Top U.S. Senator Calls For Investigation Of Bush False Flag Terror Plot (Veterans Today)


Top Senator Calls for Investigation of Bush False Flag Terror Plot (Veterans Today, Sep 19, 2012):

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Patrick Leahy, Directs DOD Inquiry into Gwyneth Todd Case

Accusations have been made against two senior Navy officials that may well lead to charges of conspiracy to commit murder, treason and terrorism against the United States.

More importantly, sources report that behind the plot that it has taken years to bring forward may well implicate former Vice President Cheney.

As of this writing, the lives of all involved hang in the balance as, too often in the past, cleaning up the crimes of the Bush administration has involved “accidents” as with presidential aide John Wheeler, whose body was found in a Delaware landfill in January, 2011.


No arrests have been made and there is even less evidence of an investigation being initiated.  Wheeler worked on the periphery of a half dozen secret projects, one of which is believed to have brought about his murder at the order of powerful Washington insiders.

Todd, herself, was approached by someone claiming to be an embassy “passport official” at her home in Australia.  The Sydney Morning Herald carries a detailed report on what may have been a second murder/kidnap attempt, one foiled.


A month ago, Jeff Steinof the Washington Post wrote a 5500 word article on former White House security staffer, Gwyneth Todd.  Todd reported a 5th Fleet under Vice Admiral Cosgriff and Commander Lynn Chow that had gone rogue.

The Post printed much and, surprisingly, the article became impossible to locate in 24 hours without having saved the link.  Search engines killed it in a process known as “scrubbing.”

Veterans Today then published a somewhat different and direct approach, in direct cooperation with Todd herself.  Todd has long worked with Veterans Today and had agreed to move from “unofficial” to “official” staff.


Todd then began a campaign of radio interviews.  The three videos above are from Republic Broadcasting’s Mike Harris.  Todd has, however, been interviewed by a half dozen hosts in the last 10 days, putting on the record her accusations.

The audio is clear, Todd’s accusations include false flag terrorism and attempted murder.

Todd, whose White House career began during the Clinton Administration when she served on the National Security Council.

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