After Only 66 Years: Disclosure Of Hiroshima ‘Black Rain’ Radiation Map

Remember the interview with Leuren Moret where she stated that the US has been doing radiation effect research for all those years (to this day) using the Japanese people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as guinea pigs?

#Radiation in Japan: Map of “Black Rain” Finally Made 66 Years After Hiroshima Bombing (EX-SKF, Dec. 20, 2011):

Speaking of RERF – Radiation Effect Research Foundation – which succeeded the notorious ABCC – Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission – in 1975, RERF just came up with the area map of so-called “black rain” after the Hiroshima bombing. They had the survey data of 13,000 people all along, but sat on it for 66 years.

And surprise, surprise. The map shows the area where the “black rain” – radioactive fallout that fell with the rain – fell to be much, much bigger than what the government has admitted so far.

And not at all surprisingly, Toshiteru Okubo, chairman of RERF, says “Personally I do not think this data is important. It’s hard to believe the black rain caused an acute radiation sickness anyway.”

The chairman is right. People who have said they suffer the effect of radioactive fallout that they received by the black rain are not suffering an acute radiation sickness that would have caused them to die in a short period of time after the exposure.

From Yomiuri Shinbun, local Hiroshima version (12/21/2011):

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On December 20, Radiation Effect Research Foundation, a cooperative Japan-US research organization (RERF, Minami-ku in Hiroshima City and in Nagasaki City) disclosed the distribution map of “black rain” that fell after the nuclear bomb exploded over Hiroshima. The map was created from the survey data of about 13,000 people who were exposed to the black rain. Citizens’ groups calling for more assistance for the bomb victims are hopeful that this may result in more areas becoming eligible for assistance. On the other hand, RERF says “There is no new discovery”, insisting [the map] would not help in understanding health damages. But it is likely that the data will be submitted to a study group of the national government, and discussions may ensue as to whether the support areas should be revised.

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