CIA And FBI Work With Fascists In Ukraine As ‘War In Europe’ Unfolds

CIA and FBI Work with Fascists in Ukraine as “War in Europe” Unfolds (Infowars, May 5, 2014):

Andriy Parubiy, the National Security and Defense Council boss of the junta in Kyiv, announced on Sunday the Ukrainian military will expand the “active stage of the operation in towns where extremists and terrorists are carrying out illegal activities.”

Central banker and junta PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk declares war on Russia.

The renewed effort to assert control and defeat anti-junta activists and paramilitaries in Donetsk, Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Kostyantynivk and other towns in eastern Ukraine coincides with news the CIA and FBI will work with the regime to put down popular uprisings against the government in Kyiv.

On Monday, coup Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said the failure of police in Odessa, where violence claimed the lives of dozens of people over the last few days, has resulted in the formation of “Kiev-1,” a paramilitary comprised of “civil activists” who previously worked with the fascist Right Sector and Svoboda to overthrow Ukraine’s elected president in February.

National Security and Defense Council boss Parubiy was the founder of the Social National Party of Ukraine, a fascist political party fashioned after the Nazis. It became Svoboda, a nationalist party led by Oleh Tyahnybok, a prominent member of the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament.

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