Retired Marine Colonel Peter Martino To New Hampshire City Council: ‘We’re Building A Domestic Army’ (Video)

Retired Marine Colonel to New Hampshire City Council: “We’re Building a Domestic Army” (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Aug 16, 2013):

We’re building a domestic army and we’re shrinking the military, because the government is afraid of its own citizens. The last time more than 10 terrorists were in the same place at one time was September 11th, and all these vehicles in the world wouldn’t have prevented it, nor would it have helped anybody. So I don’t know where we are going to use this many vehicles and this many troops…We’re building an army over here and I can’t believe people aren’t seeing it. Is everybody blind?
– Retired Marine Colonel Peter Martino

The above quote is taken from a powerful 4 minute video taken at a Concord, NH council meeting to discuss whether or not the city should proceed with a request to obtain a BearCat G3 armored vehicle. I reported on the controversy behind this vehicle request earlier in the week, after the city’s application was made public and showed officials explained it was needed to deal with “domestic terrorists,” which included libertarians and Occupy New Hampshire.

Colonel Martino warns us that the gear being worn by domestic law enforcement is the same combat gear that they worse in Iraq, except with a slightly different color. He receives a well deserved raucous applause at the end, and finishes with:

“There’s always free cheese in the mouse trap.”