“American people should not fear their government,” he contends. “The government should fear the people.”

For a man who says he spent the last 40 years of his life trying to overthrow governments, running for political office is a drastic turnaround. Nevertheless, Bleming says he is running for the Senate because he’s concerned about the direction the country is headed.

“I personally believe that the people of Wyoming will elect a common man,” notes Bleming. “I’m not a lawyer. I’m not vested in anybody. I’m fighting for the people.”

To prove his point, Bleming says he has refused to accept corporate dollars to finance his campaign.

“If I get elected it will be the people of Wyoming who elect me, and my key to the office will be because they gave it to me,” he says.

While Bleming may be new to the political front, he’s well versed at speaking truth to power. For the last several decades, this anti-communist has been involved in an untold number of conflicts from Africa to South American as he joined rebels and freedom fighters in a lifelong crusade to overthrow authoritarian regimes. He explains how in the late 1970’s he even found himself in the middle of a plot to overthrow the oppressive Panamanian government and its dictator, Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega.

“In February of ’79 I tried to kill Noriega and I had laid a bomb for him—12 sticks of dynamite which they found under a 5,000 gallon diesel fuel tank,” Bleming explains. “I denied it at the time because they would have immediately shot me.

Later that year on October 11, Bleming was captured and held in captive in Panama for 569 days before he was finally released in 1981.

Bleming even authored a tell-all book in 2007 detailing his excursions as a revolutionary entitled Panama-Echoes From A Revolution.

The same effort that Bleming put towards fighting dictators, he says, is now directed towards his campaign for Senate.

“I’m engaged in this campaign right now as if I was fighting a war,” Bleming states. “I’m putting 100-plus percent into it and I’m asking the people of Wyoming to support me,”

But he believes he has no choice. Bleming sees America headed in a dangerous direction, towards something he’s combated his entire life.

“This is my country and tyranny’s not going to grab it,” he concludes.

To learn more about Thomas Bleming, visit his Facebook page.

Bleming faces incumbent Sen. John Barrasso and challenger Emmett Mavy of Alpine for the U.S. Senate republican nomination.

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